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USA 16 July: NYC Queens - NYC Manhattan

Recreation Centers - Advance Visits

(page under construction)

Representatives of the World Harmony Run in New York have begun to visit the 24 recreation centers in the 5 boroughs of NYC. These visits are in advance of the big event in Flushing Meadow- Corona Park on 19th August. The run around the USA will be returning to NY for the days events.

16 July members of the team visited:

* Lost Battalion Recreation Cente, Queens and

* Victor Hansen Recreation center

20 July

* Chelsea Park Recreation Center, Manhattan

* East 54th Street recreation Center, Manhattan

* recreation Center, Queens


22 Jul (4 locations visited in Brooklyn)

* Herbert Von King Cultural Arts Center

* Sol Goldman Recreation Center and Red Hook Park


* Saint John's Recreation Center

Below are a few initial photos

- Link to the other Photos and more full reports will be posted here in due course

- Links to more information on city parks and recreation center will also be posted


Jul 16


The Lost Battalion Recreation Center

We were fortunate to have a former park ranger with the World Harmony team today to hold the torch outside the Lost Battalion hall on the first day of our visits to NYC Recreation Centers.

Arpan gave a short introduction before the video which showed an overview of the run. We then had a very good discussion which included:


* How the run began and the founder

* The countries we were from

* How e can all feel peace and harmony

* the international year 2010

* What Languages and symbol are on the Banner for 2010

* Singing the harmony Run song

* Becoming a member of the World Harmony Run

* Some of the other places the run is going and has been

* Famous people who have held the torch

* what can be done by each recreation center from now to 19 august

* the Upcoming event on Aug 19th in FM_C Park

Then we went all went outside to enjoy and hold the torch

There was a torch train, with accompanying music on harmonica

The joy of the train was pulling everyone along.

Then there was time for everyone to touch the torch


and a special excitement when all the staff ran together with the torch and banner

and joined for a photo at the end.

And before we left some of the others working to make the recreation center and park beautiful joined in holding the torch.


16 Jul


Victor Hansen Recreation Center

which one of these headings looks better?


We had some fun with the countries the people we from and answering questions relatd to the run after we had watched the video.


Also the participants were very involved with the exercise to point out the 6 different languages on the banner.

This was related to the UN and UNESCO International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures which appreciates cultural exchanges and diversity.

We had time to share a moment of peace and harmony as part of the programme.

We had great fun in the Park lighting the torch...

passing ...

and sharing it...

Then runing with it

and the banner

getting ready to be part of the big event on April 19th.


this Recreation Center decide they were going to follow the run as it goes through Ohio and see how many of the miles the team was doing. They will see how they can as a relay complete a similar number of miles over the next month

oOther links or background to be posted:

the banner and logo, the song etc.

* othere:

* See: Tip sheet on how to Prepare Campers for World Harmnoy Run event at the end of summer http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/images/global/unesco_year/files/camp_counselor_tip_sheet_prep_for_event.pdf

– Adhiratha and others

Team Members:
Adhiratha Keefe (USA), Neno Stajik (Macedonia), Nirjharnni Brandt (Germany), others to add (country to add)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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