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NYC Recreation Centers - Day Camps

Recreation Centers - Summer Camps

New York City Parks Department welcomed the World Harmony Run in a big way on Thursday 19th August at Flushing Meadows Corona Park where 1200 summer campers came together to take part in an international festival.

NY City Park Summer Campers, Harmony Runners from USA team and other international team members running with the banners and torch. This is the site of two former World's Fairs (1939 and 1964) in Flushing Meadow - Corona Park, Queens New York  The banner for the run this year has United Nations and UNESCO International Year for the Rapproachement of Cultures logo on it. This year 2010 supports cultural diversity and the coming together of people. It is said that NYC and Queens specifically is the most culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse location in the world.

For inital report and photos see:  http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/offroute/0819b

- Advance Visits lead up to the big event

Representatives of the World Harmony Run in New York set out to visit the 24 recreation centers and summer camps  in the 5 boroughs of NYC. These visits were in advance of the big event in Flushing Meadow- Corona Park on 19th August. The run around the USA will be returning to NY for the days events.

Members of the Harmony Run team in NY visited:  

16 July - 2  Summer Camps in Queens

for report and photos see:

  • Lost Battalion Recreation Cente, Queens 
  • Victor Hansen Recreation center, Queens

20 July  2 Harmony Run Teama (A + B) visited a total of 4 different locations in Manhattan and Queens:

Team A : Report and Photos see: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/0720p

  • Chelsea Park Recreation Center, Manhattan
  • East 54th Street recreation Center, Manhattan


Team B: Report and Photos see: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/offroute/0720b

  • Kissena Park, Queens
  • Cunningham Park, Queens


22 Jul      2 Harmony Run teams (A + B) visited 4 different locations in Brooklyn:

Team A  Report and photos see:

  • Herbert Von King Cultural Arts Center
  • Sol Goldman Recreation Center and Red Hook Park   

Team B:  Report and Photos see: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/offroute/0722b

  •  Brownsville Recreation Center  
  • Saint John's Recreation Center

29 July (2 locations in Manhattan)

for report and more photos see: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/0729e

  • Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center
  • Toney Dapolito Recreation Center


August 3rd - Two Camps in Manhattan - Bronx

for report and photos: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/offroute/0803

  • Hansborough Recreation Center Summer Camp- - 35 West 134th Street, Manhattan

  • St. Mary's Recreation Centre Summer Camp -St. Ann's Avenue & East 145th Street, Bronx

5 August  - 3 Summer Camps in the Bronx:

Report + photos: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/offroute/0805

  1. St. James Recreation Center 192nd Street & Jerome Avenue (718) 822-4271
  2. Owen Dolen Recreation Center - East Tremont Ave at Westchester Ave (718) 822-4284
  3. Bronx REACH at Owen Dolen Recreation Center- East Tremont Ave  (Special Needs program)

Program for Day

In each location one of the runners gives a short introduction. If the video equipment is available we show a short DVD video (around 6 minutes) that has been very well received.. We then have a very good discussion which includes:

* About the run: How it began; Who was the founder

* The countries the runners present on the day were originally from;  How we can all feel peace and harmony

* The International year 2010; What Languages and symbol are on the Banner for 2010.

* Singing the Harmony Run song;  Becoming a member of the World Harmony Run.

* Some of the other places the run is going and has been;  Famous people who have held the torch.

* What can be done by each recreation center or camp before 19th August; What individual campers can do.

* Upcoming event on Aug 19th in Flushing Meadow Corona Park;  and other items the Individual Camp Counselors want to cover

For the Counselors we also share:

* Tip sheet on how to Prepare Campers for World Harmony Run event at the end of summer.  * Information on Living in Harmony Curriculum adapted for Summer Camps

Related to the up-coming Event in Flushing Meadow Corona park, you may also be interested in:

26 Jul World Harmony Day event in Chicago - with Olympians, Monuments, Marching Drum and Bugle Corps, 500 Children, Art Exhibit 

Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo + Millennium Cloud Gate - Grant Park + Harmony Paintings Exhibit http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/week14/0726e.  

