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Send a message to the runners

Hope all is going well!  Think of you guys often!  Greetings from Colstrip, MT!
Tina Mueller

I just wanted to send a message to you and the team to thank you once again for letting me join you for one day of your adventure (in Ohio).  The guys that I ran with were great to talk to, and they helped get me through an awesome run.  You and the team should be very proud of making such an incredible journey.  I am sure you inspired many people throughout the US.  I feel running is something that is a primative act that unites the human spirit; which is why I think the World Harmony Run is such a great organization.  Hopefully I can run again in two years.
Trevor Garretson

You are amazing. You are the real 'Olympic' Peace and Harmony torch bearers! You train hard everyday, all year long, both outwardly and inwardly. Then you amaze and inspire us all by running thru all 50 states. Sharing your tremendous joy, smiles, determination, good will and wishes for peace and harmony for everyone. We sit at home, viewing (on www.worldharmonyrun.org) beautiful photos and uplifting comments.. .watching your journey unfold thru the beautiful scenery of the United States... and watching the happy inspired, smiling faces of children, teachers, parents and runners you meet along the way. Surely there are struggles both physical and emotional along the way but you prevail. You know that the goal of peace and harmony for everyone is worth the effort to transcend all challenges. Equally amazing is the fact that your brothers and sisters around the world are, at the same time, running thru and between their own countries and cites! Truly an amazing accomplishment! So very, very inspiring and encouraging to so, so many people that you interact with along the way.

For us... YOU, each one of YOU, are the real heros of today... the real Olympian's of the day! Rest assured that YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE in many, many peoples lives. You are running with the Sri Chinmoy World Harmony Run Torch!

With Aloha from Hawaii,
Thank you very, very much!!!
Savyasachi Brown

Astounded to see a woman with a lit torch going up the hill, and later run past Sarbucks :) I caught "World" and "run" on her shirt, and found your website. Glad to hear the trip is going well, and welcome to Concord, NH. Louise Palmer

Is wonderful to see all team and my sun too, thank you.
Ismael Arriaza A.

A more inspiring group of people I cannot imagine! It was such a joy to welcome the runners in the Toledo area and throughout Ohio. Thank you, everyone for bringing such inspiration to our communities.
Pam Summons

My children, Mirabel 5 and Silas 3), and I just met U.S. team members, Harita Davies and Ratuja Zub Larysa, in the pool of the Best Western Plus in Madison where you have stopped for the night.  Everything happens for a reason and perhaps it was to remind me how to bring harmony into our lives and rejoin the meditation of world peace.  While in graduate school 1998-2000, I worked for Peace Studies at UWM under an international peace studies professor, Dr. Ian Harris.  This is a reminder of my roots and how to proceed into the future. I will be looking into more of what you are physically doing as well as what the team hopes to inspire.  Good luck!  Thinking of you all, and the interconnectedness of our beings.  One world, one love!

What you guys do is amazing! It is so uplifting to see people dedicated to such a noble cause. I met Natabara, David, Salil, and Tim, and they are some of the nicest people! I was so glad that I could witness the run coming through my hometown area.
Sadie Volk

It was a real treat & experience to meet & talk with all of you in So. Sioux City, NE this past Thrusday. We (Rotary) are very proud to be associated with all your effort in this run. Good going during the weeks to come to the finish.
Marcia & Dick Pruehs

David I am so proud of you i have been keeping in touch with your progress hope you have a great time with your uncle love you
aunt kathy.

