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D. Example of some Special runs in forests

D. Example of some Special runs in forests

  • 2011 Italy 18 May: Castelsardo

  • 2008 Australia 21 June: Albany – Walpole


 2011 Italy Italy 18 May: Island of Caprera -Castelsardo

Crossing from Maddalena to the Island of Caprera.

L'isola di Caprera è disabitata e offre un habitat straordinario. Non c'è da stupirsi che Garibaldi amasse tanto questo posto da trascorrerci molti anni della sua vita.

Caprera is not inhabited, preserving its extraordinary habitat. No wonder the great Italian freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi loved this place so much, spending the evening of his life here.

Strada facendo ci hanno atteso vari addetti del Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago della Maddelena, fra cui il direttore Mauro Gargiulo che ha corso nei boschi con il team.

Next we were joined by the Director of the National Park Archipelago La Maddalena, Mauro Gargiulo, for a run through the forest, during this International Year of Forests.

Qui si trovano diversi enti e musei, fra cui il museo geologico e il centro ricerca delfini di Caprera.

There are many museums here, one dedicated to dolphins, one to minerals, and other ones relating to local flora and fauna.

Lo staff dei museo ha piantato un albero per l'armonia, celebrando l'anno internazionale delle foreste.

The museum staff planted a tree in honour of harmony, and to celebrate the International Year of Forests.

Il direttore del parco riceve un attestato per gli sforzi compiuti per mantenere l'ambiente in armonia.

The director of the park receives a certificate for his dedication to harmonizing his environment.

Abbiamo anche piantumato un piccolo albero, simbolo del seme di pace nei nostri propri cuori, nella speranza che un giorno diventi un forte albero e che possa offrire i suoi doni a tanti.

We also planted a very small tree, symbolic of planting the seed of peace in our own hearts, in hopes that one day it will grow into a giant tree and offer its gifts to many others.

Grazie dei vostri regali e della grande generosità!

Thank you for the gifts and your great kindness.

Dove ci troviamo? I nostri amici stranieri scoprono nuove piante.
Are we in the wild west?

Una lunga corsa lungo la costa fino a Castelsardo...

A long run to Castelsardo...

...che è ben valsa la vista finale.

...but well worth it for the scenic finish.

(more details for day )

Australia 21 June: Albany – Walpole

half-way point in our journey around the continent of Australia, and also the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year.

Fresh after a day's rest we set off from the centre of Albany, running into the countryside to be once more surrounded by lush green fields interspersed by clumps of forest. The sky was completely blue with not a cloud in sight.

As we ran, motorists waved cheerfully and honked, adding a spring to our step. A chorus of croaking came from the marshes where frogs happily rested. There was one lake in particular that sounded like Frog City!

There were some nice ups and downs today making it very interesting for running. At midday we arrived in the quaint town of Denmark, its name originating from an explorer whose last name was Denmark. From there we set out for a ceremony at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.

Established in 1990, this is first Australian tree top walk that towers amidst a unique type of eucalypt forest filled with the amazing 'Red Tingle' tree. Red Tingles are some of the most enormous trees in the world and can only be found in a narrow belt in the region of Walpole.

At the entrance we were warmly greeted by Kim Barrow, President of the Denmark Shire, and Dave Tapley, Manjimup Councillor. They gave us an official welcome into their Shires before escorting us around the tree-top walk. The walk towers 40 metres up in the Red Tingle canopy and puts into perspective the majesty of these trees. It's easy to see why the early settlers dubbed this the Valley of the Giants!

After one lap of the tree top walk, Sandro decided to run another lap...



We also had the opportunity to walk at ground level amongst these giants. Some of the tree trunks were completely hollow at the base and it was possible to walk right through them.

From the Valley of the Giants we ran onwards to Walpole where the trees lining the road were so high they almost blocked out the fading afternoon sun.

see more at: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/au/news/2008/week08/0621


At Walpole we were met once more in the centre of town by Councillor Dave Tapley, for the rededication and replanting of the town's 'Peace Tree'.

This beautiful olive tree was first planted on September 19 2000 to commemorate United Nations Millennium Peace Day. However, due to a needed car park expansion, the tree has had to be moved.

All gathered around to help lower the tree into its new home, each of us in turn adding some new soil around its roots. We were also delighted to see that the Manjimup Council had added a small plaque underneath the original UN plaque to commemorate this special occasion!



– Colm Magee (Ireland)