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Zambia 1 November: Livingstone - Lusaka

 Zimbabwe-Zambia border

We left Victoria Falls on Sunday morning (31 October) after an intense thunderstorm, and made our way to the Zimbabwe-Zambia border post.

We were given permission to run across the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, from which we had spectacular views.

The bungee jumping platform was also visible ... what a jump!

On crossing to the Zambian side of the bridge, we were welcomed by a smiling military officer, who enthusiastically held the torch.

 The World Harmnoy Run proudly supports the International Year of Youth (IYY)  proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.See also

recent Youtube ZAMBIA video

from this day which illustrates IYY slogan "Our Year Our Voice"  International Year of Youth - Zambia World Harmony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6qehMiIWuYRun

Not far from the Zambian border post, we came across this huge bull elephant. He initially didn't seem to like us being so close, but relaxed after a few moments and obliged us with some very nice photo opportunities.

We then headed to Livingstone, where we stopped for lunch before commencing the long drive to Lusaka, some 480 km to the north-east. One of the few stops we made was to buy fresh masuku fruit from these women. We had never tried masuku before, but they were surprisingly sweet and tasty.

The last section of road from Mazabuka to Lusaka was extremely uneven, potholed and very busy, so it was a very welcome relief to finally reach the turnoff for Eureka Farm, our accommodation stop for that night..

Our 6-bed cottage, although very cosy, was situated in an oasis of green grass and large shady trees, and on arriving we made the decision to stay two nights instead of just the one night we had originally planned.

 Lotus Basic School.

We woke early the next morning and after a short breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, we were on the road before 7 am, driving north through the city centre to our starting point, near Lotus Basic School.

We arrived earlier than expected and had to wait for about half an hour, but had plenty of new and interesting sights to keep us occupied.

At 8 am, we made our way to the school and met with the Head Teacher, Mrs Tembe. Our ceremony was to take place at the school ground, adjacent to the school. Half an hour went by before all the children were assembled and ready for our presentation, but this wasn't due to a lack of enthusiasm and interest!

The ceremony began with the school choir enthusiastically singing the World Harmony Run song, followed by a presentation by the team.

After the World Harmony Run's presentation, a school drama group offered a very powerful recitation on peace, harmony and freedom.

Everyone then sang the World Harmony Run song, led by the school choir.

We didn't have time to give everyone in the school an opportunity to hold the Torch, but we did have a mini Harmony Run around the school ground, before heading off for Nkhwazi Primary School, about 2 km away.

Nkhwazi Primary School

We were welcomed by the Grade 6's in the school hall, who immediately launched into a beautiful arrangement of the World Harmony Run song, undoubtedly one of the best perfomances we heard during our entire two weeks in Southern Africa.

The arrangement had been put together by the school music teacher, Mr Goodson Mbewe, who later admitted that the group had only begun practising that morning. The performance included drums and percussion and was set in front of a beautiful backdrop entitled "Adventure into Zambia", which we later found out had been prepared by one of the school teachers for the annual school performance.

We were all very impressed by this motivated group of bright individuals. They seemed to have no trouble guessing the nationalities of our team members.

After a second equally powerful rendition of the World Harmony Run song by the Grade 6's, we passed the torch around and gave everyone an opportunity to make a wish for harmony.

The Deputy Principal, who was clearly touched by the Run, received our certificate of appreciation, after which everyone assembled in front of the stage banner for a photograph.

The team was presented with a DVD of the annual school performance, for which the stage banner had been painted.

We had just enough time for a run around the school track...

...before the Deputy Principal took us on brief tour of the rest of the school...

...which finished with us going into the office of Mr Sakala, the school Principal. Mr Sakala graciously thanked us for our visit to both the school and to Zambia.

Jacaranda Basic School,

Our next school was Jacaranda Basic School, only a 5 minute run from Nkhwazi School.

The main notice board outside the Principal's office included a beautiful banner with peace invocations for nearly every country in the world.

This showing of how languages express shared hopes for peace and harmony fits very well with UN and UNESCO special 2010  "International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures"  (IYRC), which celebrates the coming together of people and cultural diversity.

