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Russia 17 July: Tula - Moscow

We left Tula in the morning for a long trip to Moscow along the highway. As we neared our destination, the traffic became more and more present. The day was quite sunny.

At the border to Moscow we ran into the media, who filmed and interviewed us. Flags in hand, we then ran on to be greeted by the Moscow team, who presented us with a wooden bird ornament colourfully decorated in typical Russian style, and gave each team member a gold-covered chocolate coin.

Entering Russia’s capital, Moscow, was a most powerful experience. It was like entering into the very core of Russia’s energy. Moscow is the most eastern and most remote place we shall visit on the run. Fabulous classic architecture stands in the form of churches, monuments, and many buildings, most notable of these being the Red Square. However, most of Moscow is very modern, and veteran team members observed that many new buildings had popped up since the last visit 4 years ago.

Then the International team and the Russian team ran together along the 8-laned giant of a highway. No fear though: we had at least 8 police cars guiding and protecting us. We ran through Moscow for 22k, and it was a really great experience. Hundreds if not thousands of cars honked at us, the people inside waving and smiling with such genuine and powerful joy! Among these was a little girl. She was waving very enthusiastically, and when she saw that a runner was waving especially at her, she became even more excited, her face exploding in a huge smile and her waving hands accelerating into top gear. With all this encouragement this long run became very enjoyable.

Hats off to the media! We had several stations documenting our run, from the border all the way into the centre. Not only did they film us from the cars while we were running, but we also experienced at least three running reporters. One of them had a microphone attached to his Russian Friendship Run T-shirt, and he ran with us twice for about 5 minutes, holding the torch while simultaneously doing his reportage. Another reporter did his report running in front us holding a microphone, which dangled from a moving van in front of him. Then we even experienced running cameramen - at our backs, in our midst, and even running backwards in front of us! What sportsmen!

What a welcome near the Red Square, in front of the Kremlin - so many people were there! As we entered, European flags in hand, a hearty cheer rang aloud. Among the crowd were many Russian Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team members, who are also organising a big run in Russia separate from our international route. We were warmly welcomed by the city representative and treated to some nice bread with salt from girls in traditional dress. Then we all solemnly went to the Russian monument commemorating the end of World War II, placed flowers at the eternal flame, and showed a respectful minute of silence for all those who perished in the war.

Then our big happy Marathon Team, over a hundred strong, had a group picture taken at the Red Square, near the famous, radiant, and colourful, Kremlin Church.

We slept at the homes of our friends, who had prepared wonderful and tasty dinners for us.

A funny side story:

It was already getting quite late, nearly time for bed actually, but two of our runners (ok, it was Unnatishil and Jan) still had the desire for some ice-cream. After about 10 minutes of searching and questioning we found a store and had some very nice Russian ice cream. However, we didn’t take many steps out of the store until we were hit by a tremendous torrential outpouring from the skies. A strong wind sent powerful misty waves of rain across the streets, where raindrops made splashes the size of giant grapefruits. Literally lightning flashed all around, making a terrible racket. As quickly as possible we dashed for the nearest shelter, which wasn’t much, and decided to wait for the storm to ease. After another 10 minutes it hadn’t eased much, so we decided to venture back, both of us hobbling under Unnatishil’s little umbrella. We had to step through more than ankle-high rivers gushing down the side streets, and more than once did one of us scream like a girl from other water surprises along the way. The moral of this story…hmm…something about ice-cream I’m sure...

Distance: 185km

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