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Details Part 03 - IYRC at events

International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures (IYRC) 

                  at World Harmony Run events.     

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In addition to the prominent placement throughout the 2010 International Launch of the World Harmony Run during April in New York;

Part 03 (Details follow content list)

 Part 03 (in progress)



03 june - for full report of 03 june: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/slovakia/news/2010/0603


Border  o3 june - Slovakia. - Czech Republic.




Cuntries n a schiool...

04 june http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/czechrepublic/news/2010/0604


We ran all around the world with children from Vlachovice. You don´t believe it? Well, all right.... maybe it wasn´t the whole world, perhaps a nice school-field with our team members standing in each corner with flags representing different continents.


Loučka – the Mayor with little kindergarten children and their teachers who ran, danced and sang for us. In exchange, our team puppets Happy and Friend explained everything about Harmony to them.

We taught children how to sing and dance our World Harmony Run song. The teachers were keen to learn it as well.  When the children saw our puppets holding the torch, they wanted to try it too.


Finally, approaching Zlin, today´s destination.


At Zlin Castle we met Mr. Kašný, the Deputy of Cultural Afairs. He ran to City Hall with the torch.doyou ntice la the different flags on the building above their heads? 

Czech rep 05 june 


ut most of the people really enjoyed the opportunity to hold the torch of harmony.


What perfect timing: the torch of harmony on a wedding day :-)   Not only people, but also animals were interested in becoming part of our team.

We really had so much fun with the children.."see the "what planet are you on" tshirt :-). Some animals posed as good models for our photographer.l

There was a folk festival going on, which they interrupted to welcome us on the stage.

Our international runners were realy impressed by the traditional dancers.

Czech -06 june - 08 june

much enthusiastic participation



Chex 08 june

Czech 10 jun

Some interesting presentations.....to some attentive children and a wonderful...    Group photo in front of the school building.

Czech 11 june

In the end the Mayor Černochová and the headmaster Süsslandová made a picture with the whole team.

Our next meeting was held at the gym in TJ Sokol Královské Vinohrady. Several classes of the primary school Slovenská arrived.    The baloons with wishes for harmony were released into the whole world.

The beautiful Czech background and with whole team in its beauty...:-)

 USA New Mexico

27 - 29 May

Exceptinal Campers, beautiful nature, Santa Fe - UNESCO Creative City -celebrates 400 years, Mayor and the Rail Road Water tower, utube "Silver Sneakers" became Harmony Run singers,  "Girls on the Run",  

Full reports at :




27 May 

To start the day we had an impromptu meeting with our fellow campers who were students and teachers from the Rio Gallinas Charter School. Río Gallinas School is a grade 1-8 expeditionary learning charter school in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

These young individuals had just finished a large project and were on a nice little sabatical, camping at Sumner Lake State Park. The different learning projects that the students described were awe inspiring. Check out this one.

We were honoured to meet this group of engaged and motivated young people.

Their enthusiasm and encouragement were a real shot in the arm for us.

The dedication of the teachers was also a great source of inspiration for us. Thank you so much to John McLeod for inviting us to share each others inspiration!

Today we were treated to some remarkable displays of natures beauty.

Huge storm clouds over vast plains provided an ever changing backdrop to our miles.

28 May

In 2005, Santa Fe became a UNESCO Creative City.The City celebrates 400 years enriched by transcontinental North-Central American trade, cultural arts and sports. 

Snow capped peaks beckoned us.

Santa Fe Mayor David Coss joined the team for the last few yards into town.

The Silver Sneakers (a senior walking group) happened to be visiting Santa Fe from Albuquerque and gave us a great reception.

Here's a member of the Silver Sneakers senior group  singing our World Harmony Run song - their enthusiasm was infectious!



Santa Fe's Railyard Water Tower in the historic railyard was the perfect place for us to meet the Mayor.


29 May

The women's team started the day in Santa Fe's centre at local running club Santa Fe Striders' 32nd "Annual Runaround".

It was a 5k and 10k race with Girls on the Run - a nationwide movement to encourage girls - to run.

Our thanks to race organiser Jim Owens for giving us time on the PA to introduce the World Harmony Run to the assembling runners before the race start.

He tempted us to stay in Santa Fe and join them on a Sunday trail run, hard to resist when you see the surrounding countryside.

We had time to mix with the crowd before the race and lots of the girls and their families held the torch.

We couldn't run the race ourselves, because we had our miles to run on the road later, but we lined up at the start line to cheer them on.

Mayor David Cross was running too, and he slowed his start down by taking time to shake hands with us as he went by.



08 June

full report: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/deutschland/news/2010/0608



11 June

full report: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/deutschland/news/2010/0611

12 June

full report: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/deutschland/news/2010/0612



13 June-  full report: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/deutschland/news/2010/0613


14 June and 21 June  full reports: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/deutschland/news/2010/0614  and http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/deutschland/news/2010/0621





24 June: Ерейментау - Астана  - http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/kazakhstan
Team is approaching the main square

Kazakh tradition, shashu.


dancing a traditional dance. and torch with symbol of Kazakhstan, a snow leopard.