The day was full of wonderful activities and moments. For more:


7, 000 Children in Budapest, Hungary, 14 May 2010 "Respect Mother Nature and World Harmony" all day event with see:http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/hungary/news/2010/0514 

2,500 children in Lesotho, Southern Africa (2008 Oct 31) http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/gallery/lesotho/2008/1031

Below are a few initial cell phone photos from the first NYC Park Summer Camp visited in 2010.

- The link to the other Photos and more full reports are posted above.

- Links to more information on city parks summer camp programs and recreation centers are at end of this message

Jul 16 

for fuller report and photos see :


The Lost Battalion Recreation center

We were fortunate to have a former park ranger with the World Harmony team today to hold the torch outside the Lost Battalion hall on the first day of our visits to NYC Recreation Centers.

Arpan gave a short introduction before the video which showed an overview of the run. We then had a very good discussion which included the countries the runners present on the day were originally from; How we can all feel peace and harmony; the International year 2010; What Languages and symbol are on the Banner for 2010; Harmony Run song; Famous people who held  torch and how to Prepare for World Harmnoy Run event at the end of summer

Then we went all went outside to enjoy and hold the torch

There was a torch train, with accompanying music on harmonica

The joy of the train was pulling everyone along.

Then there was time for everyone to touch the torch


and a special excitement when all the staff ran together with the torch and banner

and joined for a photo at the end.

And before we left some of the others working to make the recreation center and park beautiful joined in holding the torch.

The message from Davidson Hepburn, President of the General Conference of UNESCO,

to all the participants of the World Harmony Run in 2010 has been mentioned at many events. (http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/unesco_year/davidson_hepburn_unesco_message)

  • President Hepburn was a friend of the founder of the World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy, for over 30 years and they participated in many inspiring initiatives together, like today's peace and harmony events.
  • He  has said he feels that events like these in NY City Summer Camps, are what will help inspire people to work to bring the high goals of the UN and UNESCO for Peace and Harmony closer to reality

Download  a one page PDF file for printing 

Message Image: 

Davidson Hepburn Message one pageOther messages that further described the significance of 2010 and the run (http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/unesco_year/iyrc_messages)

Other links or background:

Link to visit NYC Parks , Summer Camps


download list in pdf format  (1page)   


St. Mary's Recreation Center* St. Ann's Avenue & East 145th Street (718) 402-5155
St. James Recreation Center 192nd Street & Jerome Avenue (718) 822-4271
*  Owen Dolen Recreation Center - East Tremont Ave at Westchester Ave (718) 822-4284

* Bronx REACH at Owen Dolen Recreation Center- East Tremont Ave at Westchester Ave - (718) 822-4284 (Special Needs program)
Hunt's Point Recreation Center - 765 Manida Street (718) 860-5544


Brownsville Recreation Center - 1555 Linden Boulevard (718) 485-4633
Metropolitan Pool - Bedford & Metropolitan Avenues (718) 599-5707
Red Hook Recreation Center - 155 Bay Street (718) 722-3211
St. John's Recreation Center - 1251 Prospect Place (718) 771-2787
Herbert Von King Recreation Center - 670 Lafayette Avenue (718) 622-2082


East 54th Street - 348 East 54th Street  (212) 754-5411
*  Hansborough Recreation Center - 35 West 134th Street (212) 234-9603
*  Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center - 80 Catherine Street off Cherry Street (212) 285-0300
* Chelsea Recreation Center - 430 West 25th Street  (212) 255-3705
*  Camp Carmine (Tony Dapolito Recreation Center) - 3 Clarkson Street  (212) 242-5228


* Victor Hanson Recreation Center - 133-39 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard (718) 978-1536
* New Start at Sorrentino Recreaction Center - 1848 Cornaga Avenue (718) 471-4818 

*  Kissena Park - Oak Avenue & 164th Street (718) 358-7579  
*  Lost Battalion Hall
- 93-29 Queens Boulevard (718) 263-1163
*  Raymond O'Connor Day Camp - 33rd Avenue & 210th Street (718) 225-0895    
*  Cunningham Summer Camp - 193rd Street & Aberdeen Road  (718) 740-1999
*  Camp Smile - Passerelle Building, Flushing Meadow Corona Park Ages 6-13 years (Special Needs) (718) 520 - 5918

