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South Africa 21 October: Lenasia - Soweto

The south western area of Johannesburg has for many years played a pivotal role in South Africa’s transformation. We were therefore very glad to be able visit Lenasia and Soweto with the international World Harmony Run Team.


Harmony Primary

Interestingly our first school visit of the day was at Harmony Primary School.

John, Robert, Leon and Steve at Harmony Primary School

Leon was in good spirits ahead of the run in his own backyard!

The children enthusiastically greeted us

Richard talks about inner harmony

The Principal talks to the school about the practical aspects of harmony

The teachers make a wish for world harmony

The Deputy Principal, Mr Haffegee receives a vote of thanks from the runners all around the world for his efforts to promote world harmony.


Flamingo Primary

Continuing in the tradition of interesting school names, Flamingo Primary School hosted us next. They had great fun on with the World Harmony Run team.

After a short presentation in which a number of students read out their own poems on world harmony, everybody had a chance to hold the torch and make a wish for harmony.

Some of the students had prepared beautiful drawings on world harmony.

The Principal, Mr Kalicharan, receives a certificate of appreciation from team


Progress Primary School

We ran on to Progress Primary School passing an interesting temple on the way.

One of the children officially welcomed us to the school.

receving an enthusiastic welcome from the students, thePrincipal, Mr Moonsamy welcomed us to the school.

The students had put together a great programme from the runners including singing and poetry. We very sad that we did not have time to stay for the whole programme.

Yusif Karodia reads out this beautiful poem that he had written

"I dream of a world free from war

Senseless murders, bombings no more

I dream of a world where crime does not pay

Where poverty and diseases are kept at bay

No struggle or fight for political rule

Without all this, life would be cool

Peace, oh peace, Almighty God

Help us unite, have mercy, Lord

I pray not fo gold or riches galore

Just peace and harmony, I am asking for."


Inner harmony is in the heart

The teachers hold the Harmony Torch and make a wish for harmony.

And a few of the students



Alpha Primary School

The Principal, Mr Seedat kindly welcomed us to the school who were assembled in a large hall.

The prefects hold the torch

After visiting the school we stopped for a brief lunch. The owner of Lenasia take away resturant, Kara Nichha's, very kindly donated food and drinks to the team. The staff of the resturant impressed us all with their good humour and kindness.

The entire staff pose with the torch.


Nka-Thuto Primary - Soweto

The runners received a heartfelt welcome from all the students and Mrs Skele, Principal of Nka-Thuto Primary School in Dube, Soweto.

The boys in the school put on a spectacular display of gum boot dancing for the assembled children and runners.

All the children had a chance to hold the torch and make a wish for world harmony.

The teachers also blessed the torch with the good wishes

After Nka-Thuto Primary we ran through the streets of Soweto to our next school, Thabisang Primary School.

Here Adhiratha looks very relaxed as Barney hands out flyers about the run to curious onlookers.

Running in Soweto


Thabisang Primary School

Very kindly welcomed to the Thabisang Primary School, one of Soweto’s oldest schools, by the Principal Mrs Pitsile Mabange.

The runners were then welcomed by the children who were singing beautifully as we entered the hall.

They continued their singing with a very imaginative arrangement of the World Harmony Run Song and a number of beautiful poems

The team was captivated

All the teachers and children held the harmony torch

All the kids ran with the torch

Our trusty van in Soweto!

After leaving Thabisang we ran up a beautiful street within a canopy of jacaranda blossoms


– Abhijatri

Distance: 20 km

Team Members:
Balarka Robinson (South Africa), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), John Marshall (New Zealand), Barney Mcbryde (New Zealand), Chris Daly (New Zealand), Richard (UK), Steve Polykarpou (RSA/Cyprus), Shree Chirkoot (RSA / India), Leon Subramoney (South Africa), Abhijatri Robinson (Zimbabwe), Robert Senovsky (Czech Republic), Adhiratha Keefe (USA), Kumaran (South Africa)

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