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Botswana 27 October: Gaborone

Botswana - 27 October 2010


On Wednesday we were privileged to visit Gaborone for the second time in two years. Botswana is a country that has peace and harmony etched into its lifestyle and culture and you really see and feel this so powerfully on the World Harmony Run. We had a busy day lined up, with visits to five schools planned, four of which we had visited in 2008.

We stayed in a chalet at Mokolodi Game Reserve.. Since we arrived ater dark we did not appreciate fuly until the morning the beauty of the location. We had fun spotting various local inhabitants from the animal kindgdom on the drive to the day's start.

Our first school visit was to Camp Primary School.

They were extremely curious and enthusiastic about the run.

And very willing to help by holding the banner and flags.

Headmaster Mr Molefe was one of the first to hold the torch and make a wish for world harmony with some of the students.

The school children gathered outside under a few beautiful trees for the runners' presentation.

We shared moments of peace and harmony together

We posed the question of what was different on our Hrmony Run 2010 banner as part of the game of guessing which countries the runners represented. (More on UN and UNESCO special year International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures"  (IYRC) below)

There were many willing to play. 


After the main ceremony the children and teachers all had an opportunity to hold the harmony torch.



This is always a special moment for many of the children as they have their own experience of touching the torch 

It is inspiring to see the different expressions of the participants.  

The joyful participation was a wonderful start to the 2010 Botswana World Harmony run. 

The next school that we ran to was Bontleng Primary school.

At Bontleng we were welcomed by many school children.

They joyously and enthusiastically led the Harmony runners to the correct place in the school.


We assembled in the Kgotla area, the area in Botswana culture where disputes and disagreements are normally resolved.

Ida once again enthusiastically welcomed the runners to the school and explained the importance of Harmony to the children.

After the Harmony Runners' brief ceremony, we were treated to a display of traditional dancing by a troupe of school children.


They performed a ritual which included a crowned appointed king choosing his wife. 


Some observers remarked that it also seemed to represent the comming together of the community for a significant event where different people contribute something important.

All the performers and participants both male and female provided a uniqueness that added to the strength and depth of the community expereince.  

It seemed very appropiate to see this community expression in front of the banner showing support for the UN and UNESCO 2010 "International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures"  (IYRC) which celebrates comming together of people and cultures.

The feeling of sharing and reaching out to others was continued when some of the children here helped carry the torch to the next school. 


Running to Ithuteng Primary school

From Bontleng Primary we ran on to Ithuteng Primary school with a team of students from Bontleng.

This can be one of the nicest parts of the run when some runners from different schools can pass the torch to the next waiting group.

It had special meaning this year because as noted above the Harmony Run banner shows support for the UN and UNESCO special 2010  "International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures"  (IYRC), which celebrates the coming together of people and cultural diversity.

We were greeted by students from Ithuteng a little way up the road from Ithuteng. They ceremonially took over the torch from the Bontleng students and ran home with their teachers.

The school runners continued to Ithuteng primary school. There was a special welcoming group at the fornt gate to greet the torch bearing runners.

They then proceeded together to the main school assembly.

Ithuteng had really embraced the idea of the run.

A Prayer and Performances for harmony included some very beautiful and well presented poetry, as well as Standard 3 and standard 6 singing

There was a time to share the feeling of growing Harmony

Great participation was obvious during the events - especially when guessing countries the runners represented.

A remarkable dance routine by a young boy seemed to represent the expression of joy for many of the students present.

This dance routine was very simple, but somehow it caught you. Some felt he had a kind of rubber hips for part of the dance. So many present appreciated the enthusiasm - he is bound to go far in the entertainment world!

They had also prepared beautiful posters for peace and harmony and had decalared 27 October "World Harmony Day".

The school graciously accepted our humble certficate of appreciation.


As many of the teachers and students held the torch and made a wish for harmony as was possible, before the WHR team had to get moving to travel on to Francistown.


Ben Thema Primary School

Children from Thebe Primary ceremonially handed the flag over to Ben Thema Primary School children.

There were flags of many nations displayed by children around the courtyard near the entrance as part of welcoming program.


Adhiratha gave a talk to the school students gathered under two shady trees. He noted how inspired the runners were from their visit 2 years ago to the school. They had carried the message and encourgemnt from that day with them to differnt parts of the world.

A number of the learners at Ben Thema Primary School shared their mother language words for harmony or peace.

This was also a wonderful opportunity to note again the special year 2010. The Logo for the IYRC has six languages and at some programmes it is pointed out that on the banner for the year there is room for additional languages after the 6th language. 

The Logo for the year also provides a opportunity to mention International Mother language Day. dedicated to promoting linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. It was proclaimed by UNESCO's General Conference in November of 1999.For information and related resources:


At some events there was time to share An excerpt from the message from Davidson Hepburn, President of the General Conference of UNESCO, to all the participants of the World Harmony Run in 2010

"There is great value in bringing together different kinds of people, different forces, different views, different religions, and different beliefs....

"By carrying a torch to over 100 nations this year, World Harmony Run reinforces the goals and objectives of 2010: International Year, and provides a chance for all participants to expand their awareness and living experiences of other cultures. It is indeed an excellent opportunity to develop an appreciation of diversity through art, culture and sports. This communal sharing of our hopes and dreams is fundamental for building the foundations of peace and harmony.

"The multi-cultural, international, and local participation of the World Harmony Run demonstrates the concept of peace and harmony in a unique and practical way and reinforces the goals and objectives of UNESCO's mandate and the International Year...

"it is with great pleasure that I support and encourage initiatives like the World Harmony Run that touch and inspire people's hearts and put values of diversity, dialogue, and understanding so central to UNESCO's work into action.''

Link to full message of President Davidson Hepburn here:


Other messages further described the significance of 2010 and the Run.



The program included various cultural expressions such as in singing,  poetry and dance.


The Head Teacher (L) and some of the members of staff at Ben Thema make a wish for world harmony.

The smiles...

and concentrated wishes, hopes...

prayers and dreams for peace and harmony make for a very special feeling which carries the runners onward.



Once again we learned in Botswana that peace is something loved by all its citizens. They embraced our run on the day and we went on feeling enriched and uplifted to know that there are people in the world who hold peace and harmony to be so important.

The previous days we were in South Africa. 

Southern Africa Region -  Harmony Run 2010 reports and photos:


– Abhijatri, Dhiraja and others

Distance: 10 km

Team Members:
Balarka Robinson (Zimbabwe), Dhiraja McBryde (New Zealand), Steve Polykarpou (RSA/Cyprus), Shree Chirkoot (RSA), Adhiratha Keefe (USA), Abhijatri Robinson (Zimbabwe)