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Russia - October: Return to Chuvashiya Interfaith Monument

In 2010, as part of the Russia, "Южная ветка" - South World Harmony Run, the team passed by an interfaith monument dedicated to the unity of peoples and cultures. It was opened May 6, 2008. (See detail on opening at end)

The evening before some of the runners had made a special trip to see the monumnet up close. However during the daylight when the run was taking place there was not time for the participants to fully investigate and appreciate the design and inscriptions at this site. There was a very full schedule that day of activities and locations visited.  See Russia 20 September 2010: Чебоксары - Ядрин


Afterwards further interest was expressed to know more about the different religious symbols on the monument.



and the meaning of the Russian words on the base.

A year later, during  October of 2011, a Russian Team of World Harmony participants from the region again visited

and were able to take more detailed pictures to share.




English Translations to many of the inscriptions were also provided.


Thank you to the local organizers and participants for sharing with us these more detailed photos and the translations of the inscriptions on this interfaith monument.

A main point of the President of UNESCO General Conference message for the 25th Anniversary of the Harmnoy Run also stresses Interfaith Harmony and acceptance.

5. Поддержка межконфессионального принятия:

"Для гражданского общества важна межконфессиональная гармония.

Всемирный Бег Гармонии приветствуют люди различных религий, убеждений и многие религиозные объединения.

Передача Факела Гармонии - это простое, осязаемое и сильное выражение любви к своему ближнему.

Распространение этого послания о межконфессиональной гармонии и понимании в церквях, мечетях, синагогах, храмах и других местах поклонения, безусловно, поможет в развитии культуры мира и растущего чувства всеобщего единства.

5. Support Interfaith Acceptance:

Interfaith harmony is important to all civil society.

The World Harmony Run has been welcomed by people of many different religions, beliefs and faith-based communities.

Passing the Harmony Torch is a simple, tangible and powerful way to express love of one's neighbour.

Conveying this message of interfaith harmony and understanding in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other places of worship will surely help foster a culture of peace and a growing feeling of universal oneness.

See the complete Video message with Russian subtitles



The monument to the unity of peoples and cultures was opened May 6, 2008. More information on the opening see:

  • photo at time:  http://foto.cheb.ru/foto/14419.htm
  • information in Russian:  http://forum.na-svyazi.ru/?showtopic=281832

These links were brought to our attention by Russian WHR team members. The following translation was also provided:

..."Today, 6 May (2008), in the the capital of Chuvashia was opened another monument - the architectural and sculptural ensemble dedicated to the unity of peoples and cultures.
The event was attended by artists and sculptors of the 13 regions of Russia, the students, the scientific community of the country.

Opening of architectural-sculptural ensemble in the capital of Chuvashia - the first on the content, meaning, the concept of multinational Russia, said in his speech, the head of Chuvashia Nikolai Fyodorov.

According to him, lies in the composition is a very important idea. "This monument will continue to encourage all and always for wisdom, peace, love and friendship between nations, ethnicities, faiths, religions," - said Fedorov
After the official opening of the songs were launched into the sky white doves - a symbol of peace and goodness.

The idea of ​​creation belongs to the spouse of the head of the Chuvashia - Svetlana Fedorova that, in addition, raised funds from sponsors for its creation.

The sculpture was created under the direction of the Chuvash Union of Artists Vladislav Zotikov. Architectural and sculptural ensemble make bronze figures of seven women who support the petals of the lotus embodying the seven major world religions - Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and the Taoism.

"My work - said Zotikov - dedicated to all the peoples of Russia and the world." According to the sculpture, the lotus flower is a universal symbol in a variety of world cultures, personifies love as a divine principle.

At the top of the pedestal round are seven sayings in praise of love and unity, for example: "Suppose that there are different religions and let them sing the Lord in all languages​​," "And now the name of God - Love. Let God's love unites you."

The height of seven meters compositions, including sculptures - five meters. Weighs about three tons.


Всемирный Бег Гармонии с гордостью поддерживает Международный Год Молодёжи (АВГУСТ 2010- 2011 НАШ ГОД НАШ ГОЛОС) и Международный Год Лесов Провозглашённый Генеральной Ассамблеей Организации Объединённых Наций

The World Harmony Run proudly supports the International Year of Youth (IYY) and the International Year of Forests (IYF) proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.

See the recent Youtube video on African experience which illustrates IYY slogan "Our Year Our Voice"  International Year of Youth - Zambia World Harmony. They surprisingly mention Presidents and UN Secretary-General in a unique way! 

See also the UNESCO World Heritage (WH) Centre support for IY of Forests.  ... Convention for conservation of forest biodiversity. (more)

See also recent daily reports from: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

The run in Siberia from mid-July –14 August includes some very beautiful and incredible photos from Omsk area (more).

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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