The World Harmony run supports the goals of the  IYRC and during the programme we usually speak some about what the 2010 logo languages and colours



The World Harmony Run ceremony took some time to get underway, due to not all of the school and their performers being available at the original start time. So We had a wonderful opportunity to chat informally with the children, to find out some of their names, what subjects they  took in school and the sports they liked in  a relaxed atmosphere.

We passed the torch around the courtyard to give all a chance to make a wish for peace and harmony.


At the same time we handed out the flyer on the run in the five countires of Southern Africa and were able to answer some interesting questions.

Our presentation was made from an elevated stage in a courtyard garden, flanked by classrooms. This was something of a challenge for our vocal chords, as kids were seated on all four sides, which meant that we had to sometimes repeat things in each direction.

After our presentation, a school drama group presented a very detailed and well-choreographed recitation / play on the themes of freedom, peace, harmony and justice.

This was followed by a very powerful traditional cultural performance.

At Jacaranda Basic School, we were joined by Stella, a public relations executive for ZESCO, whom we had met the previous evening. Stella's enthusiasm and inspiration were tangible and it was great for us to have a Zambian team member for at least one school.


Our visit to Jacaranda Basic School finished with the presentation of a certificate of appreciation for the school's participation in the World Harmony Run.

New Northmead Basic School

Our last school for the day was New Northmead Basic School. We met the school choir at the school entrance and did a short circuit of the school grounds before assembling with the school choir, in front of the gathered children.

Everyone enthusiastically joined in the game of guessing the nationalities of each of the team members.

There was a truly outstanding drama / recitation performance from one of the school groups, which powerfully delivered a message to the effect that we cannot depend on Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama or Ban Ki Moon for world harmony; "harmony begins with you, harmony begins with me".

Our certificate was received by the Deputy Principal on behalf of the Principal, Mrs Sunshine Malambo, who was away at the time of our visit.

Some students had also prepared artwork around the themes of friendship, working together and cooperation.

After the ceremony, we were invited into the Principal's office by the Deputy Principal, where we generously given cold drinks and invited to sign the Visitor's Book.


While buying lunch at Manda Hill Shopping Centre, we were greeted with tremendous enthusiasm by Percy, a construction worker.

We then visited the Lusaka City Council Civic Centre, where we hoped to be able to invite the Mayor to hold the torch. Unfortunately the Mayor was away, but we were fortunate to have one of the City Councillors hold the torch on behalf of the Mayor.



At some events there was time to share An excerpt from the message from Davidson Hepburn, President of the General Conference of UNESCO, to all the participants of the World Harmony Run in 2010

"There is great value in bringing together different kinds of people, different forces, different views, different religions, and different beliefs....

"By carrying a torch to over 100 nations this year, World Harmony Run reinforces the goals and objectives of 2010: International Year, and provides a chance for all participants to expand their awareness and living experiences of other cultures. It is indeed an excellent opportunity to develop an appreciation of diversity through art, culture and sports. This communal sharing of our hopes and dreams is fundamental for building the foundations of peace and harmony.

"The multi-cultural, international, and local participation of the World Harmony Run demonstrates the concept of peace and harmony in a unique and practical way and reinforces the goals and objectives of UNESCO's mandate and the International Year...

"it is with great pleasure that I support and encourage initiatives like the World Harmony Run that touch and inspire people's hearts and put values of diversity, dialogue, and understanding so central to UNESCO's work into action.''

Link to full message of President Davidson Hepburn here:


Other messages further described the significance of 2010 and the Run.

After a busy day in Lusaka we headed back to our woodland retreat (Eureka Farm), to prepare ourselves for the long drive to Zimbabwe the following day.


Southern Africa Region -  Harmony Run 2010 initial reports and photos:



– Balarka Robinson

Distance: 10 km

Team Members:
Adhiratha Keefe (USA), Dhiraja McBryde (New Zealand), Abhijatri Robinson (Zimbabwe), Balarka Robinson (Zimbabwe), Shree Chirkoot (South Africa), Stavros Polykarpou (South Africa)

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