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Croatia 5 May: Postojna (Slovenia) - Crikvenica (Croatia)

It was a day of saying goodbye and saying hello, as we crossed the border from Slovenia to Croatia. We had grown so fond of Slovenia that we grew all a bit teary-eyed at the prospect of leaving our friends there behind. But new friends were awaiting us, as well as a new adventure in a new country: Croatia.

Still in Slovenia we visited the town of Ilirska Bistrica where the city's representative for sports received us and gave a glowing speech. Slovenians seem to have a knack for sharing the inspiration for world-harmony in an eloquent and spirited way. We love the way they show their support. A local handball team joined forces with us and accompanied us running towards the Croatian border.

On the border the mayors from the two border towns, Slovenian and Croatian, participated by running with us and holding the torch together as a sign of their mutual respect, goodwill and co-operation. Both stressed the importance of having harmony and friendship amongst each other, especially as neighbouring countries. We have a saying in my Dutch language, which translates into the following: "It is better to have a good neighbour than a far away friend."

This morning our Croatian coordinators had already run most of the distance to the next city of Rijeka, which left us with only ten more kilometres to cover. In Rijeka we witnessed a very special and dynamic reception by a young girls' marching troupe which performed a wonderful marching dance for us.

The mayor of Rijeka blessed us with his good wishes and treated us all to lunch afterwards. Already we felt the thrill of being in a new country with its own unique culture, atmosphere and energy. Our good first impression would only be augmented as the day wore on.

Our Slovakian runner Jana was quite happy with the fame she has already won in Croatia. A popular brand of water bears her name. We are all drinking Jana now, as it was offered to us at every reception we came to.

About thirteen kilometres later we met with a group of children from the small community of Kraljevica.

This region in Croatia is known for producing excellent athletes. The kids and young adults who ran with us were all endowed with superb athletic skills. Many of them were superlative runners. A stage had been set up where we were showered with good wishes, music and song.

We also met with a Paralympic champion, a woman in wheelchair who had competed in eight Paralympics and who had twice won a gold medal in the shotput. She sat next to a man was now in preparation for the upcoming Paralympics in Bejing. His event is the discus.

The last meeting of the day took place in Crikvenica, a seaside town on the Dalmatian coast. Here we were the guests of honour at a beautiful reception which lasted over an hour. Upon our arrival a choir of singers performed our own World Harmony Run song, both in English and in Croatian and far more beautiful than we could ever sing it! Then the deputy mayor conveyed his warmest wishes and appreciation for our initiative. We spoke shortly about the idea behind our run, but from their own speech it was clear that they had already fully grasped and understood.

Then it was time to sit back and enjoy the show, as the singers reappeared on stage and sang several beautiful and soulful songs. They were followed by a band of string instruments, who performed traditional Croatian jigs that were very melodic and haunting. We responded by singing one of Sri Chinmoy's own songs about the evening star, a very dynamic and cheerful composition. Although our performance remained far behind by all the others the audience was kind enough to give us a big hand. Finally three local musicians played and sang several Croatian folk songs from this region. We were given presents by the deputy-mayor and also received banners made by children and retirees with supportive slogans for our Run. Our hearts were filled with gratitude at such a generous reception. It was an evening we will not lightly forget.

The city of Crikvenica also provided accomodation and food for us in a three star hotel. We simply cannot thank them enough.

Team Members:
Martin Leitner (Austria), Hidde Abhinabha Tangerman (The Netherlands), Jana Chochlikova (Slovakia), Tatyana Chochlikova (Slovakia), Frank Foerster (Germany), Predrag Trkulja (Serbia), Petr Machacek (Czech Republic), Janusz Wiewior (Poland)

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