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History of the WHR in Finland

Finland has taken part in the World Harmony Run since the very beginnig. Every year that the event has been globally organized, Finland has been part of it. The local athletes usually cover the distance through their own towns. They run from one border to the other and pass the torch to the athletes of the next town at the border.


In 1987 in Finland, the route went from Vaasa to Helsinki, totalling 450 km.

In 1989, the Finland World Harmony Run was organized in cooperation with the Finland Runs (Suomi Juoksee) running relay. The route went from Utsjoki to Helsinki, totalling appr. 1,300 km. The torch was
carried by the lead runner in the running group. The patron of the Run was Mrs. Tellervo Koivisto, the wife of the President of Finland. Prime Minister Harri Holkeri expressed his support and greetings to the relay run.

In 1991, local torch relays were organized during two weeks in different parts of Finland. The cities and municipalities arranged the events of their own, and there were no inter-city runs. The participating cities and municipalities were, among others, Pello,
Vaasa, Salo, Helsinki, Joensuu, Tampere, Rovaniemi and Kemi.

In 1993, there was a continuous relay run in Finland from Pello to Helsinki. The route followed the Finland's West Coast from Pello to Turku, and continued to Tampere and further to Helsinki. At the same time, there was a relay run in Eastern Finland from Nuijamaa to Helsinki. The runners met in Helsinki after covering appr. 1,700 km. The patron of the run was Mrs. Elisabeth Rehn, the Minister of Defence. Mrs. Riitta Uosukainen, the Minister of Education, gave a statement for the support of the run.

In 1995 in Finland, the runners once again covered the route from Pello to Turku to Tampere to Helsinki.

In 1996, local relay runs were arranged in Helsinki and Espoo. The torch visited local schools and day-care centers.

In 1997, the 10-year-anniversary relay run was organized. The Finnish run started cross country skiing in Kilpisjärvi at the common border of
the three countries of Finland, Sweden and Norway. The relay followed the traditional route from previous years: from Pello to Turku, to Tampere and Helsinki. The patron of the run was Mrs. Elisabeth Rehn, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

In 1999, there was the first continuous run in Europe, commemorating the turn of the millenium. This continuous relay started in Lissabon on 1 January 1999 and ended in London on 31 December 1999. An
international group of runners covered a continuous route across all European countries. The Finnish Run followed the route of Pello-Turku-Tampere-Helsinki-Lappeenranta-Nuijamaa. The first part of the run to Turku was covered by Finnish runners. The international runners joined the run in Turku and they followed the route to Tampere
and Helsinki, and further to Nuijamaa at the Finnish-Russian border. The patron of the run was Mrs. Elisabeth Rehn, the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.

In 2001, the Finnish Run followed the traditional route of Pello-Turku-Tampere-Helsinki. The international group of runners joined in Helsinki and they continued from Helsinki to Nuijamaa from where the group started their journey in Russia. The total running distance in Finland was appr. 1,800 km.

In 2005, the Finnish Run covered the distance from Nuijamaa to Helsinki with the international group of runners, totalling appr. 250 km. The patron of the run was Dr. Pentti Arajärvi, the husband of the President of Finland.

In 2006, the international running group joined from Nuijamaa to Helsinki and further to Turku, totalling appr. 500 km. The patron of the run was Mr. Erkki Tuomioja, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In 2007, we celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the World Harmony Run in Finland with the international group of runners who arrived from Estonia. The route went from Helsinki to Vaasa, totalling 450 km. The patron of the run was Mr. Erkki Tuomioja, Member of Parliament,  who also joint the runners for 10 km run in his home town.

In 2008, the Finnish Run went from Turku, through Helsinki towards the Russian border at Vaalimaa. The patron of the run was Mr. Erkki Tuomioja, Member of Parliament