• World Harmony Run

    World's Largest Torch Relay
    World Harmony Run

  • 1,000,000 Participants

    Across 6 Continents
    1,000,000 Participants

  • Dreaming of a more harmonious world

    100 countries
    Dreaming of Harmony

  • Schools And Kids

    Make a Wish for Peace
    Schools And Kids

  • Sri Chinmoy: World Harmony Run Founder

    World Harmony Run Founder
    Sri Chinmoy

  • Carl Lewis: World Harmony Run Spokesman

    World Harmony Run Spokesman
    Carl Lewis

  • New York, USA

    New York

  • London, Great Britain

    Great Britain

  • Shakhovskaya, Russia


  • Around Australia

    15,000 kms, 100 days
    Around Australia

  • Around Ireland

    14 Days, 1500km
    Around Ireland

  • Wanaka, New Zealand

    New Zealand

  • Arjang, Norway


  • Rekjavik, Iceland


  • Beijing, China


  • Prague, Czech Republic

    Czech Republic

  • Belgrade, Serbia


  • Lake Biwa, Japan

    Lake Biwa

  • Kapsait, Ethiopia


  • Pangkor Island, Malaysia

    Pangkor Island

  • Bali, Indonesia


  • The All Blacks, New Zealand

    The All Blacks
    New Zealand


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The 2012 World Harmony Run is a global relay founded by global peace leader Sri Chinmoy that seeks to promote international friendship and understanding. As a symbol of harmony, runners carry a flaming torch, passing it from hand to hand travelling through over 100 nations around the globe. The World Harmony Run does not seek to raise money or highlight any political cause, but simply strives to create goodwill among peoples of all nations.

Every second year the World Harmony Run visits countless schools in more than 100 countries around the world. Students get to meet the runners, hold the torch and express their own hopes and dreams for a more harmonious world. For K-12 school activities, click on Schools and Kids for more information.

Dr. Davidson Hepburn, President of the 35th General Conference of UNESCO (2009 - 2011) offered the following words of support. "The International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures presents a wonderful opportunity to creatively celebrate cultural diversity. There is great value in bringing together different kinds of people, different forces, different views, different religions, different beliefs. But the United Nations and UNESCO cannot do what they are asked to do alone. By carrying a torch to over 100 nations this year, you are taking those initial steps of reaching out to other cultures and locations. The World Harmony Run provides a chance for all participants to expand their awareness and to gain practical experience of other cultures. It is also an excellent opportunity to develop an appreciation of diversity through art, culture and sports. This communal sharing of our hopes and dreams is so necessary for building the foundations of peace and harmony."

The 2010 World Harmony Run USA relay along a 10,000-mile route in all 50 states will incorporate into our efforts the UNESCO strategy for 2010: i) promoting reciprocal knowledge of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity; (ii) building a framework for commonly shared values; equal dignity of cultures, mutual respect and the strengthening of cooperation for lasting peace.