Kazakhstan 26 June  (un Charter day)


Astana Bayterek monument.                  Monument of an artist.

At the top level of the monument, inside the "sun".

Handprint of President of Kazakhstan.   Oneness of all religions (signatures of all religious leaders).

Факел Гармонии.           Harmony Torch.

The main mosque of Astana.

wedding party, the bride and groom witht he torch and a picture with bears. Every bear symbolisez one country of the world.

Kazakhstan 27- 29  June:





Liting the torch by the Eternal Fire.   Press conference.   Team captain Alexander Nikiforov is answering questions.

Head of mass sports department and head of sports club Spartak are holding the torch. A picture at the center of olympic reserve. Thank you for warm welcome and care.

Panorama at the today's starting point.

Main expert of tourism and sports department of Karaganda city administration Mr.R.Kozhabekov. By the monument of Kazakhstan independence.

At the central mosque of Karaganda with Makhmoud Kaji Imam.


Father Vladimir is conducting a service in support of the World Harmony Run at the Svyato-Vvedensky church of Karaganda city.

Meeting with the vice-mayor of Aksul-Ayuly town Mr. B.T.Tulukulov.


Photo with town administration of Aksul-Ayuly.

Kazakhstan 1 July:

At the mosque of Balkhash town.

Nest - To meet the kids from summer camp.

Kids are greeting us at the shore of Balkhash lake.

A spontaneous meeting in Saryshagan village.



including (to be added):

  • Germany -media mention of IYRC and Pre Hepburn message, Germany 14 June: Czech border; Germany 21 June: Paderborn - Dortmund, so many different countries' flags being displayed at the school with IYRC logo on banner.

Therefore we also presented him with a book containing a selection of aphorisms by Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the World Harmony Run.

Mr. Van Rompuy accompanied us a few steps outside, carrying the Torch. After we said goodbye we ran a few blocks to the building of the European Parliament. where our next ceremony would be held.

Belgium 23 June: Brussels; video from meeting with President of the Council of European Union at Mr.Herman Van Rompuy, go to EU President's website at: http://vloghvr.consilium.europa.eu/?p=1874


  • Netherlands  -28 june

Today's journey started at an elementary school, 'De Hazesprong' school in Nijmegen. Well over a hundred kids were gathered in the schoolyard to participate in our presentation.

Many kids were dressed in orange - the Dutch national colour - in support of today'sworld cup socer match


Enthusiastic kids posing for the group picture.

Here we are at the second school in Nijmegen, the Montessorischool Dukenburg. This is actually where I went to school as a kid. It was great to be back after 21


Our run today finished in the town of Roermond, where we visited 'Kai in Sho' judo club.

The club is operated by charismatic judo teacher Nol Hofman, a really warm-hearted, generous and self-giving person. He has taught judo for over 20 years, always on a voluntary basis. The children really adore him, as he is a real father to them.

Nol Hofman helped this little girl, Dawn, to get a special lift in her school so she can easily go to all her classes. He held a 24-hour judo marathon to raise the necessary money for it. In honour of all the good things he is doing for the community we offered him our Torch Bearer Award. The award was given by Dawn herself. Nol Hofman was visibly moved and could not hold back his tears.

Zijn leerlingen gaven een enthousiaste judodemonstratie.

Thank you Nol Hofman for the great person you are and for all the good things you are doing.

Bedankt Nol Hofman voor de geweldige persoon die je bent en voor alle goede dingen die je doet.

29 June Netherlands

Heel hartelijk dank aan het Theaterhotel in Roermond voor het ondersteunen van de WHR!

We started at the main square in Roermond, right in front of City Hall.

Onze dag begon op de grote markt van Roermond, bij het stadhuis.


The city representative for education, culture and healthcare, Mr. Wim Kemp received us on behalf of the Mayor in the building's historic hall.

De Heer Wim Kemp, wethouder van onderwijs,cultuur, maatschappelijke zorg en welzijn, en plaatsvervanger van de burgemeester, ontving ons in de historische zaal van het stadhuis.

After the friendly meeting Mr. Kemp lit the torch and together we started a new day's running...

Na de gezellige ontmoeting, was het de heer Kemp die de fakkel aanstak en samen startten we onze loop van vandaag...



...we sang the WHR song together with the kids - complete with choreography!

...samen met de kinderen zongen we het WHR-lied, met de bewegingen erbij!


...Run, run , run, run, run, run, World Harmony Run...

..We are the oneness and fulness of tomorrow's sun...



..the kids recited poems...

..er werden gedichten voorgedragen door de kinderen...



..and everybody passed the torch and offered a wish for harmony!...

..iedereen gaf de fakkel door en deed een wens voor harmonie!...





  • kazakhstan 26 june - uncharter day

  • Serbia

Serbia 7 July: Zrenjanin - Belgradehttp://www.worldharmonyrun.org/serbia/news/2010/0707


A new WHR day in Serbia! We started in Zrenjanin and reached soon Ečka.

Novi dan THS (Trke harmonije sveta) u Srbiji! Startovali smo u Zrenjaninu i ubrzo stigli u Ečku.


Runners joined in and together we reached the cultural centre of the community.