I'm so glad we happened to be in Bowman when you came running through. I love what you're doing and your presentation to the kids was terrific. Keep it up!
Carol Thom

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Battle Creek on the 25th. It is nice to see some friends from prior years and meet some new friends.
See you soon,
Cindy Fadel and The Fadel family

Just got to Bowman (as I work in Baker tomorrow and Friday) so my parents and I shared about all the fun we had with you! Hope you enjoyed the fudge! MWishing you safety and much happiness on your continued run! PS. Redig is in South Dakota
Tina Mueller

Understand you will be north of Sioux City, IA on Sat July 14th. Looking forward to seeing you again this year. Seems like the last time wasn't that long ago. We live between 7 & 8 mile marker north of LeMars, IA along Hwy 60. Hope the green van finds us again. We always make contact or have the last couple of times you have been thru here. It is dry and hot here lately. Hope you have a cloudy day to help keep cool. Be safe.
Ralph & Darlene Feller

Well done you guys! Its been great following your progress through the USA on this website. I particularly like the photos of Harita and Shobhavati!
Best wishes to you all.--Ali xxx

So wonderful to meet you all!
Best to you and I will be in touch more soon.
Truck problems stuck in Bismarck ND.
So excited to learn more and to keep in touch!

Margi and Elizabeth.
PS: had great fun finding fossils :)
Stay well and run! :)

All of you made such a good impression on my daughter Tina!! She was so very honored to be able to visit & run with you!!! You have really touched her!! I want to thank you for the friendship & love she felt from you. May God be with you in your travels.... And keep you safe and healthy!!!! Also, thanks for sharing the neat photo's. We really enjoyed them!!! :)
Sharon Lutz

We truly enjoyed your visit with us at the Castle Rock Senior Center. The different organizations felt honored to be able to present you with some gifts and we at the center look forward to serving you great ice cream sundaes when you visit. Since your visit I have been watching your daily reports and find your route through Yellowstone and Montana most interesting. Wow! What great pictures you share with your viewers. Continue to have a safe trip.
Our best wishes, Myron Nelson, President, Castle Rock Senior Center.

Best wishes on the rest of the World Harmony Run! I was extremely honored to meet all of you and be a part of what you are doing! God bless and I look forward to continue following your adventure!
Tina Mueller

My daughter and I were at the July 4th celebration in Laurel MT. Both of us got to hold the runners torch. As we walked back to our seats we both said, we were just part of something bigger than our selves. Double thumbs up to you all and all you are doing.
Lars Straley

Hi All! I was your passerby at the Sri Chinmoy Peace Grove at Greenlake in Seattle on 6/23. I didn't get to join you Monday morning due to my work schedule but I certainly talked about you. I try to travel out of the country for 2 weeks each year and have loved seeing other countries, experiencing their cultures, and meeting people - the highlight of my trips.

Last year I took my 70 year old mother on her first trip out of the country ever - to Slovakia - to do family research (interestingly, one of your teams was going through Slovakia the same day I saw you). During the trip mom said, speaking of the people she had met so far, "You know, they really are just like us".

Pass the word - we're a lot more alike than we're different! Keep up the good message folks, run with it!


Thank you all for making my Birthday on June 25th from the Seattle Statue to Mt Index very, very special and harmonious. You are my True Family! Enjoy your run spreading harmony across the nation and world. I will see you in New York! God Bless You All!
Julie Wolf

I saw your team members running on Highway 30 outside Scappoose, Oregon today, June 19th, 2012. Thank-you for you effort and I hope and Pray that you can continue to make the effort to bring Peace and Good Will to the World. Best of all that is possible to you and your families and may your God Bless you!
Jerry Maling

I just want to say thank you for all you are doing , and it was great to have met you when you ate dinner at New Foon Hing Youn restaurant June 19, 2012. Lincoln city, OR..
thank you and good luck.
Ann Hansman

Meeting one of your Runners near Waldport, giving her a water, and talking about your cause was really great. Holding the torch was a huge honor, and a highlight I will never forget. Thank you for your work and running for world peace.
It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow in Lincoln City, sorry for the rain in Waldport.
Mike S.