Staten Island

Walker Park  - 50 Bard Avenue (718) 816-6743

Junior Rangers: - Various locations

Locations in Inwood Hill Park (Northern Manhattan), Marine Park (Brooklyn), Crotona Park (Bronx) & Blue Heron Park (Staten Island) (212) 360-2776



Link to list of NYC Parks, Recreation centers:


Download  list in pdf format (2 pages)



Basil Behagen Field House  - East 166th Street
Crotona Park Community Center  - 1700 Fulton Avenue
Haffen Park Field House  -  Ely & Hammersly avenues
Hunt’s Point Recreation Center - 765 Manida Street
Kingsbridge Heights Community Center - 3101 Kingsbridge Terrace
Mullaly Community Center - 40 East 164th Street
Owen Dolen Recreation Center  -  1400 Westchester Square
St. James Recreation Center  -  2530 Jerome Avenue
St. Mary’s Recreation Center  -  450 St. Ann's Avenue  -  This facility has an indoor pool. West Bronx CYO  -  1527 Jessup Avenue
Williamsbridge Oval Recreation Center  -  3225 Reservoir Oval East  -  This recreation center is closed for renovation.


Betsy Head (Field House) -  Hopkinson Street & Amboy Street

Brownsville Recreation Center  -  1555 Linden Boulevar - This facility has an indoor pool.

Fort Hamilton Senior Recreation Center  -  9941 Fort Hamilton Parkway
Herbert Von King Cultural Arts Recreation Center  -  670 Lafayette Avenue
Metropolitan Recreation Center  -  261 Bedford Avenu - This facility has an indoor pool. Red Hook Recreation Center  -  155 Bay Street
St. John’s Recreation Center  -  1251 Prospect Plac - This facility has an indoor pool. Sunset Park Recreation Center  -  7th Avenue at 43rd Street


Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center  -  80 Catherine Street
Asser Levy Recreation Center  -  Asser Levy Plac  -  This facility has an indoor pool. Chelsea Recreation Center  -  430 West 25th Street
This facility has an indoor pool. Hamilton Fish Recreation Center  -  128 Pitt Street
Hansborough Recreation Center  -  35 West 134th Stree  - This facility has an indoor pool. Highbridge Field House  -  2301 Amsterdam Avenue
J. Hood Wright Recreation Center   -  351 Fort Washington Avenue
Jackie Robinson Recreation Center  -  85 Bradhurst Avenue
Morningside Park House  -  410 West 123rd Street
North Meadow Recreation Center  -  Central Park
Pelham Fritz Recreaton Center  -  18 Mount Morris Park West
Recreation Center 54  -  348 East 54th Stree - This facility has an indoor pool. Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center  -  2180 1st Avenue
Tony Dapolito Recreation Center  -  3 Clarkson Stret - This facility has an indoor pool. Recreation Center 59  -  533 West 59th Street

This recreation center is closed for renovation.


A.R.R.O.W. Field House  -  35-30 35th Street
Al Oerter Recreation Center  -  131-40 Fowler Avenue
Bowne Park Field House  -  32nd Avenue & 159th Street
Detective Keith L. Williams Field House  -  106-16 173rd Street between 106th and 107th avenues
Flushing Meadows Corona Park Pool & Rink  -  Avery Avenue and 131 Street
Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center  -  93-29 Queens Boulevard
Louis Armstrong Community Center  -  33-16 108 St.
Playground for All Children Field House  -  111-01 Corona Avenue
Roy Wilkins Recreation Center  -  177th St & Baisley Boulevard - This facility has an indoor pool. Sorrentino Recreation Center  -  18-48 Cornaga Avenue
The Passarelle Building Field House  -  Flushing Meadows-Corona Park (next to the USTA)

Vic Hanson Field House  -  133-39 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard

Staten Island

Faber Park Field House  -  Faber Street & Richmond Terrace
Graniteville Field House  -  Jules & Regis Drive
Greenbelt Recreation Center  -  Brielle Avenue (between Walcott and Rockland avenues, across from Sea View Hospital)
Silver Lake Field House  -  42 Revere Street/1 University Place
George M. Cromwell Recreation Center  -  Pier 6 at Murray Hulbert Avenue  - This recreation center is closed for renovation.