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England 24 September: Severn Bridge - Bath

As the runners left their accommodation in Cardiff this morning, a beautiful rainbow was visible, indicating rain in the vicinity and, indeed, later there were some showers.

The runners were, as usual, in two teams again but today there would be a running team and a function team with the function team having only a handful of miles to cover.

To begin the day’s journey at the National Assembly for Wales, the Senedd, was a great moment for the World Harmony Run and the runners were given a guided tour of the building, which was designed with ecological principles in mind, like using the heat of the earth itself to help warm the building.

We remember the meeting with the First Minister of Wales here last year.

The runners were honoured to have the Minister for Heritage, Rhodri Glynn Thomas, the Presiding Officer, Lord Dafydd Ellis Thomas and Stephen Thomas meet them at the Senedd and accompany them on the short run to Mount Stuart Primary School - along with Mrs. Randall-Smith, the Mount Stuart headmistress, who carried the torch into the school grounds.

The children were already gathered in a huge square in the school playground when the runners arrived. Lord Thomas passed the torch along the line of children, who were so excited and enthusiastic and were screaming like mad when they got the chance to run around the playground.

There was a viewing of the Harmony Run video which was warmly received before time was up and the Harmony Run was called back to the road and on its way again.

At this point the run split into two, with the function group attending the Peace Mala International Awards for Youth 2007 and the other team running from the Severn Bridge to Bath via Bristol.

The runners ran from outside Cardiff Castle to the Temple of Peace in glorious weather, and waiting on the steps of the Temple of Peace to greet the runners was The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of The City & County of Cardiff, Councillor Gill Bird and Pam Evans, the founder of Peace Mala. Several schools were presented with awards by the Rt Hon Lord Mayor of Cardiff Elect; the schools honoured included Trallwn Primary and St. Michaels School, Llanelli.

There was a Native Indian hoop dance demonstration by Rising Eagle and also present were many representatives from different faiths and religions; the Guest speaker was Mrs Uzo Iwobi, Commissioner to The Commission For Racial Equality & Chair of The African Community Centre in Wales.

After the World Harmony Run video was shown - a hit, as children spontaneously started clapping along with the Harmony Run song - a taper was lit from the Torch, and from this, everyone present lit votive candles.

The official ceremony ended with a Celtic prayer by the Revd. Alan Beyes.

The runners then drove to Bath to meet up with the other team and to enjoy a relaxing dip in the ancient healing waters, courtesy of Thermae Bath Spa. This was a unique experience and we took advantage of the waters in the Cross bath which were used by the ancient Celts and are the only hot springs in the UK.

While the team of runners were in Cardiff, Ieva and Annette wrote about their day’s journey through the West country:

Running again! Yahooooo…

Wind carried us over the Severn Bridge, which was dedicated as a Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossom in 1991.

Sun, clouds and even a light drizzling rain were our companions and we really felt that they came to run with us.

As praise for our run, a rainbow greeted the runners on the English side of the Bridge, along with some yummy wraps made by Ieva.

Suddenly we realised we were not in Wales any longer, but already in England. It’s amazing how going from one country to another you notice slight and subtle changes in the air - it seems that even the grass has a slightly different haircut.

There were two English runners waiting to join the International Team and Bristol had some nice surprises. At a bus stop we met two 10-year old boys who said:

“Oh we know you. You visited our school last year.” That was inspiring.

In Bristol city centre, we visited the plaque which commemorated the dedication of Bristol as a Peace Blossom city.

Not far from there, near Bristol Cathedral some school boys were very excited to hold the torch. Thank you Bristol, see you next year.

From Bristol our route led us to Bath, the end of today’s journey, where we took a bath… and met the other group of runners.

The World Harmony Run would like to thank the organisers in Cardiff and Bristol for their help in Wales and for their kindness as self-giving hosts who made sure the runners were well-fed and organised.

Distance: 48km

Team Members:
Ondrej Vesely, Rosta Vagner, Katka Prusova, Ivana Nemacova (Czech Republic), Balavan Thomas (England), Abichal Watkins (Wales), Jarek Werner (Poland), Terezia Hammel (Hungary) Ieva Kurzemniece and Anette Klavina (Latvia), Annemarie Beumer (Netherlands), Devashishu Torpy (England)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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