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Slovenia 1 August: Nova Gorica - Bovec

We were awoken in the morning by the pattering of raindrops on the windowsill, as the weather had changed to the dark clouds of a thunderstorm. We could see in the distant mountains even darker clouds and the foreboding that we would have to run in that direction later through the rain.

After breakfast we ran in the rain to Nova Gorica city hall with the national triple jump champion, Andrej Batagelj. In front of national television we met the vice mayor, Metei Arcon and Andrej Batagelj handed the torch over to him.

Inside the city hall we were treated to cappuccino and juice and we chatted to Andrej Batagelj. His personal best in triple jump is 16.60m and he is currently preparing for the European Championship to be held next week. He was an open hearted person and we wish him every success.

When it was time to leave it had stopped raining as we headed up through the Banjsice Mountain range to the north of Nova Gorica. However, after about 5 km the rain started again, and much heavier. The rain persisted another 10 km to Kanal. The thunderstorm was overhead as the thunder rumbled and lightning flashed all around. The rain became torrential and the roads turned into small streams drenching our running shoes full of water.

The last time we had run in such persistent rain was in Sweden, and that was a long time ago. We have been very fortunate over the past month to be blessed with glorious hot weather, but now up in the mountains the weather is very changeable. It was quite refreshing really and made a change to run fast in the pouring rain.

In Kanal we met the charismatic mayor, Miran Ipavec. His claim to fame is that he is the longest hitchhiker in Slovenia covering over 234,000 km. He was very jovial and hilariously funny. He made us all laugh as he told us about his experiences on the road, and the history of the town. Although the town has only 6,000 inhabitants the volleyball team has been four times national champions, and has competed in Europe.

From what he told us, we gathered he was a very dynamic mayor that makes things happen in Kanal. It seems he is quite a celebrity in the town. We certainly enjoyed his company and hospitality. He even gave us each a t-shirt. Runners are easily pleased - give them a t-shirt and they are happy. On the steps of the town hall in the pouring rain we had a group photograph, and despite the rain he ran down the road with the torch.

East of Kobarid the land rises to 2244m and the mountains were shrouded in mist and thick white clouds. It was stunningly beautiful and we were in awe of the natural beauty of this region.

The road rose steeply as we headed up into the clouds.

We arrived slightly ahead of schedule to later to meet some runners from Bovec, so we had a quick lunch whilst the rain persisted. Where possible, those soaked to the skin dried and changed into dry clothing. When the runners arrived we were ready to run the final 11km of the day to Bovec. The rain had eased considerably and about ten minutes into our run the rain miraculously stopped.

The landscape was one of the most stunning and breathtaking so far experienced on the World Harmony Run.

The mountains rose steeply and northwest of Bovec the mountain range of Julijske Alpe rises to Mount Canin at 2587m.

With the low cloud hanging around the mountains and a most spectacular waterfall the scene was timeless and it seemed it could be a scene from Jurassic Park - all we needed was the dinosaurs!

There were many opportunities to cross spectacular bridges over the River Soca.

The runners set a good pace and as we approached the centre we were joined by two groups of young children from Bovec running club.

Some of them were very young indeed, no more than six years old, but they had so much energy as they ran with us up the steep hills. They start them young here up in the mountains. It seems everywhere you look there are opportunities to participate in outdoor pursuits - mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, rafting, hiking.

In Bovec town center the mayor, Danijel Krivec, cordially welcomed us. A large crowd had gathered and they appreciated our endeavours.

After the ceremony we had a great treat in store. Marjan had so generously arranged and paid himself for us to go rafting down the Soca River. From the company’s premises, Soca Rafting (www.socarafting.si) we got kitted out and drove to the river’s edge where we were to start our 8 km rafting trip. For the second time this year in Europe (the first time in Bosnia) we became the World Harmony Rafting. For a short distance the boys carried the torch and the World Harmony Run flag in the raft.

We had the chance to swim in the icy waters, as the sun shone for us, casting wonderful light on the mountains and river. The scenery was quite stunning as we floated down the river. At this time of the year the water level is low and there are not many rapids but you still have to negotiate the river boulders, that are usually covered in the autumn and winter when the river level is at its highest.

Our rafting guide Primoe Strancar (a personal friend and once time fellow mountain biker - twice Slovenian national champion - of Marjan) was a brilliant guide and good fun; we liked him very much.

At the end of our rafting trip we floated 100m down river, and Marjan swam with the torch.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our rafting experience and it was a fabulous end to our running in the mountains. The mountain environment is extremely invigorating and wonderful.

After our evening meal we were treated to a Slovenian magic act, and our Austrian and German runners found his German pronunciation rather amusing.

It was a day of running in thunderstorms in the presence of spectacular mountains, and running alongside the beautiful turquoise River Soca. Tomorrow promises to be just as spectacular running.

Distance: 70km

Team Members:
Anete Klavina (Latvia), Anna Lesmann (Germany), Anne Schulze (Germany), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Edmund Blab (Austria), Janusz Wiewior (Poland), Mark Collinson (England), Martin Prettenhofer (Austria), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Petar Mihaylov (Bulgaria), Petr Machacek (Czech Republic), Pratul Halper (Austria), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Terezia Hammel (Hungary), Veronika Kuliskova (Slovakia), Zoltan Theobald (Hungary).

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