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New Zealand 28 September: Haast Beach – Wanaka

Team A

The section from Haast to Wanaka is simply a pleasure to travel! Many waterfalls grace the roadside and many more are just five minutes walk from the car parks.

Tremendous volumes of water explode on rocks, sending plumes of spray into the air – truly beautiful.

Initially the highway follows the Haast River, weaving in and out of native bush. Snow-capped mountaintops and glistening lakes form stunning backdrops.

Our team's section of running fortunately finished at the point of convergence of the Haast and Landsborough Rivers – a postcard perfect spot, where we all went for a quick, brave splash in the icy blue water.


After finishing our miles, we visited Dublin Bay. And since my surname is O’Neill, I was keen to revisit my Irish roots (sort of). It was a gorgeous bay surrounded by mountains. The reflected rays of the sun on the water must have fooled our Czech team member Lubos into thinking it would be warmer than our first swim and so he dived in again. A freezing Lubos then egged us on to return as quickly as possible to our warm accommodation at the Aspiring Lodge Motel, where Shirley graciously and happily held the Torch.

– Anurakta O'Neill

Team B

After saying goodbye to the surf beaches of the west coast, we turned inland towards Haast Pass and the mountains.

Our team started running upstream alongside the Haast River in gorgeous sunshine. The first 10 or so kilometres were flat. The forested slopes surrounding us welcomed our runners' forays along the wide valley floor. From the deep green of the treetops, the snowy white mountain peaks rose into a sky flooded with heaven-blue light.

We paused briefly at Pleasant Flat, where we were greeted by several enthusiastic holiday-makers.

After crossing the bridge, we began the climb. As the runner gained altitude, the wide river valley turned into a rocky gorge and the loud rushing of water over rocks and waterfalls was echoed by the rushing of blood inside the runner's head. Legs burned and lungs gasped while concentration was called upon to maintain a regular cadence in an effort to keep the mind believing that we (body, mind, heart and soul) would all reach the top, if we could just keep going.

Of course the top of the Pass was reached and happiness bubbling up from deep inside was the runner's reward.

The terrain levelled out and as a more relaxed breathing resumed, so too the mountain stream had quietened and could be heard gently trickling through the lush green mossy forest. Such a rare pleasure to breath in the cool, peaceful mountain air, feeling alive and in love with Mother Nature.

While our runner was ascending the Pass, a few of us stopped in at Thunder Creek Falls...

... followed by Fantail Falls, a lovely cascade were smooth river stones balanced motionless on top of each other next to clear and pure flowing water.

From here our route descended briefly through the dense forest...

... then followed the high open valley, flanked on either side by magnificent peaks, their high snows shrouded with moving cloud and mist, revealing an ever-changing show of reflected light.

Each runner was being watched over by the sentinels of the high country, as we experienced the feeling that our safe passage was ensured.

After our running, we were able to enjoy nature's unparalleled beauty for the remainder of the route into Wanaka.

The day was challenging, rewarding and absolutely superb. By the end, we were all looking forward to a hot shower and a good night's sleep.

Many thanks to Karen and her staff at the Brook Vale Motel in Wanaka for their generous hospitality in accommodating some of our team for the night.

– Nigel Webber

Team C

We left Haast Beach this morning, and headed towards the Haast Pass, a winding road up into the mountains.

Our gratitude to Marie of the Haast Beach Holiday Park for so kindly housing our entire team last night.

Once we had driven the section being run by Teams A and B, beyond the Pass we were greeted by stunning views of Lakes Hawea and Wanaka, huge azure lakes pooled between snow-capped peaks.

Our runners battled a fierce head wind and sharp hills, but the scenery more than compensated for the challenges.

We reached Wanaka in time to run with first-time Olympic marathoner Nina Rillstone, who finished in the top 20 this year in Beijing.

Nina and the team arrived down by Lake Wanaka, where we presented her with the World Harmony Run Torch-Bearer Award, for inspiring runners all throughout New Zealand, and also with a book and piece of artwork by World Harmony Run founder, Sri Chinmoy.

– Rupashri Brown

Team Members:
Iris Klapper (Austria), Erika Pongracz, Gabor Horvath (both Hungary), Lubos Svec (Czech Republic), Melinda Pearson, Grahak Cunningham, Nigel Webber, Prachar Stegemann (Australia), Rupashri Brown, , Stacey Marsh, Harita Davies, Shobhavati Davies, Anurakta O'Neill, Tim Cranfield

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