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USA 15 March: Fort Myers

After many weeks of preparation not only from the organizers but also from the children who created the artwork and poetry based on the theme of Harmony and Happiness, the culmination of all of our events of the past week came to fruition at the City of Palms Park. The program, which took place in the former Red Sox spring training baseball stadium, was aptly called: 'A Moment's Peace'.

It was a successful collaboration between Art of the Olympians, the World Harmony Run, and the Lee County School District.

Volunteers worked hard to decorate the entrance with hundreds of artworks and poems by children from the Lee County School District.

It was a colorful way to enter this large stadium and be welcomed by the creative 'masterpieces' of individual students and collages of larger groups of students from various schools.

Proud parents and families find their child's creation and pose for photos.

Not only was it a colorful entrance but also a musical one as well.

Children from Edison Elementary School entertained people as they entered the stadium with various instruments such as violins, handbells and djembe drums.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the VIP Reception, people were treated to the art of Sri Chinmoy, Founder of the World Harmony Run...

...and of course lots of snacks. Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson(center) looks on as other guests also enjoy the pre-ceremonial festivities.

Cathy Oerter introduces the Master of Ceremonies for the event, Nick Ciletti, from NBC News.

Cathy Oerter and the World Harmony Runners mingle with the various special guests including former Olympians and their families, Lee County School Administrators and teachers, Public Servants and others.

Salil Wilson, Executive Director of the World Harmony Run, introduces the team and offers a brief description of the World Harmony Run activities.

The Fort Myers High School Color Guard presents the USA and Florida State Flags to start the program down on the field.

North Fort Myers H.S. Cavalieri Chorus directed by Gwen Greg

Lisa Hamman of the Cavalieri Chorus

Mayor Henderson and Olympian Todd Eldridge

Olympians Bob Beamon and Lesley Bush honor the flag during the National Anthem.

Mukesh Vyas from the Hindu Temple of Ft. Myers and Rev. Emile Gayreau from the Center for Spiritual Living offer the Invocation to start the program in a soulful, prayerful way.

The Ceremony then began on the field as Cathy Oerter introduces the Master of Ceremonies, Nick Ciletti, from NBC.

Nick offered wonderful introductions to the following special guest speakers who we were so honored to have participate in our program:

State Representative Heather Fitzenhagen offers her warm words of support.

Lee County Commissioner Chair Cecil Pendergrass was very supportive of the school participation in our events.

Mayor Randy Henderson offers his cheerful and sincere support.

Olympian Bob Beamon won the Gold medal in the long jump in Mexico City in 1968.

Lesley Bush, an Olympic Gold Medalist in 10 meter platform diving in 1964.

Olympian Steve Colgate sailed competively with the U.S. Team.

Olympian Tom Courtney won Gold in 1952 and 1956 in the 800 meter and 4x100 Relay.

Bill Kund, A cyclist in the 1964 Olympics and contributing artist for Art of the Olympians, addresses the crowd.

Olympian Ice Skater Todd Eldridge participated in the '84, '88 and '92 Olympics.

Nzael Queen Kyomo was in the Olympic finals of the 100 and 200 meters in '80 and '84 for Tanzania.

Bill Kund and Bob Beamon proudly hold the World Harmony Torch as they display special paintings dedicated to World Harmony painted by Sri Chinmoy, Founder of the World Harmony Run.

Salil Wilson, Executive Director of the World Harmony Run, explained how this event has grown since it was founded as the Peace Run in 1987 by Sri Chinmoy.

Salil offered the Torch Bearer Award to Peter Ndiangu'l who is a teacher at the Oasis Charter School in Fort Myers. His support for the World Harmony Run and his leadership in a model U.N. Program with students earned him the respect and honor which this award recognizes in great leaders such as Peter.

Peter Ndiangu'l with some of his students from the Oasis Charter School.

Next on the program was entertainment by some very talented singers from some of the schools who participated in the World Harmony Run events. Quinton Thomas from Cypress Lake High School for the Performing Arts performed a wonderful rendition of an old folk tune call 'Change Is Coming'.

The Sea Stars from the Tropical Isles Elementary School sang a wonderful song about making a difference if we put our hearts together.

Cody Vagel, age 13, sang brilliantly three very moving songs. He offered very talented renditions of the songs 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow", 'We Are the World', and his own original tune called 'Brand New Day'.

The Cavalieri Chorus from North Fort Myers High School performed some beautiful chorale pieces.

Rebecca Jamme from the Lee County School District gave out the poetry awards. Rebecca attended all of the school events with the World Harmony Run and was a strong supporter of our program here in Lee County.

Some of the children read out their very inspiring and creative poetry on the theme of happiness and harmony.

Ava Roeder, a retired Lee County High School teacher, was a judge for the art contest and introduced the winners.

This painting on the theme of happiness and harmony won First Place overall.

Another top winner in the high school division.

Some of the runners offered the medals to the students who they also had met in the past few days when they visited with the torch at their schools.

All of the artwork was superb and very beautifully expressed very colorful and personal aspects of harmony and happiness in the world. (For more photos from the awards click on the 'See More Images' link below.)

Our main organizer and motivator, Cathy Oerter, was all smiles as the entertainment and the awards were taking place.

Nzael Queen Kyomo offer a spectacular dance with flowing gold costume.

The Dunbar High School Marching Streak Band offer some dynamic music and dance at the end of the program.

At dusk some of the children had a chance to run with the torch as the marching band performed.

Some of the runners and participants in this evening's program holding their symbols of peace and harmony together.

After the very successful Ceremony we were all famished.

Gifts of gratitude for our friends from Fort Myers, Cathy and Lesley, who helped make this week a huge success.

Some of the children dining in the same restaurant recognized us as we had visited their schools this week.

The children showed their creative enthusiasm as they hold the torch in a comtemplative pose.

Big smiles are the main thing we like to see when people hold the World Harmony Run Torch.

At the end of a busy day a great big smile makes it all worthwhile.

– Arpan

Team Members:
Arpan DeAngelo (New York), Prabhakar Street (Canada), Salil Wilson (Australia), Cathy Oerter (Florida), Prakhara Harter (Washington, D.C.), Niyojita Purevsuren (Mongolia), Rupasi Young (Seattle, Washington), Pranlobha Kalagian (Seattle, Washington), Lesley Bush (Princeton, New Jersey), Nzael Queen Kyomo (Tanzania), Tilvila (Tampa), Lunthitha (Haileah), Dhurjaya (Miami), Dristhi (Miami)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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