Hello my New Zealand friends, Harita, Ujjwala, Priyala, Shobavati,etc. I have seen all your WHR photos in USA. I hope I could see you again somewhere . I miss you all!!:)
Kanyaka, Bali

Saw you yesterday on Highway One smiling and waving and wondered what it was about that would have you running on a road with a lot of up and down and not much room for bikers or walkers. I'm glad you all made it. It's a great cause.
Mary Sue Ittner

Hi Everyone:
Hope you are all Healthy and Happy!
Found this article about your running up the Cali Coast.
Matangani Ganga

On Monday June11, I left the FARMSTAND in Pescadero, Ca. that I manage for Jacobs Farm/del Cabo. It was around 4:00 PM with Abi, my border collie as co pilot.....we head home. Beautiful pristine sunny windless afternoon. In turning north up highway one in the Blue Flaming Luv bio diesel truck parallel to Pescadero Beach, I noticed a women running with a torch, she too heading north. No traffic, I slowed down and asked her what was her cause? She shouted Harmony and World Peace in the world. Interest peaked, I pulled off at the next beach entrance and grabbed a basket of fresh picked organic strawberries for her. We visited for a bit and I introduced myself in total fascination of her run. Shobhavati Davies introduced herself. Detecting her New Zealand accent, Shobhavati shared her life on the run.

Inquiring about her mission while gifting her the basket of strawberries, Shobhavati handed me the torch! So unexpected and clearly feeling the harmony in the moment, I was humbled by the honor.

I love this bit of peace in the world we call Pescadero. As I listen to her story, all the while, looking out into the Pacific...the surf and sea birds sing..... I hold the torch for World Harmony....I hold it up to my parents and four sisters who unbeknownst to Shobhavati, their ashes have been scattered one mile out to sea, from where I stood. "A Separate Place" as Charles Jones once wrote... that is now connected by the light of a torch and a commitment to creating World Harmony.

When you take the time to hear peoples stories, extraordinary experiences occur. Thank you Shobhavati Davies and all your team mates running the distance.

Expanding acts of consciousness.
Happy Trails,
Nina Judd

Hi Runners! Boijayanti was just telling the story of the Grand Canyon experience here in NY at Aspiration-Ground. (I was fortunate to see the canyon as a seven-year-old girl, when we lived in Arizona for a year.) The pictures are beautiful and your accomplishments are so inspiring. Congratulations on reaching the West Coast! You never know how far-reaching your inspiration can go, keep up the good work, brave pilgrim-warriors!
Blessings in oneness,

Dear World Harmony Runners! the Light that you are carrying truly spreads far and farther and farthest! Thank you so much for your inspiring picture essays - to be able to attend your days from across the country is really uplifting - there is a palpable feeling of a deep and widening blossoming net of friendship and peace.
Much gratitude and love from Duradarshinee ;)

Sorry to miss most of you all in Durango (CO). Maybe we'll see you somewhere else down the road ... we will be in New York to help Arpan and other runners at 3100 mile in early July. Keep up the great work and Tom-- don't fall into any canyons!! Matthias, the coonskin cap looks just right on you. Boijayanti, "!Andale pues! Bill Clinton esta mirando!"
Best to everyone!
Amalia and Toby Dorion

Hi runners,
Good job with keeping the momentum going strong. I admire all your dedication and aspiration for world harmony. The travels you are making and the experiences you're having are truly inspiring. Keep the running shoes moving along down the road. PEACE

Looks like you all had a great time in Monument Valley! Daulot, congratulations on your 25 mile run...that is no joke! See you all soon in the Golden State.

sorry to have missed you this year. Still on the east coast with Elizabeth's new baby, my new grandson, Silas.
Good health to all,
Doug Rankin

Great pictures of the Southwest! See you soon in California!! Keep up the great running and manifesting of the Harmony Run message.

