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USA 20 June: Crescent City, CA to Port Orford, OR

The Mighty Pacific Ocean

There are so many words one can use to describe the Pacific Ocean. The word ‘Pacific’ itself means ‘Peaceful’, which is probably the only word one needs to capture the spirit of this vast creation. Upon finally reaching the shores of the Pacific Ocean, this simple rhyming poem came to mind with the help of my teammates who joined me for a short run in the waters of this very cold and powerful body of water.

“The World Harmony Run does not embody secrets scientific,

So let me tell you something more specific:

We have run all the way to the Pacific,

And we declare, “It is absolutely terrific!”

Perhaps this is one simple way to describe our journey so far. It is really auspicious that we have started from one great Ocean, the Atlantic, and have had the good fortune and with incredible amounts of goodwill and help from hundreds of people to have finally reached the other great Ocean. We have already documented so much that has happened in between, so please go back to read some of our accounts and see the exciting photos as well. Words alone cannot express the gratitude we feel for all those who have gotten us here, especially Sri Chinmoy and the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team .

Although we still have a very long way to run: almost 5,000 more miles, we are very hopeful and certain that we will meet many more incredible people who care about harmony and oneness in this world of ours. As we traverse this great continent carrying the Torch of harmony and hope, we know that many other runners and harmony lovers are doing the same all around the world. We are also inspired by keeping up on the news from Europe and all the other continents that are hosting Harmony Run events around the world.

Knowing that what we are doing is part of something much larger than ourselves or our own small efforts, we are certain that our small steps will not be run in vain. Harmony and all the good qualities that spring from it will certainly multiply in this world of ours until future generations can truly say that this world is finally a safe and secure place to live in joy, peace and harmony. Every moment in this long growth process is important. Reaching the shore of this mighty ocean and great Redwood forest is a powerful reminder that all the efforts towards World Harmony are instantly rewarded with incredible experiences offered by the Earth and its Creator.

One of our runners, Damon from New Zealand, has this to say about reaching the West Coast and the Pacific Ocean:

“We entered the northern tip of California last evening and camped amongst the colossal Redwoods just a few miles from the great Pacific Ocean and western edge of America that it defines. This morning we reached this incredible coastline and the Ocean for the first time, celebrating the teams’ successful traverse of this vast continent. We still have to run all the way back to the Atlantic Ocean before completing the journey in New York in August. The reports and descriptions I had heard of the beauty of this coast were not undeserved. It is simply indescribable as we run along the rocky cliffs with vast panoramas of the Ocean and sky before us.

“We quickly left California as we ran north and entered Oregon again. The running route followed the Oceanside drive, highway 101, winding up and down hills through pine forests and past sandy and rocky beaches. Gentle waves create a shimmering display on the deep blue of the endless ocean. Here and there jagged rocks and giant boulders jut out from the depths, forming small islands and reefs.

“As we ran further, the hills turned into steep cliffs, dropping straight into the water from the road above. I am so amazed how much this coastline resembles the coastline of New Zealand, my home. We could easily be on the Pacific shore 15,000 miles away. The spectrum of light seems the same here; shades and hues of yellow and blue, highlighted with white. We cannot help ourselves as we snap dozens of photos, trying to capture some of the essence of this magical day.

“As always though, it is not the spectacular scenery alone that makes this so wonderful. It

really has to be experienced here and now, as you run, meeting people on the way who add so much to this long and tireless journey.”

We would really like to thank those who stopped to spend some time with us today, including Jim and Linda Jaggard, of the Breakers Motel in Gold Beach and their son James and his friend Jeff, who were so kind and friendly to us, offering rooms for our weary bodies. The motel rooms overlook the Pacific whose constant symphony of waves create a lullaby of sound to relax the body and soothe the soul. James and Jeff also came out to the route to run with some of our runners today.

For dinner we were treated to an unbelievably sumptuous meal offered by Martin “Dewey” Powers at his restaurant called ‘Spinners’ in Gold Beach. Dewey was very kind and humble in his very generous offering. On his business card it reads: “Spinners….Martin “Dewey” Powers….. Gardener..Parking Lot Attendant…Bus Boy…(Owner only when he has to be)”.

In the evening Jeff and James joined us for a marshmallow roast on a campfire they built for us and some music by the fire. Learning that they both had been camp counselors for young children last summer, it is no wonder that they knew quite well how to embrace the very important qualities of friendship and understanding that help to promote and spread harmony among people so effectively.

Arpan and Team Harmony

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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