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Canada 11 May: Winnipeg

Live from the road report compiled by Purnakama Rajna from notes by Jauvana Westwood:

11 May, Winnipeg:

Canada, le 11 mai: Winnipeg

Constable W. Lecuyer of the Winnipeg Police Service, pictured here with "the team", was very kind and helpful guiding us through the new city on May 11.

Le policier W. Lecuyer, du corps de police de Winnipeg, pose avec l'Équipe. Il eut la grande amabilité de nous guider au long du parcours de la Course dans la ville. Texte à suivre...

Three Winnipeg schools showed their oneness today as they joined together to have a tri- school relay. Andrew Mynarski VC Jr. High and its feeder schools, Lord Nelson and Robertson, held a torch relay that began at 9:00am and ended with the final ceremony at 11:00am.

The WHR team arrived first at Lord Nelson School where it was greeted by principal, Ms. Luba Krosny, and a gymnasium full of dynamic and cheering students and staff. As they laid their eyes on the torch for the first time, the fantastic Lord Nelson choir sang a rousing rendition of the Harmony Run song.

The WHR team gave an inspiring talk on how students can help the world by becoming better people themselves, and then some enthusiastic runners joined the team to run the torch to its sister school, Andrew Mynarski VC. At the half-way point between the two schools, the torch was relayed from the Lord Nelson runners to the Andrew Mynarski runners led by teacher Coleen Heuchert, and it was off to another ceremony at Andrew.

Lord Nelson School photos:

Photos de l'École Lord Nelson:

The students at Andrew Mynarski braved the cold and drizzle as they hosted their ceremony out in their playing field. The students, who were organized by phys. ed teacher Darren Pritchard, were spread out around the field so that the torch could be relayed from class to class as they ran around the field four times.

To accompany the run, the grade 9 steel drum band and concert band enthusiastically played the WHR song for the runners. With much cheering and exuberance, the runners left the field to relay the torch to the last school of the morning.

Andrew Mynarski School (Purnakama's school :-)) photos:

Photos de l'École Andrew Mynarski, où enseigne Purnakama!:

The runners were greeted by principal, Ms. Pam Ball, and many cheering students at Robertson school as they lined the walkway to welcome the team. Once again the Harmony Run song was sung, this time by the beautiful Robertson school choir.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and were a little sad when they had to say goodbye to the torch and the WHR team, but as the ceremony ended, they made their own silent wishes for peace, and hoped that they could see them again next year.

Robertson School photos:

Photos de l'École Robertson:

After a short lunch break for the team, it was off to Champlain school for the final ceremony of the day.

Champlain School chose Peace as the theme for their school year, so the WHR team felt very welcome and at home in their school.

Once again, the students had an enthusiastic greeting for the runners, and they had a wonderful ceremony. The librarian, Ms. Stewart put together an outstanding PowerPoint presentation about the WHR, and then Mr. Taronno, the phys. ed teacher, took the entire student body outside to do an intricately designed relay with the students and the WHR team.

It was an exciting day in Winnipeg, but alas, all good things must come to an end, and soon, it was off to Kenora for another round of fun and harmony.

Champlain School photo:

Photos de l'École Champlain:

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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