Pridružili su nam se drugi trkači i zajedno smo stigli pred kulturni centar omladine.

..a local group of folk dancers performed for us....
...mesna grupa igrača folklora nastupila je u našu čast...

...fancy shoes...
...šik cipele...


...the deputy mayor of Ečka received the torch...

...zamenik gradonačelnika Ečke primio je baklju...


...despite the dresses the girls ran enthusiastically a few steps...
...iako su bile u haljinama, devojke su entuzijastično potrčale nekoliko metara...



Thanks for the warm welcome!

Hvala na srdačnom dočeku!



...a short but nice meeting in the local museum....

...kratak, ali lep susret u mesnom muzeju...


Mrs. Slavica Đukić Dejanović, president of the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, kindly welcomed the World Harmony Run and received the flaming torch in the big hall of the parliament.

Mrs. Slavica Đukić Dejanović refered in her speach to the UNESCO 2010 - International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures, which is proudly suported by the WHR!

After a welcome speech she received a special emblem with her personal presidental flag of the parliament on one side and the WHR flag on the other...

...we honored Mrs. Slavica Đjukić Dejanović with the Torch Bearer Award for her efforts to promote the ideals of friendship and harmony in the Serbian Parliament as well as in her many daily activities...

...a few steps for peace in the Parliament...
...nekoliko koraka u Skupštini za mir...


...Franjo Mihalič, the famous Serbian Olympic Medallist and 92 years young, still promotes running!

...Franjo Mihalič, čuveni srpski nosilac olimpijske medalje i "samo" 92 godine star, još uvek promoviše trčanje!


..the Macedonian Ambassador...
...makedonski ambasador...


Mr. Vojislav Glišić, Chief of Protocol of the Parliament, very warmly supported the WHR...

Gospodin Vojislav Glišić, šef protokola Skupštine, veoma srdačno podržao je THS...

...new parliamentarians...
...novi poslanici...

...a group picture in the assembly hall...

...grupna slika u sali za sednice...

Mr. Vojislav gave us a nice tour throuh the parliament....
Gospodin Vojislav Glišić poveo nas je u razgledanje Skupštine koje nam je bilo veoma zanimljivo.

Serbia 8 July: Belgrade - Jagodina
Serbia: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/serbia/news/2010/0708

Our next stop was Grocka, where a local children's band welcomed us with beautiful voices.



..and now, all together for a group photo...
...a sada svi zajedno za jednu grupnu fotografiju...



We were received in the Smederevo City Hall, where a representative of the city gave a very moving speech.

Primili su nas u Gradsku kuću gde je predstavnik grada održao veoma dirljiv govor.

Serbia 9 July: Jagodina - Niš


..some very interesting shoes...
...neke veoma interesantne cipele...


We gave an interview for a local TV station.

Dali smo intervju za lokalnu TV stanicu.


A little place, Ražanj, was our next stop.

Malo mesto Ražanj bilo je naša sledeća stanica.

.."just dance" and spread harmony...
..."samo pleši" i širi harmoniju...

The meeting was held in a newly built orthodox church...

Susret je održan u novoizgrađenoj pravoslavnoj crkvi...

...where the local priest said a prayer for the World Harmony Run and lit the sacred incense from our sacred torch fire.

...gde je mesni sveštenik očitao molitvu za Trku harmonije sveta i upalio sveti tamjan našom svetom vatrom iz baklje.

..the fragrance of harmony and oneness...
...miris harmonije i jedinstva...

..light from above and light from below...
...svetlost odozgo i svetlost odozdo...

The local priest very kindly took us to another interesting place. This church was built in 1903 and was a gift from the mother of officer Vronski, who was killed at this place two centuries ago, during the war. Vronski was the man whose character was represented by Tolstoy in his very famous novel "Anna Karenina".

Lokalni sveštenik nas je odveo na još jedno interesantno mesto. Ova crkva je izgrađena 1903.g. i poklon je majke oficira Vronskog koji je pre dvesta godina, u toku rata, poginuo na ovom mestu. Vronski je bio čovek čiju je ličnost Tolstoj iskoristio u svom čuvenom romanu "Ana Karenjina".


..a group photo in the place which is a symbol of Russian - Serbian friendship...

..a nice playback performance...
...lep plejbek nastup...

 macedonia_2010- jul_07




Thank you for the performance!

Благодариме за изведбата!

...after the dancing the Mayor took all of us on a short, symbolic run....

... после изведбата градоначалникот не поведе на кратко, симболично трчање...

  Macedonia 2010 Jul13






Negotino was next. Runners were waiting every few hundred metres, and joined in as if they were boarding a local bus!...

Неготино беше следно. Не чекаа тркачи на секои неколку стотици метри и ни се приклучуваа како да се качуваа во автобус...



..долги, жешки километри кон Кавадарци....

The meeting in Kavadarci fell victim to the heat. The city representative and local media still welcomed us, despite the missing runners. Thanks for facing the heat!

Средбата во Кавадарци беше жртва на горештината. Сепак гратските претставници и локалните медии не пречекаа, покрај тоа што ги немаше тркачите. Ви благодариме што ја издржавте горештината!




Part 01(details)

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