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    World Harmony Run

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    1,000,000 Participants

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    Dreaming of Harmony

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  • Sri Chinmoy: World Harmony Run Founder

    World Harmony Run Founder
    Sri Chinmoy

  • Carl Lewis: World Harmony Run Spokesman

    World Harmony Run Spokesman
    Carl Lewis

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    New York

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    15,000 kms, 100 days
    Around Australia

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  • Bali, Indonesia


  • The All Blacks, New Zealand

    The All Blacks
    New Zealand

Canadian Team

Prapti Prapti Jensen, Canadian WHR coordinator, Ottawa, ON
"I love the World Harmony Run; experiencing the smiles of people, our heartfelt exchange of goodwill, friendship and love of life.  For me it is all about the beauty we feel inside - intrinsic to harmony it seems.  When not on the run I manage a vegetarian restaurant, love to alpine ski and am having such a great time learning to play the tabla."   
SalilSalil Wilson
WHR Executive Director, New York City USA (Sydney, Australia)
"I'm on the run because I love it. I feel it is the most meaningful and significant thing I can do with my life. Life on the road, carrying a torch for peace, is a remarkably enriching and rewarding experience. Connecting with people around an ideal - a yearning for a more harmonious world - is beautiful and inspiring. It gives me life and I'm grateful."
"My name is Yatkara Aleksapolskyy. I'm originally from Ukraine, and now living in Vancouver, BC. I've been taking part in Ukrainian relay since 1997 and had a dream to join WHR in some other countries. My dream became reality this year. I'm here running for harmony in Canada."
DanielDaniel Stewart
"My name is Daniel Steward. I was born and raised in Yellowknife, NWT Canada and am a first year student at Dalhousie University. I love being active and outdoors as well as traveling. I play volleyball, squash and soccer but enjoy camping and canoeing whenever possible in the summer."
BrahmataBrahmata Michael
"Hi! I'm Brahmata, I'm from Calgary, AB but now live in Ottawa, ON where I am a baker and server at a vegetarian restaurant. I love to sing, play my guitar and travel- this year I went to the World Harmony Run opening ceremony in beautiful Hawaii! This run combines many of my favorite activities: being in nature, taking pictures, exercising and meeting new people! I am so excited to be a part of the Canadian team and I look forward to our adventures."
SarvagataSarvagata Ukrainskyi
Berdyansk, Ukraine.
Ultra distance runner, 2011 champion of the "Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race" held annually in New York City and the world's longest certified running race.
"My passion is Self-transcendence and ultra-running as a form of it. I truly believe that only by transcending our limits both in our hearts and minds, going beyond them, we can become one with all Humanity even the whole World and Beyond. And when you are One with something or somebody - this is a perfect Harmony. I Believe that World Harmony Run is all about it!  Looking forward to it!"
DimitriDimitriy Dudko
"I am from Ukraine and I have been participating in the World Harmony Run and Peace Run events for 15 years. What I like most about this amazing event is how people's hearts open the moment they become part of the Run. My favorite part is when our team meets with kids. When they make their wish while holding the torch you can observe how much sincerity is in their hearts. They show us a perfect example of how we should strive for peace and harmony with our oneness hears. I am looking forward to share all my Ukrainian Run experiences with my Canadian friends."
"Hi, I'm originally from Slovakia but have been living in Switzerland for a long while now. It gives me enormous thrill to join the WHR in Canada, another mountainous country, because I feel that "harmony" is a second name for Canada. Apart from running my big hobbies are alpine skiing, especially in fresh powder snow and beach volleyball (and this sports combination keeps me busy during the whole year...) Also, I like learning how to say"thank you" in as many languages as possible."
Kiev, Ukraine"
"My name is Gautami, I am from Slovakia. I love sports and therefore Ilike to express the need for world peace and harmony by running with WHR. I am a member of the team since 1994 and ran in Asia, Europe,Central and North America. In 2011 I was part of the team that carried the torch to the summit of Mt. Rainier. I also love music and play the Celtic Harp, Harmonium and sing in the music group SangitSurabhi."
ManoshriManoshri Sykorova
"I become first acquainted with the World Harmony Run in my home country of Slovakia. I love music, particularly singing, playing flute and creating arrangements. I also like interior and graphic design, writing, and offering meditation workshops. I am delighted to be part of the World Harmony Run because of the beautiful message of peace that is at the core of the run. I love to see the joy and happiness that the run brings to so many people!"
SulabhaSulabha Wisniewski
Vancouver, Canada
"I first became involved with the World Harmony Run in 1986 when a group of World Harmony Runners relayed a torch from Mile 0 in Victoria, BC on the Pacific coast host to John's Newfoundland on the Atlantic coast.  I have participated in World Harmony Runs in the USA, China, Malaysia, Japan, as well as various Canadian events.  The World Harmony Run has always been a very uplifting and inspiring part of my life and has had a very positive influence on my day to day life. In the past, I have enjoyed marathon running, the New York City being a big favourite of mine. I have been living in Vancouver for many years now enjoying the West Coast weather and scenery." 
Czech Republic