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Switzerland 11 August: Solothurn - Basel

I forgot to mention that on Tuesday, Bernadett from Hungary joined the Team. She is the daughter of Terezia, so we now have a mother and daughter on the International Team. This is not the first this has occurred. We had a mother and daughter Sucha running with us in Belarus.

We joined a group of local runners in Solothurn, and a few were to remain with us throughout the whole day; they became honorary International Team members for the day.

Today was the last day for quite a few of our International runners, and Sara from Italy took up the challenge of running a total distance of a marathon (just over 42 km) for the whole day. It is a nice tradition on the World Harmony Run, that on your final day you run a marathon. Because of the nature of the Run the whole distance generally cannot be run in one go, but generally it is done over a series of shorter distances - 5km here, 10 km there, but the Team tries to organise it that the runner does a longer distance as possible. At every opportunity Sara ran, encouraged by the whole Team and she was an inspiration to us all.

At Balsthal we met the representative of the town, Mr Willy Hafner.

From there we ran with local runners along the cycle paths and trails along the valley and up a few steep hills through the woods. At the top of the hill we had a fabulous view of a castle.

The day started overcast and cloudy, and by midday it began raining quite heavily and rather cool, as we approached Langenbruck. But we were soon to be warmed up as the mayor’s wife gave us big cups of hot tea and bouillon. Miraculously as soon as we arrived the rain stopped, and within a few minutes the mayor with an infectious smile met us. Both of them were so kind and warm hearted and for some time we stayed chatting to them.

At Langenbruck our police cyclist outrider joined us for the remainder of the day. He was one of the most thoughtful and considerate policemen we’ve met on the World Harmony Run.

From Langenbruck we ran the 5 km downhill to Waldenburg where we received a wonderful welcome as the people of Waldenburg cheered us we ran through the town’s archway. There we met another warmhearted mayor, Mr K Grieder.

One local lady had baked us sweet bread with the letters spelling out World Harmony Run. Many of us quickly ate this and then moved onto the big bowl of popcorn, all washed down with apple juice. Some were even tempted by the chocolate bars as well. Feeling rather stuffed we ran out of the town with the children. Not surprisingly they ran faster than us.

As we approached the centre of Liestal a large group of soldiers drinking outside a pub raucously cheered us as we sped by. As we entered the old part of Liestal the road was lined with local runners from the running club Gabor Szirt. In a Mexican wave they cheered us into the town. They were to run with us the final 17 km of the day to Basel and straight from the word go they were fun and marvellous company. At Liestal Rathaus we met the mayor, Ms Ruth Gysin who spoke many kind words and wished us a safe journey.

We met one young boy from Turkey who was so inquisitive and confident that he gladly held the torch. We said that we had been to Turkey, and he replied, “What, you’ve just come from Turkey!” Sometimes we can run fast, but not that fast! Not like the local trains!

In a large group we ran to the train station at Frenkendorf where we met the mayor, Mr Schweizer.

He was very impressed with the size of the International Team and said he could feel something very important with this initiative, and the way it brought people together, especially with the number of local runners.

Along the road we were always joined by local children who willingly took up the torch.

As we approached Pratteln castle the heavy rain showers persisted and we were glad to get shelter in the courtyard of the castle. There the mayor gave us apples as for him it represented something that grows, like harmony, and at the end of our journey there will be the fruits that means that we will be successful.

We were joined by a wheelchair athlete who led with the torch from the front.

We all ran the final 7 km into Basel, and on the border of Basel we said goodbye to our friendly policeman. Although he said he had to leave us, he continued with us for a further 1 km to guide us through the rush hour traffic and ensure we were safe and didn’t take the wrong turning. Thank you ever so much!

Next to the river we visited Basel Children’s Holiday Camp and had great fun with the children who were very attentive and they got so much joy holding the torch.

A group of children enthusiastically ran with us along the river and a few continued running with us up to the cathedral.

There we said goodbye to all our local runners who had stayed with us the whole day, and the large group of runners from Gabor Szirt running club who joined us for the 17 km from Liestal.

Sara, our Italian runner had run a total distance of 48 km today, so she had surpassed her goal of running a marathon. At the end of the day she looked very fresh and was smiling as always, even when she was eating everything in sight. She’s now ready for the New York Self-Transcendence Marathon later this month.

This evening we were generously and kindly provided four-star accommodation at Hotel Europe Basel ( Mercure Accor hotels ). It is always so much appreciated when hotels offer us great accommodation for the whole Team.

After a great meal provided by our Swiss hosts we said our goodbyes to the runners leaving the International Team tomorrow morning - Anne, Doris, Lachezar, Sara and Spas. Have safe journeys home and we hope to see some of you in New York very soon.

Distance: 65km

Team Members:
Anete Klavina (Latvia), Anne Schulze (Germany), Bernadett Hammel (Hungary), Doris Cott (Switzerland), Lachezar Rusev (Bulgaria), Mark Collinson (England), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Petar Mihaylov (Bulgaria), Petr Machacek (Czech Republic), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Sara Cusmano (Italy), Spas Cholakov (Bulgaria), Terezia Hammel (Hungary), Veronika Kuliskova (Slovakia).

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