2012 Published Aricles

Billings, MT July 5th 

Laurel, MT July 4th 

Bozeman, MT July 2nd TV Clip

Belgrade, MT July 2nd 

Missoula, MT June 30th 

Missoula, MT June 30th 

Thompson Falls, MT June 29th

Sandpoint, ID June 28th 

Spokane, WA June 28th 

Spokane, WA June 28th 

Coulee City, WA June 26th 

Wenatchee, WA June 26th 

Wenatchee, WA June 26th 

Monroe, WA June 25th 

Monroe, WA June 25th

Monroe, WA June 25th 

Newport, OR June 19th 

Roseburg, OR June 18th 

Eugene, OR June 18th 

Santa Maria, CA June 9th 

Laughlin, NV June 3rd 

Flagstaff, AZ May 31st

Flagstaff, AZ May 31st

Tulsa, OK May 18th

Tulsa, OK May 18th

St. Louis, MO May 18th

Lawrence, MO May 16th 

Warrensburg, MO May 15th

Jefferson City, MO May 14th 

Chester, MO May 11th

St. Louis, MO May 11th

Memphis, TN May 9th 

Clarksdale, MS May 8th

Clarksdale, MS May 8th

Jackson, MS May 5th 

Hattiesburg, MS May 4th

Robertsdale, AL May 3rd 

Pensacola, FL May 3rd

Richmond Hill, GA April 28th

Atlanta, GA April 26th

Rock Hill, SC April 25th 

China Grove, NC April 24th 

Petersburg, VA April 21st 

New York, NY April 15th 

2011 Published Aricles

Honolulu HI - December 2

Positive Impact Magazine - September 29

2008 Published Aricles

LeMars, IA - Three torch runners, one from Scotland, one from Australia and one from the Czech Republic...

Sandpoint, ID - The World Harmony Run was inspired in 1987 by the late visionary Sri Chinmoy....

Grand Coulee, WA - A relay run across the length and breadth of America...

Wenatchee, WA - Do you know someone who has made a difference?...

Bothell, WA - They ran, they rested, they sang...

Newport, OR - A welcome banner and a cheering crowd of children...

Newport, OR - Run as one. Run for fun. Run for world harmony...

Coos Bay, OR - A single runner with a torch makes his way into Coos Bay on Thursday...

Coos Bay, OR - One by one, kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon had a chance to hold up a flaming torch...

Crescent City, CA - With lighted torch in hand, a group of runners certainly caught the attention of drivers...

Longview, WA - A global relay promoting world peace passed through Southwest Washington on Sunday...

Tunica, MS - The participants cover an impressive number of miles...

Belleville, IL - The Get Up & Go Celebration event this Saturday (May 10th) just got a little bigger...

Fort Walton Beach, FL - The World Harmony Run, a global torch relay that promotes international friendship...

Tallahassee, FL - Fleet-footed torch bearers made a stop in Tallahassee Tuesday...

Americus, GA - Despite the overcast skies and threat of rain, runners from World Harmony Run arrived...

Rock Hill, SC - They looked like any other joggers on the side of the road Thursday, except for the flaming torch.

Greenwood, SC - A bit of harmony came over Greenwood on Friday.

Greenwood, SC - On Friday, April 25, Lander welcomed runners taking part in the North American route of the World Harmony Run...


2006 Published Articles - Selection

Santa Fe, NM - There was no podium, no beauty pageant and certainly no high heels....

Cortez, CO - Saturday morning in Cortez may have seemed like just another day.

Coos Bay, OR - A torch being used in the World Harmony Run in the United States...

Longview, WA - A nationwide torch run helped some local, seasoned runners get their grooves....

Helena, MT - Serban, from Romania, was one of several runners who stopped Monday in Helena...

Spearfish, SD - This quaint community by the creek was just one of hundreds of towns....

Rapid City, SD - Francesco Murianni missed seeing Italy win its fourth World Cup because he was carrying the torch.

Winona, MN - Erik Amrhien hasn't been back to Winona...

Toledo, OH - When your relay team is running 11,000 miles...

2005 Published Articles - Selection

Salt Lake City, UT - Maria Latinova of Bulgaria runs along State Street in Orem diversity

Longview, WA - A relay run across the length and breadth of the United States...

Tacoma, WA - Gig Harbor Mayor Gretchen Wilbert will be honored today during the World Harmony Run...

Longview, WA - It's not too often that outsiders praise the weather in Southwest Washington this time of year....

Ketchum, ID - Salil Wilson rested in Ketchum June 12 after running from Idaho Falls to Carey....

South Coast, OR - A relay run across America dedicated to the cause of world harmony....

South Coast, OR - The World Harmony Run brought its message of peace through the Bay Area on Tuesday....

Gig Harbor, WA - Gig Harbor Mayor Gretchen Wilbert will be honored today during the World Harmony Run....

Television Coverage

St. Louis, MO - Channel 5 (2008)

Crestview, FL - CNB wire (2008)

Lawrence, KS - Channel 6 (2006)

Lawrence, KS - Channel 6 (2005)