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Botswana 20 October: Gaborone

The Southern African World Harmony Run was blessed with a magnificent reception in Botswana. Everybody who held the torch inspired the runners with their smiles, their joy and their overwhelming feeling of harmony.

The programme for the day included a run through Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, that linked 5 schools dotted around the city. To start the run, Khumiso Ikopoleng , Botswana’s two time Olympic boxing representative blessed the World Harmony Run with his best wishes.

We started with a run through the streets to Camp Primary. Here Barney is handing out flyers to interested spectators as we run past.


Camp Primary School

We were welcomed at Camp Primary School, one of Gaborone's first schools, by Mr Jonas who is Chief Education Officer for Gaborone South. Mr Jonas helped the run in so many ways by encouraging the schools to particpate with enthusiasm.

The School Head greeted the runners with his kindness and best wishes. His love for his students was quite obvious.

One of the students takes the torch for a spin at Camp Primary.

Each class from the school performed for the World Harmony Run team. First up was a very soulful song.

Then we were enthraulled by the girls who performed a traditional Botswana dance for the runners.

Afterward quite a few pupils joined the runners on the 3 km run to Bontleng Primary School.


Bontleng Primary School

Pupils from Bontleng welcome the World Harmony Run to the school.

They guessed the countries of the different World Harmony Run team members very quickly.

and had prepared some beautiful posters on harmony.

The students captured our hearts with their joy and enthusiasm.

It seemed that the teachers loved the event as much as the students.

The physical education teacher from the school, Mapula, said afterwards "The World Harmony Run visiting our school is a once in a lifetime event which I will remember and treasure in my heart forever."


Ithuteng Primary School

Just outside Ithuteng Primary the runners were met on the street outside and escorted in by some of the children from the school and the physical education teacher.

School Head, Mrs Ditsile Keakopa, addressed the students and highlighted the fact that we are all from the same source and are therefore the same family.

Students enthusiastically made a wish for world harmony when the held the torch.

This guy was entertaing the runners!


Ben Thema Primary School

Ben Thema Primary School made the event their own much to the joy of the world harmony team. They had printed their own tee shirts and the whole school was assembled and waiting for the team when they arrived.

The school choir gave a stunning performance of the World Harmony song using an intricate arrangement.

Students from different countries said World Harmony in their own languages.

Teachers and students added their hearts to humanity's ardent wish for world harmony.

The school reception area.

We left the school with an escort of many students of teachers to run through Gaborone's main shopping mall at lunch time much to the delight of the runners and the shoppers.

Leon found the harmony run team with the help of his new friends. '


Diphetogo Primary School

After a quick bite to eat for lunch the runners continued on to Diphetogo school in west Gaborone. Here we were welcomed by the whole school sitting under a beautiful flamboyant tree.

The kids guessed instantly where Adhirata was from.

The school went on to delight the runners and students with a number of brilliant performances on world harmony with different children taking the role of people from different countries.

They had also prepared some beautiful posters.

Everybody got a sticker!

This little girl completed off the days events with a soulful smile and a wish for world harmony.

I think that I speak for all the runners when I say that my overall feeling was that Botswana, one of Africa’s most peaceful countries had made the World Harmony Run its own!


Our Team on Day 1

(From Left) Richard (NZ/UK), Shree (RSA/India), Leon (RSA), Barney (NZ), Chris (NZ), Adhirata (NY-USA), Balarka (RSA), John (NZ)

– Abhijatri

Distance: 20 km

Team Members:
Balarka Robinson (RSA), John Marshall (New Zealand), Barney Mcbryde (New Zealand), Chris Daly (New Zealand), Richard Pedley (UK), Steve Polykarpou (RSA/Cyprus), Shree Chirkoot (RSA / India), Leon Subramoney (RSA), Abhijatri Robinson (Zimbabwe)