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Italy 14 September: Pisa - La Spezia

The schools are back in Italy! We went straight into the secondary school "Don Giorgi"

...the kids gave us a enthusiastic welcome...

Thanks for the nice meeting!

...we went on to the next meeting...

... the "Toniolo" primary school.

...we had time to do the full program: country guessing game...

...World Harmony Run song with actions...

...passing of the torch...


...and the new game: kids throwing!

... nice catch!

Great meeting! Mille Grazie!

Now it was time for the historic part of Pisa...

Our good friend Dottoressa Maccione, president of the City Council, welcomed us in the city council historical building...

Mrs. Chiofalo, the "assessore" for cultural politics, gave a nice speech and we received gifts from the city... many nice books and the flag symbol of the city. We presented the city with a book about the World Harmony Run....

...the meeting was really heartfelt...

...now it was time for Pisa's historic monument number one: Mrs. Maccione led us through the old part of the city to the leaning tower of Pisa!

Here we were!

...typical tourist shots...

The Dome of Pisa is astonishing, too!

The "battistero" is famous for its perfect acoustic...

...after a sound demonstration by the guide we sang the World Harmony Run song inside!

...back on the bell tower!

What a view...

The deputy mayor of Pisa joined us and we carried the torch up to the top!

... here we are on top of the tower!

... the leaning runners!!!

...a delegation of the team went for the last meeting in Pisa: we visited the sisters of the Franciscan order of St. Claire...

The sisters' home is a really a peaceful place, how fitting to carry our peace torch here! We really felt uplifted and grateful for this oportunity.

...the sisters sang for us a most beautiful prayer from St. Francis own words...

Thank you for the heartfelt meeting! In every possible way we felt embraced and welcomed by the city of Pisa, and met many persons who became real friends of ours and of the World Harmony Run. Thank you Pisa!

...we left Pisa towards La Spezia. Halfway we passed in the area of the city of Carrara: these mountains changed the cultural history of the world! The famous white marvel from Italy derives from them...

La Spezia!

A runner awaited us at the city sign and joined us.

Un podista ci aspettava al confine della citta' e ci ha accompagnato.

Mrs. Maria Stefania Ariodante,the Deputy Prefect of La Spezia, received the torch!

Il Vice Prefetto aggiunto, Maria Stefania Ariodante, prende in consegna la fiaccola !

Massimo Federici, Sindaco della Spezia, dà il via alla corsa cittadina di fronte al Municipio seguito da un ampio gruppo ...

Massimo Federici, the Mayor of La Spezia, and a large group of runners welcomed us in front of the city hall; together we went for a sight seeing run through the streets....

Rosi Tartarini capeggia il gruppone

Rosi Tartarini leads the group

Alla corsa cittadina hanno partecipato molti atleti e gruppi, tra cui La Spezia Atletica (sotto la guida di Bonarrico Roberta), la Scuola Calcio San Terenzina (guidata da Marino Ferrari), l'Istituto Einaudi Chiodo, l'ITC Fossati - Da Passano (coordinato da Paola Aquilano).

Many athletes and running groups took part in the city leg of La Spezia, including La Spezia Atletica (Bonarrico Roberta), Scuola Calcio San Terenzina (Marino Ferrari), the Einadi Chiodo school, the ITC Fossati - Da Passano (Paola Aquilano)

Strada facendo si è aggiunto il gruppo UISP anziani movimento La Spezia (Dssa Traversi Manrica).

En route the senior runners of UISP anziani movimento La Spezia joined us.

Il Prof. Generoso Cardinale è l'ultimo tedoforo arrivando al campo sportivo montagna...

Prof. Generoso Cardinale as torch bearer arriving at the montagna stadium...

... arrivando al campo sportivo abbiamo fatto un giro ...

...we reached the stadion and ran an entrance lap...

Il gruppo ANFFAS, sotto l'esperta guida di Alessia Bonati, e le ragazze della Spezia ritmica (sotto la guida di Clara Di Ré) allineati all'arrivo della fiaccola.

The ANFFAS Group led by Alessia Bonati and the girls of La Spezia ritmica were lined up...

...high five...

... dammi cinque ...

... il Prof. Cardinale passa la fiaccola a una bambina ...

...Prof. Cardinale passed the torch to the children...

... le ragazze hanno mostrato grandi abilità ...

...skillful performances...

...dopo una breve presentazione abbiamo ripreso la corsa...

...after a short presentation we ran out again...

...ancora un giro...

..one more lap...

... uno spettatore...

..another spectator...

La destinazione finale della giornata: il Circolo Ufficiali !

Our todays' final destination: the Circolo Ufficiali of La Spezia!

... accompagnati dal Sindaco per gli ultimi metri...

..the mayor of La Spezia joined us on the last meters...

... e consegna di fiaccola al Comandante !

...and handed the torch over to the Commander of the Navy!

Un grande "grazie" per avere ospitato la World Harmony Run alla Spezia, in particolare a Paola Aquilano, Alessia Bonati e alla Marina Militare,

A big "Thank You" for hosting the World Harmony Run in La Spezia, particularly to Paola Aquilano, Alessia Bonati and the Military Navy.

– Nivedak

Distance: 85 km

Team Members:
Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Sumahat Strohn (Germany), Barbora Tabackova (Slovakia), Mladen Vujaklija (Croatia), Dennis Gribok (Luxembourg), Vanya Popinska (Bulgaria), Balavan Thomas (UK), Sergey Sidenko (Ukraine), Peter Repka (Hungary), Mena Seguy (France), Italian runners

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