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USA 1 July: Spokane, WA. To Hope, ID

We ran into Spokane this morning knowing that there were about one hundred children and staff members waiting for us at the YMCA in Riverside Park. I had planned for my team to start early and have plenty of time to arrive there. We were running easily and we had enough time to get there early. But one of our runners took a wrong turn within a mile of the event and we had to figure out where he could have gone. Luckily he called our toll free number which forwarded to Atulya who in turn called me to tell me where our runner was. He was actually only a few blocks away but we had to guess where he was until Atulya called us to inform us where he was waiting for us. It has happened in the past that a lost runner would call Atulya who was thousands of miles away in San Diego to find out where the rest of his team was only blocks away.

As it ended up, we actually just made it on time to the ceremony at the YMCA. NBC TV came to cover the event as well as the Spokesman Review, a big local newspaper.

Tony, the director of the YMCA, waited for us in the parking lot as we all gathered together for a group run in. The kids were great. The children were very enthusiastic as we came in with the Torch giving us ‘high fives’, clapping and cheering. They asked very thoughtful questions after we introduced ourselves and explained a little about our event. One child was concerned about us getting dehydrated. We had to explain to most of the other children what that meant and then explain how we drink lots of water everyday as well as other sports drinks at times when it is really hot.

Tony helped to organize the children in a line to take turns holding the Torch and offering a wish for harmony in the world. I then handed the Torch to Tony and to the delight and cheers of all the children, he ran out of the park with it, with us behind him.

We are extremely grateful to Tony and the staff and children at the YMCA for demonstrating such enthusiastic goodwill and concern for what we are doing and for a more harmonious world. The children give us so much hope and promise as we carry their wonderful wishes for a better world that they will inherit soon.

In the evening, we reached Hope, Idaho as we have successfully crossed the beautiful state of Washington. On the way, two teams were able to attend the event set up for us by Gretchen at the Town Square in Sandpoint. We were greeted by Gretchen as well as the local press and about 15 local residents.

The Cardio Junkies—a local running club— escorted the team into the center of town. We always love it when we are joined by runners from the area, especially veteran runners like the Cardio Junkies.

Our accommodation was a beautiful campsite on the banks of Lake Pend Oreille.

Patty and Linda were extremely friendly and self-giving, offering us a few sites for our motor home and tents. They even donated lots of firewood for a campfire. After telling stories and jokes and riddles around the fire at night, we had to retire, trying to sleep with an hourly freight train speeding by only a few meters away from our tents. One time, at 2 o’clock in the morning, the train sped by with its incredibly loud horn. Half asleep, it sounded to me like it was headed right towards us and I had to check to see if I was sleeping on the train tracks or not.

As I finish this story the next morning, most of the runners have left the campsite and the rest of us are getting everything packed up and ready to make lunch for the team. The day is quite busy from morning until bedtime, but the rewards, especially from the children and from nature, are well worth it.

Arpan and Team Harmony

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