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H. UN Day, Proclamations, Athletic and other events around the world for IYC

H.Related UN Day, Proclamations, Athletic and other events around the world


In a worldwide celebration of IYC, young men and women across the globe cycled, ran, sang and performed to call attention to the Year, often in conjunction with U.N. Day observances. Participants were students of Sri Chinmoy in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia who were inspired to call attention to the importance of IYC, not only for the year 1979, but for the future as well. Below are brief accounts of their energetic and dedicated efforts.



On 1 July 1979 students of Sri Chinmoy participated in Boston 's Year of the Child parade. In the afternoon they performed the "This Is My Year" and "Welcome" songs to open up IYC ceremonies at Waterfront Park, sponsored by the Mayor 's Office for Cultural Affairs.

On U.N. Day. the Centre held a U.N. Day 34-mile relay run, beginning with a ceremony outside the State House attended by Dr. Robert Wood,  U.N. Day coordinator for the Boston area and Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools; Col. Thomas L. Fischer, President of the Greater Boston-Massachusetts United Nations Association; and Mr. J. Malcomb Forbes of the U.N.A . Board of Directors. The group proceeded to Boston City Hall for the performance of "This Is My Yea r," before covering the Boston Marathon course plus an addition al eight miles along the Charles River to end at the State House.

United Nations Day Runner Stanton Cameron, hands baton to Dr. Robert Wood, Boston Superintendent of Schools and U. N. Day Coordinator for the Boston Area.


Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne declared 20 July 1979 "Yea r of the Child Day," to mark a 500-mile nonstop bicycle relay from Chicago to Springfield, llinois, and back, held to celebrate IYC. The cyclists began on the 20th and completed the relay 42 hours later. In Springfield, IYC officials and a Governor's representative joined the cyc lists in ceremonies for IYC.

For U.N. Day , the team took the opportunity to get back on their bicycles, cycling 265 miles non stop through Chicago and sixty- four neighbouring communities, drawing proclamations and letters of recognition for IYC . A selection of these proclamationa follows.

 lYC observance in Springfield.


On 29 December 1979 a performing troupe staged a n International Year of the Child puppet show and sing-a-long for children at the main public library in Honolulu.


Runners added an unusual feature to the United Nations Association of Greater Miami's celebration of U.N . Day with a 34-mile U.N. Run for Pea e  The Run was in conjunction with a U.N. luncheon held in Miami's prestigious Omni International Hotel.


In Philadelphia the Sr i Chinmoy Centre cosposored a children's run in honour of the Internaional Year of the Child along- with the Mid-Atlntic AAU and Olney Kiwanis Club. The Age-Group Championships in Cross Country drew approximately one hundred top-seated young runners.


In Phoenix enthusiastic IYC supporters took part in the "Celebrate Youth" festival, sponsored by the City of Phoenix, on 10 and 11 November. Information on the Year of the Child was provided and "This Is My Year" was performed by the Marcos de Niza High School Choir.

On 24 October runners held a 34-mile relay, ending with a presentation in honour of IYC to Phoenix Mayor Harry Mitchel. In the afternoon the Centre sponsored a U.N. Day programme at Arizona State University, with participation from the Phoenix Indian High School. Speakers were Mrs. Elsa Higgen botham. IYC Coordinator for
Arizona. and Mr. Ed Hornik, the Governor's Honorary Chairman for Coordinating U.N. Day in Arizona.


The 34th anniversary of the United Nations was marked in Providence , Rhode Island with a 34-mi le relay walk held on 24 October. Officials from Warren and East Providence proclaimed
"U.N . Day" and the town of Brisron presented a certificate of recognition for the walkers' efforts.


In San Francisco a 34-mile peace run was held around a specially lit track to commemorate U.N. Day on 24 October.


U.N. Day was celebrated in Santa Barbara this year with a 34-kilometre relay run, dedicated to the International Year of the Child.


Children and adults alike joined in a 34-kilo metre bicycle race this year to celebrate the International Year of the Child. Spirits were high despite the rainy weather.


A half-hour radio broadcast on 24 October drew attention to U.N. Day with a programme of music and readings about the United Nations and its quest for inner and outer peace.



In Halifax a 34-kilometre relay run was launched by the chairperson for the local IYC Committee, Mr. Ray Amirault, the morning of 24 October. En route Premier Buchannan of Nova Scotia and Mayor Morris of Halifax signed a proclamation declaring it U.N. Day on behalf of the people of Nova Scotia and the city of Halifax .


A 34-kilometre run around the city marked U.N. Day in Montreal. During the course of the run ceremonies were held at UNICEF with Director Generale M. Jean-Pierre Demers and President Mme. Celine Barbin. The relay ended at a special U.N. flag raising ceremony at Place Ville Marie, presided over by U.N.A. President Dr. Knellman.
In the evening about fifty children were entertained with a special "Music for Ch ildren" programme in honour of IYC. Children learned "This Is My Year" and other songs, and were then treated to an IYC puppet show.



In Victoria Mayor Mike Young proclaimed it "U.N. Day" for a  34-kilometre IYC run, which culminated in televised ceremonies with Victoria alderman Murray Glazier, UNA President Potts and UNICEF Representative Summers. A newspaper article and proclamation follow.




U.N. Day in Ipswich was marked with a children's 34-mile bicycle relay for IYC as well as a 34-mile relay run. as described in the Evening Star article below. In addition, about twenty children from the choir of the School of Jesus and Mary sang "This Is My Year" on the local radio station.




Newspaper and radio covered a 34-lap run (about 8 miles) around George Square, which led into the UNA official ceremony in Glasgow held on 24 October. Before the U.N. flag was raised over the Town Hall, the Lord Provost thanked the runners and expressed how glad he was to see young people take an interest In the United Nations.




A U.N. "Run for Peace" organised on 21 October drew over fifty Perth runners for a 10.5 kilometre run (6 miles). The run, which will become an annual event, was started by the famous Australian miler, Herb Elliott. A letter of appreciation from the Executive Director of UNA follows.


Sri Chinmoy, who is the non-governmental organization representative of the Sri Chinmoy Centres as well as the leader of the Meditation Group at the United Nations, received the distinguished service award from the Uni ted Nations Association of the United States of America for his Centres' active participation in U. N. Day celebrations around the world.