My son and I were traveling on Hwy 9 between Wellington TX and Mangum OK yesterday and saw your runner; we were so impressed we turned around and then looked you up! Impressive, we were moved by your runner and your cause.
Blessings and Grace,
Deborah Kane

seen your runners outside Binger Ok. on Hwy. 152 Running East in Heavy Rain Keep it up and good luck

My children and I saw one of your runners here in Garnett Kansas today. I had not heard of your group, but I came right home and looked it up. What an amazing and inspiring journey!!!!!! Thank-you for your dedication. It is more than refreshing to hear that there are still those in this world who strive for peace in a BIG way. I will be following your progress and wishing you well. Be safe and be blessed!!!
Rose Holloway

Good luck on your route! I happened to see you running down East 40 Highway in Kansas City, MO today. I didn't know why you were running until I looked on the internet. Great job...and prayers for a safe journey.
Carolyn Merino
Kansas City, MO

Just wanted to let you know that I had the Honor and Pleasure of meeting a small group of your young ladies today here in Vicksburg, MS. USA. I so appreciate this organization and the work that you do. I would have loved for the group to be here longer for a at home visit. Would love to have shared some of our Southern Hospitality and Food with your Group. I wish your group a Safe Journey and lots of Love and Peace along their way.
God Bless You All,
Candy Estes
and "Miller" (gran-dog)

Just passed runner in south Mississippi. Wishing you the best on this warm,steamy day.
Stacey Reeves

Be brave and run strong. We are waiting to once again join your run here in Az
Delmar Polacca
Hopi Reservation, Az

Congratulations Arpan and all Harmony Runners for 25 years of keeping the dream alive. I was there with Arpan on the first Peace Run in 87' and it seems like yesterday at times. I am on the road with you all in spirit and heart and mind. Wish I could be there in the body also. Thank you and travel safe,

Wonderful photos from the latest daily report. I wish I was out there running with you guys. It's great to see so many Torch-Bearer Awards being presented to inspiring and dynamic people who are contributing positively within their communities.
Rasmivan Collinson

Hi Beautiful Runners! California is waiting for you.. See you Soon.
Jennifer Cluck

Thank you for visiting our school this past week. The students at The Childrens School in Rock Hill SC really enjoyed the experience and fellowship
Amanda Leaphart

Just saw all the pictures and notes from yesterday. Thanks to all of you for giving yourselves through your running and inner spirit 00 so that others may reflect upon and feel peace and harmony in their hearts and lives. We loved hosting you. We will follow your journey on the website and see you in New York in August.
Peace and gratitude, Srutavinda

Great start to the 2012 Harmony Run! My family and I will run with you when you get to the BEAUTIFUL southwestern USA. I think Arpan and Tom need to pick up the pace!! Let's see some sub-7:00 miles (sub-4:30 Kms).
Best wishes always,
Mark D & Helen, Amalia, Toby (we will all be at the 6/10 day races next week)

Hello Harmony Runners!!! Thanks for the great photos so far! The montessori school looked like the children were so sweet and cute. Hope the weather stays fine - we're following you every set of the way!!
xxx Jayashri

Hi Harmony Runners! It was great to be at the opening ceremony in New York at the UN, now we are running across British Colombia in Canada. It is nice to see what you are getting up to each day in the USA. We are having a great time here and meeting lots of awesome people. Have fun and keep on running!

How incredibly wonderful and significant to see the WHR on its way again. I will once more be able to see the beauty and spirit of America and her people through "Live from the Road". This enormous message of self-offering and brotherhood is alive and well through the dedication of you the runners and you the coordinators. Kindle the flame! Have fun! All gratitude,

Thank you for visiting our town and leading the kids mile run in the Ashland Railroad Run! The photos are great!

Dave Klisz
co-race director
34th annual Ashland Railroad Run

Congratulations to you World Harmony Run! 25 Years is an incredible accomplishment! We are looking forward to when you reach Florida. See you in Orlando and welcome to the Sunshine State on Sunday!
Lunthita and Hilda from Hialeah

Nice to see you on the Run Arpan... Jo Jo sends her best & hopes you'll still be aboard in August :) See you all soon (relatively speaking)!
Chushini Goodyear