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USA 20 July: Chelsea Manhattan - Queens

Tues 20 July

Today 2 Harmony Run teams visited 4 different locations:

Team A : Report and Photos are below

  • Chelsea Park Recreation Center, Manhattan
  • East 54th Street recreation Center, Manhattan


Team B:Report and Photos are at: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/offroute/0720b

  • Kissena Park, Queens
  • Cunningham Park, Queens

Recreation Centers - Summer Camps - Advance Visits

Representatives of the World Harmony Run in New York have begun to visit 24 Recreation Centers and Summer Camps in the 5 boroughs of NYC. These visits are in advance of the big event in Flushing Meadow- Corona Park on 19th August. The run around the USA will be returning to NY for the day's events.

Below are the beginning report and photos of 20 Jul 2010 TEAM A

(see also more images ) in gallery;  Additional Photos and more full reports will be posted here in due course;  Links to city recreation center and Camps are at end

In each location one of the runners gives a short introduction. If the video equipment is available we show a short DVD video (around 6 minutes) that has been very well received.. We then have a very good discussion which includes:

* About the run: How it began; Who was the founder

* The countries the runners present on the day were originally from;  How we can all feel peace and harmony

* The International year 2010; What Languages and symbol are on the Banner for 2010.

* Singing the Harmony Run song;  Becoming a member of the World Harmony Run.

* Some of the other places the run is going and has been;  Famous people who have held the torch.

* What can be done by each recreation center or camp before 19th August; What individual campers can do.

* Upcoming event on Aug 19th in Flushing Meadow Corona Park;  and other items the Individual Camp Counselors want to cover

For the Counselors we also share:

* Tip sheet on how to Prepare Campers for World Harmony Run event at the end of summer.  * Information on Living in Harmony Curriculum adapted for Summer Camps

Below are some brief comments and photos from this days events


Chelsea Park Recreation Center (NYC)

-430 W 25th street; Contact Jenifer Enzalez

We first saw the video and then had a very energetic session

of explaining all about the Harmony Run and answering many questions.

* How the run began 20 years ago and the founder

* The countries we are from

* How we can all feel peace and harmony

* The International Year 2010 proclaimed by the United Nations and UNESCO to celebrate cultural diversity, and the coming together and sharing NICEr

* What Languages are displayed (6) on the banner and how many more in the world?

and symbol are on the Banner for 2010 with the many different color strands.

* Singing the harmony Run song

* Becoming a member of the World Harmony Run

* Some of the other places the run is going and has been

* Famous people who have held the torch

* What can be done by each recreation center from now to 19 august

( See: Tip sheet on how to Prepare Campers for World Harmnoy Run event at the end of summer http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/images/global/unesco_year/files/camp_counselor_tip_sheet_prep_for_event.pdf

* the Upcoming event on Aug 19th in FM_C Park

Then we answers additional questions such as :

Do we always keep the torch lit? (No, but we know how to relight it)

How many languages in the world? - "Many, Many" was the first diplomatic answer by one camper.>

How many countries does the torch go to? (So far more than 140 during the past 20 years - and adding new ones each year)

Then we went outside to hold the torch. The Chelsea team decided that they would escort us to the subway so we would be on time for out next appointment up and across town at t54th street West.

It became one the most sweet and unique Harmony Run events in NY for 2010. The pictures tell the story - going through the neighborhood streets and even by a community garden.

These are just a few photos to give a sense of event.

First we had visit form an angel that he was moving so fast that it suprised everyone and we could just catch his orange wings (and he was wearing one of the beautiful Chelsea orange shirts).

Amazingly the angel seemed to resemble one of the boys lining up to go outside with the torch (the other young gentleman and young lady in the first row on the line were also surprised and amused).

Then we started up the street.

Crossing streets

To the appreciation of passing motorists and passersby.

And sharing leading

With the torch

More enthusiasm and spontaneous joy came forward

As we progressed through the neighborhood.


With cheers we reached our goal together for this segment of the World Harmony Run in Chelsea. We also got to demonstrate how we blow out the torch (without singeing the eyebrows)

Some of the counselors and campers all posed for a picture before they sent us on our way. Many are planning to see us in Flushing Meadow Corona Park on 19 August when the other members of the USA team will return from their 50 state Journey for the big celebration with NYC Recreation Centers Youth day event.


Tues 20 july


54th Street Recreation Center

348 E.54th Street contact: Tyrone Fosmyer

The East 54th Street Recreation Center is very close to the UN and the NYC Subway "E" train carried us to the center on time..

During the opening part of the Harmony Run games after the video we looked together at the languages on the banner.

(banner image)

It was revealed by some campers that some of their parents worked at the UN or the various countries missions there.

One of the harmony run team members at today's event had also worked there for over 30 years and he shared that years ago he often swam for hours in the pool at this recreation center. At that time he and some other UNICEF and UN staff members were training to swim across the English Chanel. (they succeeded in 1980's). So it was a real treat to return to the renovated facility with the World Harmony Run..

During the question and answer period when we were discussing how many countries the Harmony Run went. Someone guessed close to the correct number (over 140) and then added another "half". this made every one smile. But also it lead to an interesting discussion lead by the children's responses.

Some countries have become one from countries joining together. Some have become many by splitting apart.

And the older campers and counselors could name different countries that this had happened to in the last 20 years.

Then during another game guessing the international harmony runners countries - it came out that one runners country not so long ago had been two countries of East and West Germany.

The smaller countries of Europe were a little more difficult to guess but the hints that one country begin with a sound like "Mass" and ended with "donia" gave it away. Macedonia.

The other country which was difficult was guessed when the hint was that they spoke the "slovakia" nationl language. It was also discussed that the country was once joined with a nother country to form Czecho-slovakia.

And Macedonia was until recently part of Yugoslavia. As was another team member country (now Croatia)

But whatever the country names we wer from, today we were happy that we could all be together in harmony.

We practiced singing the world harmnoy run song with movements

The questions from the campers were refreshing for the runners as was the enthusiasm in the responses during the exercises and games.


The shared moments of Harmony

and peace were very powerful. Many sensed how the focus of the room could change so quickly when everyone became intentionally quiet even for brief moment.

We practiced holding the torch together

and trying to feel the way

it has been passed

from hand

to hand

around the world as a symbol of international understanding

Seeing the torch and flame

in many special

personal ways and

Remembering that "harmony begins with each one of us"

So we were happy to have so many new members of the World Harmony Run that will be able to welcome the USA and international teams returning to NY on August 19th.

Then we had a great photo and also noted that there were a number related activities that could be done at each recreation center from now to 19 August.


* More details of the Upcoming event on Aug 19th in Flushing Meadows Corona Park will be made available to all the recreations centers.


World Harmony Run Team A members for 20 July at Chelsea Park and 54th St Recreation Centers:

Neno Stajik, Macedonia; Liuca Hlacova, Slovakia; Kharasrota Grenier, Massachusets; Nirjharnni Brandt, Germany;Toyesa Mrylonjic, Croatia.. Adhiratha Keefe, New York.

20 July Team B: Report and Photos are at: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/offroute/0720b

Team B visited:

  • Kissena Park, Queens
  • Cunningham Park, Queens

We are looking forward to seeing many again on August 19th at Flushing Meadows Corona Park.


– Adhiratha and others

Team Members:
Neno Stajik, Macedonia; Liuca Hlacova, Slovakia; Kharasrota Grenier, Massachusets; Nirjharnni Brandt, Germany; Toyesa Mrylonjic, Croatia.. Adhiratha Keefe, New York.

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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