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    1,000,000 Participants

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    World Harmony Run Spokesman
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US Team

Arpan DeAngelo
New York City, USA
I am fortunate to have been involved in the World Harmony Run since its inception in 1987. I keep participating over the past 25 years primarily becasue of the children who always offer us in inimitable ways the joy and enthusiasm that is so needed for a harmonious world. I also look forward to joining international team members and to run with them throughout this vast and beautiful country, meeting the people and sharing the harmony that Sri Chinmoy promoted in creating this wonderful event.
Atulya Lee Berube
US Coordinator and US Team Co-Captain
San Diego, USA
Waiter, Cook, Bookkeeper and Graphic Designer
I started my journey with the World Harmony in 1995 when I ran with the team 10 short days from Seattle to Missoula, MT. It has been an honor to have participated every year in some form since then. The Run is such an incredible inspiration in my life. I am very grateful to be a small part of this beautiful global initiative founded by Sri Chinmoy.
Harita Davies
New Zealand
I am so grateful to have the opportunity to take part in the United States World Harmony Run! It is a wonderful opportunity for me to actively combine the aspects of life that I am most inspired about and love...running, the beauty and profundity of Creation, my hopes and dreams for Peace on Earth, and my love and belief in the inherent goodness and oneness of humanity as a whole.
Shobhavati Davies
New Zealand
Partaking in the World Harmony Run in the United States this year is the fulfilment of a dream I have had for many years. I am looking forward to running through this beautiful vast country and sharing peace with her people, especially the children. The World Harmony Run is a most unique opportunity which I am grateful to experience.
Dzmitry Kuzmich
Mensk, Belarus
Physicist, Teacher of Physics and Computer Science

I have taken part in the Peace Run / World Harmony for about 17 years as an organizer, runner and editor of the website. This Run is a very powerful experience that gives me much joy. It is such a great honor for me to be a member of the US World Harmony Run team this year.
Jana Duskova
Prague, Czech Republic
The first time I met the World Harmony Run was in the Czech Republic in 2008, when I happened to visit the final ceremony of the European tour. At that time I was merely in the audience. As of the first moment I just fell in love with the World Harmony Run, its idea, its spirit, its power. Since 2009 I took part in the World Harmony Run in the Czech Republic, not only as a runner but also a coordinator.
Salil Wilson
WHR Executive Director
New York City USA (Sydney, Australia)
I'm on the US run because I love it. I feel it is the most meaningful and significant thing I can do with my life. Life on the road, carrying a torch for peace, is a remarkably enriching and rewarding experience. Connecting with people around an ideal - a yearning for a more harmonious world - is beautiful and inspiring. It gives me life and I'm grateful.
Vajra Henderson
New York City, USA
Retired Carpenter
I love humanity. Running with the torch helps me to share and realize the dream that humanity is fast approaching a new golden age of where peace and harmony will permeate our society.

Priyala Carvalho
New Zealand
I love running in different countries and am excited to see more of this remarkable country beyond New York City. There is so much diversity here, from the deep south to the sunburnt south west and onto the green vibrant north-west. I'm totally grateful to be able to experience the heart of America.

Tom McGuire
Auckland, New Zealand
When I run for a good cause I am filled with hope for a world where all human beings truly feel that they are one family. We all have a responsibility to keep the dream of peace alive in the hearts of
Jagadhata Amrhien
St. Paul, MN
Restaurant Worker
The World Harmony Run is a beautiful, dynamic, interesting, horizon-expanding, healthful, and soulful, people friendly way for me to express and dedicate myself to a cause higher than myself. I took my first step for peace and harmony in 2001, running from Minneapolis to Chicago, now this year, I'll have run through most of the United States, and have also run in Columbia and Bali. The World Harmony Run is both an honor and a privilege to be a part of and one of the most challenging endeavors that I have undertaken. I am grateful for the opportunity.

Katya Percheklii
Odessa, Ukraine
Music Teacher and Yoga Instructor
For me the World Harmony Run is the best time of my life.This is the beautiful time for manifesting good will around the world. This is my first time in the USA. It is exactly here, with our team, that the whole world is like one big family. It is amazing!

Larysa Zub
Minsk, Belarus
Marketing Manager

I have participated in the World Harmony Run since 2001. I like the ideals of the World Harmony Run: harmony, peace, understanding between all people of different ages, different nations, cultures, and religions. Besides, I like to run. The World Harmony Run brings a lot of inspiration to my life.

Teekhnata Wendy Metzler
San Diego, CA
Health Instructor

I have been involved with the World Harmony Run since 1999 when I had the opportunity to be part of the American team. I wasn't much of a runner before that time, but the run whipped me into shape quickly. I have since run many marathons and ultramarathons.

I love being on the road, as part of the team, meeting people from around the country and the world and sharing our common hopes and aspirations for a peaceful world and a peaceful life. I am truly blessed and I feel so grateful to participate in this inspiring event.

Zuzana Klaskova
Prague, Czech Republic

I like running and children. I like that we can spread the idea of harmony and meet the people in all the countries of the world.

Matthias Eckerleckis
Freiburg, Germany
I first participated in the Harmony Run in 2008, I ran through Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Britain, and Scotland. At that time I lived in Ireland, so I returned to there, running all the way to Dublin. There were many nice meetings, for example in Britain, where we met a nice priest along the road, sometimes meetings with people occured just spontaniously and that is what i like most, because these people are just caught by the message of the run, the burning flame that somehow speaks to them and touches them.
My second participation was in the eastern part of Europe, running from Lithunia, at the Baltic Sea down to Greece.