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New Zealand 12 September: Wellsford – Auckland

 Team A

Some days on the World Harmony Run are a tough, hard slog – grinding out the miles through formidable terrain and unbearable weather...

Today was not one of those days. Today was perfect – a day of seven rainbows.

With the Welcoming Ceremony being staged in Auckland yesterday, the team today doubled back to complete the distance into Auckland from where we had left off on Wednesday.

The first rainbow – a portent of good fortune – appeared shortly after sunrise as we crossed the Auckland Harbour. The day would indeed bring a rainbow of joyful surprises – children's ever-bright smiles and wide optimism, rain's frequent but gentle blessing, the green hills' smiling challenges, sheep and cattle's silent encouragement, sun-drenched beaches, snow-clad ski slopes, a soothing thermal hot-pool and the ultimate satisfaction of a superb meal.

The team was welcomed to Wellsford School by the Sports Captains, Victoria (Tori) Levet and Shane Tehaara, who conducted the whole meeting smoothly and superbly.

After introducing the World Harmony Run to the 300 assembled children, Tori and Shane invited the runners to speak about their experiences, against a backdrop of a large banner created for the occasion. Several students came forward to read their writings on the subject of 'Harmony' before all joined exuberantly in the singing of the World-Harmony-Run song.

With two Australians amongst the running team, the subject of the upcoming Bledisloe Cup rugby match was inevitably raised, with the sports students unanimous in their view that the All-Blacks were a pretty sure bet.

Team Captain for the day, Nigel Webber from Brisbane, led off the running through Wellsford and on towards Warkworth, to be followed by Mark 'Hamstrings' Harvey from Auckland.

The route alternated between rural pastures and frequent townships, with ever-increasing traffic as we neared the looming metropolis of Auckland, capital city of the South Pacific.

Sheep are inextricably linked with New Zealand's industry, culture and consciousness – an integral aspect of New Zealand life celebrated at Sheep World.

Since Sheep World lay right on our route, we were delighted to be invited by the manager, Lois, to join Ross, a former professional shearer, in a tour which we shared with a visiting Thai rugby team. Ross first introduced the extraordinary work and capacities of his two sheep dogs, followed by a demonstration of sheep shearing...

...ably assisted by our own Nigel...

...after which the lambs were brought in, for feeding and cuddling.

After completing our miles for the day...

...we were invited to bring the World Harmony Torch into SnowPlanet, an indoor snow playground where we were greeted enthusiastically by Guest Services Manager, Tim McAllister and lift assistant, Regan Attwood. Nigel refreshed his dormant skiing skills carrying the Torch down the slopes.

After the freezing snowfields it was time for a brief jog along the sun-drenched beach at Orewa...

...before jumping into the invigorating hot springs and a few thrilling water slides at Waiwera Infinity. Our genuine gratitude to Corporate Services manager Dennis Richards for so graciously hosting our team here as his guests.

Special thanks to Trevor Jones, an excellent runner-photographer, who joined our team for the day and helped out in every possible way.

After departing at dawn, Auckland welcomed us back just before sunset.

To complete a deeply satisfying day, the team were treated to a glorious meal at The Blue Bird, Auckland's premier vegetarian eatery, where the friendly staff treated us as royalty. Thank you!

– Prachar Stegemann


Teams B and C

After a presentation at Orewa North School...

...we were joined by the school's champion cross-country team as we ran to Orewa College.

We were met there by the College Principal, who received the Torch from Keanu of Orewa North School, and the Mayor of Rodney District Penny Webster .

At the Orewa College presentation, our team presented Mayor Penny Webster with the World Harmony Run Torch-Bearer Award for her inspirational leadership in the Orewa community.

College representatives ran with us to the town's southern boundary.

A further 30 km of running brought us well and truly into Auckland's urban scene.

– Uddipan Brown

Team Members:
Aaron Carey (New Zealand), Nigel Webber (Australia), Prachar Stegemann (Australia), Mark Harvey (New Zealand), Uddipan Brown (New Zealand), Nicholas File (New Zealand), Karl Harris (New Zealand), Niribili File (New Zealand), Erika Pongracz (Hungary), Ujjwala Mettrick (New Zealand), Alesha Thorpe (New Zealand)

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