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Austria 4 October: Bad Mitterndorf - Kapfenberg

...a most beautiful morning in Styria!

...half of our team started in Bad Mitterndorf. The primary school gave us an enthusiastic welcome!

...the older kids were running with us for one lap through the community...

...and the kindergarden kids cheered us on our way...

The deputy mayor received the runners...

..and the priest blessed the torch!

..together with the kids we planted a Peace Tree.

Mr. Sölkner organised the whole event! Thank you Bad Mitterndorf for the great meeting and the hospitality!

...the priest proved to be quite sportive and joined us all the way on the local Run... 

Thank you kids! 

...we left Bad Mitterndorf; the "Grimming", a local mountain, stands firm at the entrance of the Styrian Salzkammergut... 

...our second team started in Irdning...

...local runners carried the torch to the city hall, where children from the primary school and from the kindergarden gave us a nice welcome... 

...Peace can be felt in the heart.... 

...Deputy mayor Anton Hausleitner received the torch... 

...the children prepared many peace messages. Our team will gladly deliver the wishes! 

Thank you Irdning for the nice meeting! 

...on we went to Stainach...

...on the main square awaited us big smiles... 

...a group picture and a short Run... 

Thank you Stainach! 

...next was Wörschach...

...for many years Wörschach organises a 24-hour race. You can feel a real running spirit in the community... 

...mayor Lämmerer received us with kind words... 

...the kids prepared wishes for peace... 

..and sent them out into the world! 

...a stunning music performance... 

...and a Peace Tree! What a perfect meeting! 

Thank you Wörschach for the great event! 

...and we reached Liezen. Children from the primary school awaited us on the main square...

Mayor Mag. Hakel welcomed our team! 

...and we got great refreshments! 

Thank you Liezen! 

In Selzthal the kids from the kindergarden and the primary school gave us an enthusiastic welcome!

Deputy mayor Gernot Hejlik welcomed us and passed the torch to the children... 

....another musical highlight of the day! 

...and another Peace Tree. Thank you Selzthal for the great meeting! 

...Rottenmann was next. Local athletes and children, led by deputy mayor Helmut Schaupensteiner, joined us into the city...

...the kids joined us for another few km... 

...a great buffet! Thanks for the hospitality and the nice meeting! 

Good bye Rottenmann! The runners ran all the way to Trieben... 

...chicken prepare already for Winter! 

...runners from Trieben joined in... 


...a small, but hearty meeting. City council member Mrs. Salber received the torch... 

Thank you Trieben! 

...a small, but nice meeting in Mautern: 

...mayor Kühberger welcomed us on the main square... 

...and he brought his whole family! 

Thank you for the welcome! 

...Kammern was next: children from the kindergarden and the primary school welcomed us despite the school was already over... 

...the kids had prepared some banners with an aphorism of Mahatma Ghandi...

...mayor Karl Dobnigg lit another two peace torches... 

...the mayor led the kids on a short lap through the community! 

Thank you Kammern for the heartfelt meeting! 

...in St. Michael mayor Jungwirth received us in front of the city hall...

Thank you St. Michael! 

...a nice coffee after a long run... 

...a spontaneous meeting along the road... 

...in Oberaich local athletes awaited us...

...a nice evening run... 

The deputy mayor of Oberaich, Mr. Gerger, and a a city council member received the torch. Thank you Oberaich for the nice event! 

– Dipavajan

Distance: 123 km

Team Members:
Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Sumahat Strohn (Germany), Barbora Tabackova (Slovakia), Mladen Vujaklija (Croatia), Vanya Popinska (Bulgaria), Sergey Sidenko (Ukraine), Penelope Leong (South Africa), Irina Ketova (Russian Federation), Balavan Thomas (UK), Ivana Nemcova (Czech Republic), Manatita Hutchinson (West Indies), Austrian runners

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