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USA 27 July: Dexter, MI to Flat Rock, MI

Stepping out with Mike, Tony and Nina from the Downriver Runners. Nina is 73 (sorry for announcing your age, but it is only on the internet) and you did set a cracking pace.

This morning’s run was cloudy and quite chilly compared to the last few days of heat and humidity. It was perfect running weather as my team of Sunabin and Blazej ran to the Ann Arbor Community Center. Helen Criglar, the Director, organized about 40 children and staff to greet us and share with us the message of harmony and friendship. The children were quite excited as Miss April carried the Torch into the hall with us. April had carried the Torch in past runs and was so happy to have us back again. Many children and adults alike asked very serious and thought provoking questions to the nine runners who were present. Only one team of three men was missing due to their duties this morning of making lunch for the whole team of 12 runners.

Listening to the experiences of the World Harmony Runners.

As we were leaving the parking lot there, we were warmly greeted by Erica and her two children, Ashley and Elijah, her young and energetic brother. Again, words cannot express the joy, harmony and gratitude we feel for the kindness and support we got here in Ann Arbor from friends and strangers alike.

Girls from Alternatives for Girls relay the torch.

Soon we found ourselves at Peace Camp and the Alternative for Girls. It was a bit ironic that both of our women runner teams could not make it to the event due to their running schedule. The rest of us had lots of fun discussing peaceful conflict resolution and harmonious relations among all people. Jennifer Teet, the director of the camp, had a great group of young women here who really expressed sincere interest in our cause. After a short presentation and some thoughtful questions, we did a Torch relay with the young women in the soccer field outside. We had a very highly motivated time of it before we had to leave to get into Detroit. Some of the girls performed a very creative cheer they had been practicing all week. We are grateful to the Peace Camp and the Alternative for Girls who both helped make our day a bit more pleasant and harmonious. Dan Safferstien showed up again to show his support and offer his appreciation.

Thank you, Dan.

Checking out our US map and where we have been.

Downtown in front of the statue of the spirit of Detroit, we met up with Al Fields, the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Ann Arbor and his assistant Tracy Frazier. Tracy will do a half marathon soon and wanted to wear one of our World Harmony Run hats which we presented to her. Mr. Fields kindly read out a proclamation form Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick for the World Harmony Run. He also talked about Detroit and some of the developmental programs that are in the process of improving the city and preparing for the 2006 Super Bowl.

Delicious Dolce Vita – thanks so much for a wonderful meal.

In the evening we were treated to a wonderful Italian meal at the Dolce Vita Restaurant in Monroe. Thanks to the Congiolosi brothers, Joe, Vince and Vinny who come from Sicily and who own the restaurant, and the kindness of the manager Misty, we had a great time and a fantastic meal. Vicki, our waitress and Ryan who also worked there, also helped to make our experience there a truly memorable one. I hope to find more Italian restaurants as good as that one as we make our way back to New York.


Arpan and friends

The sky in Detroit

The sky in Detroit was a dark stormy blue with pale sunlight falling on the big grey, brown shells of abandoned buildings. Here we had to run on roads with a lot of construction. Dubious surroundings at best.

There was some doubt whether we would run all our miles, but with little push and pull we bravely embraced the torch to light the road. On one of the junctions Lynn Ketelhut appeared and was determined to accompany us the last 3 miles. We were very grateful because he showed us the right road and was waiting for us each mile.

For me it was like unexpected explosions of encouragement. So many people were honking along the road. New kids ran with us almost every tenth of a mile. We had to continually stop by Svetlana to supply her with stickers to give out to the curious ones.

A school bus full of kids stopped by Sevati to give her a few dollars donation and people from the local bar a few blocks later also showed their generosity and encouragement with a few dollars. A guy from a local car wash offered cold water.

Great company thanks very much for running with us. Hope to see you again.

When I finished the last two miles in this journey through the stormy evening light I saw Tony Mifsud, a coach from Divine Child High School. Unfortunately we missed each other earlier in the day with his team of 20 girls but he ran with the mens’ team and offered us more events next time. He is originally from Malta and he had a very cheerful and energetic presence.

So a journey which began with trepidation was transformed into one of news friends and happy memories. Thank you to the people of Detroit.


There’s always something good up ahead

One of the motivating factors which keeps us going is the knowledge that there will always be something good up ahead….. and today was no exception.

The team I was on of Prabhakar, Jowan and myself were scheduled to do lunch which was be a little intimidating as none of us are Gordon blue (that’s Australian for Cordon bleu) chefs.

Kevin and Sandy from the People’s Food Coop in Ann Arbor. Thanks for lunch guys it was great!

Fortunately we had $55.00 worth of gift certificates courtesy of Kevin from the People’s Food Co-op in Ann Arbor. So we drove over there and ordered 12 hearty sandwiches. We also dug into last night’s delicious Greek salad from the Cottage Inn and rounded out the lunch with a fruit salad of Michigan blue berries, pineapple and grapes. I tell you, we know food!!

Alternatives for Girls group photo

Next thing were off to the Peace Camp at Alternatives for Girls were we listened to songs performed by the students there and we also returned the favor and sang our own World Harmony Run song. We then headed out to the field for a relay run.

Next we were onto our run part of the day and we were met by runner from the Downriver Runners Club. It is hard to express how great it is to be joined by other runners. It is truly a joy to run with new friends to share stories and just have some company because many of our miles are solo. Also, many thanks to Lynn for driving the support vehicle and stopping to offer cheers and encouragement. (It turns out Lynn and Tony met the women’s team later in the day – See Maria’s Story)

I had a great time running with these members of the Down River Runners and only hope they enjoyed my company as much as I did theirs. They ran about 4 miles with me and their enthusiasm carried me the other three miles of my daily allotment.

A chance meeting with students from the MG driving school in Flat Rock turned into a great fun exchange.

As Jowan finished his run we happened to stop just outside of the MG driver education school in Flat Rock. There must have been about 20 aspiring drivers all wanting to know what was going on so we told them all about it and everyone held the torch and had a great time. All very unexpected and fun.

We finished running quite late and called Arpan to find out what the dinner arrangements were. Well it just keeps getting better, the owners of Dolce Vita, a local Monroe eatery, had very kindly offered to host us for the evening providing a delicious Italian meal. Wonderful!

So that’s what keeps us going – There’s always something good up ahead!!

Salil, Jowan and Prabhakar

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