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Kenya 29 September: Nairobi

 Professor Dr Jesse Mugambi, School Principal, receiving a

We proceeded from Nairobi to the Starehe Boys Centre and School about 3K away, where we arrived about 1530 hrs. There we were met by the Director Prof. Dr. Jesse Mugambi. Prof. Mugambi welcomed us cordially, chatted with us for a few minutes during which time we signed the schools visitors’ book. He afterwards gave us a short tour of the school compound. The chapel, which he said was donated by Oxfam, was very beautiful as well as the other areas seen. They were immaculate and very well organized. Starehe is a school of excellence, and one of the best in the country.

 Assembling outside the School Compound

Once Prof. Dr. Jesse Mugambi had explained a little about the history of the school and its functioning, we proceeded to the Assembly Hall where we were met by About 800 students. It was truly a magnificent site to see boys so well organized and orderly, dressed in their brightly-coloured uniforms. We proceeded to the stage with our World Harmony Run Torch and Banner, where Bijon and I gave a short talk on the World Harmony Run, and afterwards we all sang the World Harmony Run song.

Mr Joseph Gikibo, only surviving founding Father of the School.

Present were Prof. Dr. Jesse Mugambi, Mr. Joseph Gikibo - the remaining survivor of the original three members who founded the school in 1959 – Gregor Knauer, Bijon Ray- Chaudhury. Yohannes Tarekegn, the class teacher and myself.

Yohannes with Torch

After the singing, we presented Prof. Mugambi and Mr. Joseph Gikibo with two certificates, and some small gifts for the boys. Professor Mugambi gave a short talk in which he thanked us for what we were doing, and felt that the school had been doing just that for quite some time. In fact, he had earlier mentioned that the word ‘Harmony’, was part of the Kenyan national emblem, which he showed to us with the word ‘Harambee', I believe, written on it, and which implied the same idea.

Manatita addressing the Assembly. Yohannes and Gregor are seated behind.

We then participated in a most wonderful and sacred Homily, presented to us by the school, and conducted by the school teacher on stage. We shared a prayer and sang the song to the chorus of “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Let the Earth Hear His Voice”. The children were a very attentive, earnest and joyful group. Prior to the Homily, they had clapped, and laughed, and appeared very happy with the proceedings. Their singing was accompanied by a student pianist on stage.

A teacher from Starehe's

The best part of the performance was yet to come as The Professor guided us outside of the Assembly Hall, and into the school grounds. There we had a small relay with about five of the Starehe boys running with the Torch. This happened with all the other students being assembled and after a ‘roll call’ had taken place. Dr Mugambi explained that it was started almost from the opening of the School in 1959, and that it had been perfected over the years. That way, they were able to tell if any one was missing quite quickly. We were also showed two small buildings, which the Professor said was used in 1959 as sleeping quarters, and were now as momentos of the school. It was truly a lovely sight to see the school's precision and the way they did things, and together with their ‘Prefect’ system, how organized and disciplined they were.

The evening ended with thanks and appreciations expressed mutually at about 1647 hrs, three minutes ahead of schedule. We then paid our respects, collected our belongings, and headed out to our next stop. We left with fond memories of the Starehe Boys Centre and School in Nairobi, Kenya.


 Young supporter with the torch.

Yohannes and celebrity old man outside Raila Odinga's (Prime Minister of Kenya) office.

Bijon shares the torch at the ceremony.

– Manatita Hutchinson

Team Members:
Manatita Hutchinson (United Kingdom), Bijon Ray-Chaudhary (United Kingdom), Gregor Knauer (USA)