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Argentina 5 December: Buenos Aires

Christmas time is also the time of gardenias and fireworks when the school year comes to an end in the country. In Buenos Aires province (about 15 million people) two local schools have decided to say goodbye to 2008 with the harmony torch.

`Lomas del Mirador´ is one of its most popular areas with over four million inhabitants. Thousand workers spend their days here under the pace given by the dynamism of small factories and large commercial centres. Small shrines dedicated to Virgin Mary appear here and there to recall neighbors and visitors their devotional practices.

A few months ago we were invited by Mrs. Graciela Altamirano -our kind local organizer and headmistress of the `Centro Educativo de Cultura Inglesa´- to celebrate this special moment. Teachers and children from the nearby `Instituto Modelo San Martín de los Andes´ also wanted to participate in this world harmony journey on the same day.

The sun and the excellent weather conditions help the harmony walk along the 500 meters distance between the two traditional schools. Mrs. Clelia, an English teacher, is taking the first dynamic steps. And her students are walking along joyfully by her side!

She is followed by kind mothers who don´t want to miss the chance of walking and do some running for a world of joy, friendship and smiling hearts!

Mrs. Edith Aparicio –the headmistress at the kindergarden- welcomes all of us with her big heart and smile as we all get into her school with the enlightened harmony torch.

As we are coming in, the World Harmony Run song is playing its joyful rhythm and catching lyrics on the speakers. We are received by a lovely audience of clapping hands.

All the walls are covered by drawings, posters and paintings about Harmony in the world. Even a father´s drawing of a white dove decorates the stage and one of the walls with its sweet flight.

After that, we are introduced by Mrs. Edith and a group of children sings the popular song `We are the World, We are the Children´ in English. Some of them also receive our international certificate for their important research and work on the topic of `harmony´ during this year. They can´t believe their eyes! They are becoming builders of world harmony for the first time!

We also get fun when children and parents chant the motto of the WHR -¨harmony starts with me¨- by groups and all together. We can feel that their love for a family gathering brings about an expanded love for the world family. So, proud parents are deeply enjoying this harmonious event.

And teachers´ happy smiles convey the love for their dedicated daily work. In the end little children are getting their `harmony bags´ with candies, lollypops and salty snacks. This is a very usual `kinder´ way of saying -¨see you tomorrow!¨

When we finally leave `San Martin de los Andes´ school and are about to cross a street, Mrs. Graciela says -¨look over there! There is a white dove! How is it possible? Where does it come from? This is very special!¨

The white dove just flaps its wings a little bit, leaves the roof of a white car to alight on the roof of a blue one. Its movements invite us to take photos as long as we want for it is not flying away! I hear a female neighbor that says something like -¨its name is Lola, when it is called over it comes closer. It´s the dove of the area.¨ But my friends who have been living there for years had never heard about this white dove before! Isn´t it a divine touch?

Our international team is very grateful to Mrs. Graciela and Mrs. Edith for their prayers, sympathy, affection and goodwill. They belong to the large number of silent teachers who can do marvels with their inspiration, tenderness, faith and love for life.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a Happiest New Year!

– Suchana Cao

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