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USA 29 June: Leavenworth, WA to Coulee City, WA

After a very enjoyable stay at the Best Western Icicle Inn due to the kindheartedness and oneness of General Manager Mr. Karl Ruether, one team of runners headed east out of Leavenworth and towards the drier and hotter climate.

Along the way our good friend Pipasa came out to run and her dad drove along to participate as well.

We also met Marcia Neher as we ran into Wenatchee. She had already done her run for the day but was eagerly waiting for us to run with the Torch since she saw us running toward her home while on her regular training run. We are so grateful to Marcia and anyone who comes out to greet us or better yet, to run with us and carry the Torch. We are also quite happy that a reporter from the Wenatchee newspaper came out to report on our run there as well.

Our team of three runners started running in Waterville, a small and pretty town surrounded by wheat fields. We visited the Douglas County Museum before we started running. Helen Grande, the manager who remembers us from other runs we have done through there in the past, was so kind and welcoming to us. She even called the newspaper and City Hall for us. Royal Devaney, the mayor who had greeted us in the past, was unfortunately out town. Al Turner of the Town Council came out to represent him as well as Pastor Jim Rogers who is also a reporter for the local Empire Press newspaper. It was a very warm welcome for such late notice in this quiet, lovely town.

Moving on, the scenery became hillier, hotter, and drier. The natural geographical formations with less vegetation than we had a day earlier when we were running over the moist, cold and green mountains, had its own astounding and energizing beauty. Some people again stopped along the way to greet us.

Two women stopped their car just to take my photo running with the Torch. I also recall a couple named ‘Rutz’ who were quite friendly as they stopped out of curiosity but ended up offering good will and wishes. That always means a lot to us.

The real excitement came at the end of the day when we made our way off the route to a remote area at Lake Roosevelt where some long time friends of the World Harmony Run, Randy and Joanne Sherwood, live. They invited us to stay at their fabulous home for the night, offering us an incredible dinner and dessert as well.

Before that though, we were treated to boat rides by Randy who pulled us on challenging tube rides and water skis as well, for some of the brave souls. I felt as if I was on a bucking bronco in the rodeo as I hung onto the tube for dear life going what seemed like 100 miles an hour on tight curves and over huge breaking wakes of water. Surviving that gave us a better appetite to enjoy the wonderful meal prepared for us.

Before the meal, we were treated to Native American dances by Allan Retasket, dressed in full colorful regalia made by his lovely wife Rose. They drove a couple of hours just to visit us at Joanne and Randy’s and to offer their charming and powerful dances. Allan. Jr. was not feeling well enough to dance, but he came nonetheless to help his dad with the costumes.

He also helps his mom design and sew some of the costumes that he and his dad wear as they dance regularly all over the country. Everyone, including Joanne and Randy, all the runners, some neighbors and six meadering deer as well, were transfixed as Allan, Sr. gave a heart-stopping performance as the sun was dramatically setting over the Lake. We are very grateful to Allan and his family for coming all this way to treat us to such a beautiful experience.

As I am about to go to bed under the stars tonight, I reflect back on the long day just finished and think of how many people have helped us and inspired us to get through another long day as we journey into the heart of America trying to share the message of hope and harmony.


Arpan and Team Harmony

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