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2011 Messages


Hi, this is a message for Amalendu, a bit off-topic, but i need to get in touch! Amalendu, can you please check your goldenboat account when convenient? Thanks,

Rathin Boulton, Australia

thank you for lifting up the highland world and its diaspora, and for "flinging"  Love and Light. Loch Ness will now become a safer place for the Monsta.    He is probably in deep samadhi now!In the universal heart,

Bhakati, Scotland & Canada

Welcome to Europe to Atulya and Teekhnata.  enjoy it and have fun! with harmony,

Francesco Murianni, Italy

What beautiful pictures! I love this Scottish weather - we're so lucky to have such variety!  I can see you are having such a good time in these lovely places.

Tim Paxton, Scotland

Fantastic pictures from John O Groats/Wick and the Wick pipe band looked spectacular!  we just needed to hear them - will have to wait for the video.  As for Monday - what can i say?  Dreich is what it was!  The scenery looks awesome up there.   Well hopefully that was your only day of rain and it will be sunshine from now on.   Looking forward to seeing you all in Edinburgh at the weekend.

Arpita Stott, Scotland 

Ich hab vergessen wie wunderschoen Oesterreich ist!!  Gannika, dank Dir schoen fuer Deine e-mail, mich daran zu erinnern.  Vielleicht schaffe ich es naechstes Jahr auch dabei zu sein!. I have forgotten how beautiful Austria is! Gannika, many thannks for your e-mail and for reminding me to check it out. Who know, perhaps next year I'll be able to join you too. Lots of joy and many, many more new Harmony Run Friends along the way. Noch viel Freude und viele, viele neue Harmony Run friends along the way. Alles Liebe

Bigalita Eggeer, U.S.A. / Austria

Just saw the torch at the Kessock bridge while I was driving home. Stopped took some photos and gave your runner some Aloe Vera goodies.If you are staying in Inverness I can come and give you some samples . I have done some running myself(10k last Oct. - slow!) My main sport is rowing with the Inverness Rowing Club. I wish you all a happy and successful run to the other end! And you got good weather at John o' Groats,lovely photos too - a good day to visit Orkney!!!! visit my site; www.scotfree.bz xxx

Mary Clouston, Black Isle, Scotland

dear Apaguha - Austria is beautiful - seems like the good spirit is embracing all on your journey. i miss this lovely country. may be it is time for a visit again. take care

Christiaan Erasmus, Republic of South Africa / İstanbul, Turkİye

Love the photos ... great to get an insight into your experience ... Love and take care ... Sue xxx

Sue Mettrick, New Zealand

Hey, Jennifer I saw a lot of great pics of you and your team on Run. AWWWWWWSOME!!! Looks like you are having fun. You are also tan.

Love, Samarpita

Samarpita, U.S.A.

Ciao a tutti. Sono una ragazza di 13 anni, che abita a Sant'Antioco. Frequento la Terza Media, ed ho avuto il piacere di conoscervi.  Io apprezzo molto ciò che fate. Ho avuto modo di conoscere una ragazza francese che corre con voi, anche se non ne sò il nome. Mi farebbe piacere se voi mi potreste aggiungere su FB... :) Questo è il mio profilo: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000681701302

Ci conto! xoxo

Alessia Mallus, Italia

Czech Republic in spring is awesome! the greens,yellows and blues are amazing. Looks so fresh in spring! Enjoy! children smiling makes us all smile - we will always be Children in our hearts!

Love Siri

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

Dear Daniel Great that you are running for peace and harmony. We think about you. Keep on running ! We miss you and look forward to seeing you up north again - back in good old Norway.

Love and greetings from Marit and Øivind

Øivind Gladsø, Norway

Hi Apaguha I can see the joy you are having spreading harmony around the world. We need it ! have been following your run from Poland. Keep on running, I admire you doing what you are doing for humanity.

Take care, Christiaan

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

Olivia I can see you are having a great time:) Can't wait till you get back and tell me about your experience.... We miss you take care....

Love and Light to all:)Monica:)

Monica De La Torre, San Diego, California

Gratulacje dla biegaczy, którzy tak wspaniale osiągnęli szczyt. Pozdrawiam zwłaszcza Nabhadana i Jasia oraz wszystkie misie.

Czestmira, Poland

Hey Harmony Runners! Looks like you are having a great time! Special hellos to Olivia and Nandathu!

Sujantra, U.S.A.

Hi guys! It's Fantastic to see All of You on the track.. :))) I'm currently preparing for the Riga Marathon and finishing my last year as a physiotherapist.. Zach - nice to see You doing the ceremonies again - just like the old days.. :)) I'm sure You're a master now.. Nice to see Daniel as well - You look like a really strong man now.. :DD And I guess Dipavajan and Rose will do all the trip again.. Nice.. Good luck to All of You.. :)))

Gints, Riga, Latvia

Olá queridos irmãos Shukam e minha querida irmã que fez uns bolos deliciosos na Figueira da Foz (perdoa não lembrar tua graça neste momento). Senti como sendo Eu a participar na World Harmony Run, ao vê-los tão felizes tal como fiquei ao vê-los.

Jose Carlos Rainho de Jesus, Portugal

Hello!!! This year the World Harmony Run arrived to my village! I loved, I never listen talking about this run. I am Portuguese and I was happy. I would like greet Zach (USA) because he is a nice person and I like American people. The team have some photos with me. I´m from Almeida, Portugal. Thank you to come to Portugal. Obrigado

Renato, Portugal

This looks like so much fun and so beautiful! Esto parece tan divertido y tan hermoso! Who is Zach? ¿Quién es Zach?

Papaha Gosline, U.S.A.

Good to see you guys representing San Diego (that includes you Daniel). Looks like you are in for a wonderful time.  I look forward to all the photos!

Putakratu, U.S.A.

Hoi Roos, ik zie dat je in Spanje bent - Erwin Krol wil ons doen geloven dat het slecht weer is in Spanje - valt op de foto's wel mee... loop je ook een stuk of ben je van de ' verzorging ' ? groet vanuit Edam aan allen en ik houd de website in de gaten - bye bye -

Tiny Janssens, Nederland