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England 8 May: Birmingham - Ledbury

The weather is holding and today was probably hotter than the previous days, which is great for the World Harmony Runners as we have had our fair share of rain.

Hotel with field and flowers on the road to Worcester.

Today we are heading toward Ross and right now we are in Worcester by the River Severn, taking some photos for the website before we catch up with the other team.

Our day began with a visit to St. Edwards RC Junior School. The students were very receptive and knowledgeable about the different qualities that constitute harmony, having recently had a multicultural program that looked at what harmony was and where harmony could be found.

Connecting with harmony.

Headteacher Tim Hughes appreciates the importance of harmony.

Our presentation included a symbolic journey around the world, with people representing five continents and the children running around each "continent" and then running to the next.

The school was ethnically diverse, with cultures from all over the world represented.

Backup support vehicle for the World Harmony Run.

The second visit of the day was to Watermill School where the headteacher, Jenny Edginton was inspired to kindly invite the Harmony Run to talk with the pupils.

Passing the Harmony Torch.


Running with the sun.

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm...

Mark's ancestral home, Penzance, Cornwall

Snacks between meals between schools...

The third and last school of the day was Holy Hill Church School and here the children had learnt the Harmony Run song and were able to join in. In the playground, as the harmony Torch was being passed around, I was reminded of a child a few days ago who asked me why my hair was grey. I replied that I was old and that's what happened to old people - reminiscent of Prince Gautama who had never left the confines of the palace until one day he ventured out and saw an old person for the first time. He had never thought about aging as his father had always surrounded him with young people.

The child then asked me why I had hairs on my arms. I pointed out his friend had hairs on her arms as well but they were the same colour as her skin and not easily discernible. Children can ask surprising questions.

Photographer for local paper shapes a moment.

Introduction to harmony...

Harmony in the heart...

Headteacher Jackie Frost receives a certificate of appreciation.

Teachers for harmony.

We have seen so many yellow fields along the route and finally this one called to Ondrej so loudly, he capitulated.

Rosta enjoys the sunny day.

England in bloom...

Mark and Stefan alongside the river Severn at Worcester.

Making wishes...

Connecting with Torch-power...

On reaching our destination at the Goodrich Youth Hostel, we came across a party of children from Chew Stoke Church School just outside Bristol, having a few days adventuring in the Welsh border country. Ben Hewett, the Deputy Headteacher was interested in a short program in the evening so, as the sun was setting and the light began to fade, we had a late evening, dynamic Torch run around a field on the beautiful banks of the River Wye.

– Abichal Watkins

Distance: 53 km

Team Members:
Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Stefan Ehrenfellner (Austria), Matthias Frey (Germany), Rosta Vagner (Czech Republic), Balavan Thomas (England), Mark Collinson (England), Abichal Watkins (Wales), Kamilla Hozlarova (Czech Republic), Fran Chamberlain (England), Ieva Kurzemniece (Latvia)

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