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Canada 24 July: St John's - Cape Spear

The day started off beautifully with a visit to the Friends of Victoria Park Summer Day Camp.

Children ages five to twelve made wishes for harmony in their families and in the world.

We passed the torch hand to hand outside, followed by a relay run around the Victoria Park grounds.

We were interviewed by a reporter from VOCM, a local radio station. Listen to our interview here: http://www.vocm.com

From there it was off to Cape Spear - the eastern most point of land in North America - a perfect place for the finale of the WHR for 2012.

It was a spectacular day with bright sun and a wonderful show put on for us by a pair of frolicking whales... some say you can actually see them in this picture if you squint a bit.

We were joined on the final 2 km of the run to the Cape by St. John’s City Councillor Debbie Hanlon, Jean Bishop, her son and friends along with children and counselors from the Victoria Park summer camp.

The 2012 journey across Canada then culminated with a ceremony upon the runners’ arrival at Cape Spear.

Master of Ceremonies David Bell (pictured below all in white) welcomed Councillor Debbie Hanlon who congratulated the WHR on behalf of the city of St. John’s.

Since it also just happened to be Councillor Hanlon’s birthday, we all sang Happy Birthday to her.

Children of the Friends of Victoria Park Summer Day Camp then shared their own inspirations of what harmony means, such as: helping one another, loving one’s family, and not littering!

The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the WHR Torch-Bearer Award to Dr. Valerie Long, Founder and Director of the Holy Heart of Mary Alumnae Choir (who joined us for the ceremony) and Director of Les Ms. Choir.

Valerie is well-known for her tremendous energy and inspiration in music, as well as for her extensive outreach and service to the community.

Long-time choir member Pat Edney introduced Valerie, who was then presented with the Award, and who spoke beautifully and with great passion about the importance of music in bringing harmony into communities and into the world.

We were then delighted by a wonderful performance by the Holy Heart of Mary Alumnae Choir under Dr. Long’s direction.

It was made perfectly clear by the sincerity and warmth of her musical vision just how much Valerie really embodies the ideals of the WHR.

Listen to Valerie's interview with CBC Central Morning host Liegh Anne Power (see minute 6:23).

We were ourselves very honoured to be able to honour her with the Torch-Bearer Award!

Members of Valerie's family joined in the celebrations.

CBC News Late Night: Here and Now also covered the event. (see minute 4:23)

After the ceremony, the Choir and the members of the WHR team were then invited by Valerie back to her home for a celebratory get together.

A toast to the World Harmony Run and to her Award kicked off an enthusiastic sing-along with assembled guests. Many oldies and goodies were belted out with love, and a great time was had by all. Thank you, Valerie!

– Brahmacharini

Distance: 7 miles

Team Members:
Brahmacharini Rebidoux (Canada), Devaki Groulx (Canada), Kathy Drover (Canada), Sarita Earp (Canada), Satyata Fleming (Canada), Prapti Jensen (Canada)

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