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Japan 2 June: Meeting many, many children ...

The wish of this year's World Harmony Run was to meet many, many children. Under the auspices of Kamakura city, which has reached 51 years since proclaiming herself a Peace City, we ran during two days of June 2nd and 3rd through the streets of Kamakura and visited eight elementary schools, preschools and nursery schools meeting the total of about 600 children. We sang, ran together and held the torch with them, and all the members of the team were so touched and grateful!

今年のワールドハーモニージャパンは「たくさんの子どもたちと出会いたい!」と願っていました。平和都市宣言51周年を迎える鎌倉市に後援をいただき、鎌倉市内をリレーしながら6 月2日、3日の2日間で小学校、幼稚園、保育園、学童保育を計8箇所訪ね、計約600名の子どもさんたちと出会い、一緒に歌い、走り、トーチを持つことができました!メンバー一同感謝、感激です!


Japanese, Czech and Mongolian team members came from Tokyo, Kanazawa, Osaka etc. to gather in Kamakura. We did a short rehearsal in a park near the first school where we were expected to arrive at 8:35. Many thanks to the security guard who let us park our cars in the parking lot of the shopping center although it was before their opening time! One year has passed since we did the program for the schools but we quickly regained the feel for it after a short practice – and now all we need to do is to be calm and full of joy once we get there…


Our first visit was to Tamanawa Elementary School, where 103 fourth-graders were waiting for us in the schoolyard. Introduction of the Harmony Run and singing of the theme song accompanied by instruments followed. Our instruments are Indian harmonium (a small organ) and tabla (a pair of small and bigger drums) plus flute.


Harmony program at Tamanawa Elementary school

It was a full one-hour program with playing games and running. Thank you children for participating with such enthusiasm! We were also grateful for the tea provided by the principal, Ms. Hosoya – it tasted so good in the heat!


We said the motto "Harmony begins with me" together

Two members of the staff who participated for the first time were a bit overwhelmed in the beginning but they soon got into motion and started enjoying the relay and the program. And that is the point! We visit schools to give joy to the children but we also enjoy it as much, if not more, and receive a lot of energy from the children. That’s the magic of Harmony Run!

スタッフで今回初参加の二人も、最初はとまどいつつも、楽しんでくれたよう。そう!子どもたちに楽しんでほしくて訪ねていくのですが、私たちも同じくらい楽しんで、お互いにたくさん元気をもらうのです!ハーモニー・ラン マジックです!

Runners heading for Fukasawa Preschool

The next stop is Fukasawa Preschool. It is a big preschool and 214 children aged between 3 and 5 were expecting us in the playground wearing colorful caps. They put a lot of effort into international education here and even have an English teacher, Ms. Jimbo, who grew up in New York. The director, Ms. Kitamura, holds a strong wish that the children become exposed to the world at large and was really looking forward to the visit of the World Harmony Run.


The lively kids from Fukasawa Preschool

Children listening intently to the foreign runners' country presentation

The children sang in high spirit a welcome song for us which touched us deeply. It was a song including the greeting “Hello” in various languages. When doing the “virtual trip around the world” game, where the children say the motto “Harmony begins with me” in four languages (Japanese, English, Mongolian and Czech), the children who have arrived in the English language country, upon being asked in English, “Are you ready?” replied cheerfully “Ready!!”.

元気な声で歓迎のお歌を歌ってくれて、感激。数ヶ国語で「こんにちは」と挨拶してくれる歌です。日本語、英語、モンゴル語、チェコ語の4ヶ国語でモットーの「ハーモニーはわたしから始まる」をいうバーチャル世界旅行では、英語の国に来た子どもたちに “Are you ready?”ときくと、すかさず、 “Ready!!”という元気な答え。

Children are always fascinated by the torch

In the end they made a circle and saw us off with a high-five. We said “bye-bye” and “thank you” to their cute eyes as we touched their tiny palms. During the program we were full of gratitude and joy, which filled our hearts all the more.


May we become better friends ...
みんなが仲良くなりますように ...

"Bye-bye, see you again!"

The visit to this preschool was aired on Kamakura Cable TV (please click here for the transcription).


At this point half of our scheduled visits for the day was over and we had a lunch break. During the Harmony Run we really cannot do without supermarkets and convenience stores along the route.


Today’s third item on our visiting list is Kamakura Shiroyama Preschool. In the yard shared with a goat the children sang and danced the theme song cheerfully. We sang the Japanese version together and then the children cheered us by dancing during the English, Czech and Mongolian versions.


Kamakura Shiroyama Preschool

The children made small circles joining their hands in friendship and each group held the torch. One by one they took it into their palms wishing in the heart their own wish, like “May we become better friends!”.


Holding the torch with a wish for harmony

The children from Shiroyama Preschool were enthusiastic, too

When the program was over and the team runners started running away, the children dashed after us to see us off up to the gate and waved at us. It was fun for us too! Let us meet again!


A cheerful send-off by the children

The last visit today was to Ofuna Elementary School, just near Ofuna station. The principal, Mr. Yamaguchi, is an enthusiastic expert schoolmaster giving much importance to communicating and working with the people of the local region. He became really interested in the Harmony Run and a week before our visit he himself gave a class on the Run to the students so they were already well prepared!


Students of Ofuna Elementary School eagerly listening to our presentation

Czech was guessed only by showing her national flag

In the country-guessing quiz upon showing the flag the right answer “Czech” came immediately and we were pleasantly surprised. Everybody, including the teachers, made a circle and the torch was passed from hand to hand. When the torch reached the principal, everyone started clapping.


The wish for a better world spreads through the torch

The children run so fast that the runners barely catch up with them!

Thanks for the joyful time!

A group photo from Ofuna Elementary School

After our visit, the children from Ofuna Elementary School sent us their impressions of our visit. You can see a selection of the texts here.


A report on this visit was published in the Shonan morning edition of Asahi newspaper on the following day (June, 3rd). Read the article here.


Then, the team headed for the Kamakura City Hall. As last year, we received an encouragement message from the Mayor of Kamakura City (click here for the original version and here for English translation). Since last year, two staff members at the Department of Cultural promotion: the manager’s assistant, Mr. Seki, and Mrs. Uchida have been especially helpful in making the Wolrd Harmony Run happen in Kamakura. In spite of the fact that it was a busy time during office hours, they came down to meet us at the front door, hold the torch and wait until we departed for our hotel. Thank you very much!


With Mr. Seki and Mrs. Uchida from Kamakura City Hall, to whom we are deeply grateful

The sweaty runners headed for the night’s accommodation, the Kanagawa Women's Center in Enoshima. Nice rooms overlooking the sea, a hot bath – an ideal place for looking back at a joyful day and taking rest for the next day. A big “thank you” to this day!


Team Members:
砂押, 丹羽, 伊藤, 桃原, 吉田, Akanda (モンゴル), オンボ (モンゴル), ボルマー (モンゴル), 山田, カレル (チェコ), アド (日本), 末次

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