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Messages 2008

13 October:    I have followed the World Harmony Run throughout Australia and New Zealand, from the Opening Ceremony in Brisbane on April 27, to the Closing Ceremony in Christchurch on October 5. What a delight it was to see teams from these two close South Pacific neighbours running together in the spirit of Harmony.

The run around Australia, from tropical coastal shores to the vast inland deserts, was truly inspiring; the run around New Zealand, from idyllic fields of green to the snow-capped mountains and fiords was utterly breathtaking.

Congratulations to the entire Australia-New Zealand team – it was a magnificent journey and one that will remain with us forever.

Animesh Harrington (Australia)

PS: Thank you too to all the team members from Europe and America who came so far and offered so much in running this great antipodean odyssey.
3 October:  I met the group at Taieroa Head (near Dunedin) this morning, and being a recreational runner myself had a bit of a chat. What a lovely lot of people you are! Unfortunately I had to decline the invitation to run to Timaru with you, but I was seriously tempted. Afterwards my husband and I were chatting in our car and agreed that it's such a great thing to be doing something positive like this in the world. Good luck with the rest of your trip to Christchurch!
Linda Barwick, Australia

29 September: Im following the run and it looks so beautiful, lush and green. I wish i was with u there. The pictures are fantastic and showing the journey so wonderfully for us to follow from all over the world , excellent job everyone there, really fantastic. Everyone looks so bright and happy and full of joy. All the best on your final week of running through such a beautiful country.
Prabhakar, Canada

29 September: To all people around the world who have or will have or in fact they have the heart of supporting World Peace and Harmony, I, Ooi Chai Theam (Tim), on behalf of my family and I, would like to thank you all and hope the 'Blossom of Harmony' will blow to every corner, every direction and fill up the space where there it is to cheer up there people, the world and the universe. I am currently in Christchurch, New Zealand and I will attend the closing ceremony the World Hormony Run 2008 in New Zealand on the coming Sunday, 5th of October 2008.
Ooi Chai Theam, Malaysia

27 September: Hey, hello! Great photos and stories and videos 24th September. Thanks for sharing with everyone!
Shelly Brixton

27 September: Thank you for calling at Runanga School, West Coast. The students and staff were really looking forward to sharing in your great efforts. It is a really interesting website too. Great to follow your journey. Thanks.
Joy Baker

25 September: hey i sorw u guys on thrsthe25th at my school in barrytown

20 September: To Nigel Webber,
Have really been enjoying following your journey and see that you are in Masterton this evening and pass through Upper and Lower Hutt to-morrow. Would love to be at the roadside to cheer you on - how can we find out when you will be passing through? Our very Best Wishes to you and all the team. Fantastic!
Jaye, Doug, Fiona etc

19 September: Good luck on the World Harmony Run. Try your best and have fun. Peace to all.
Judy Philpott, Wanaka

18 September: hay harmony runners,
man i think its so cool what you guys do...imean when you guys came to ruapehu college today and let us run with the tourch i mean it felt good and i usually dont run but today i had this earge to run and i hope yous can come back next year because i would'nt mind doing this again.thankyou alot for comming and i hope to see yous soon
keep up with the great job
hamony to all
yours sincearly

17 September: To Gabor: Great photos !!!
Rob & Rita

16 September: Dear World Harmony Run,
Many thanks for your visit last week. It is always good for everybody to get reminders about appreciating those around them and where they live.

Thinking of you and your message
Students and Staff of Bay of Islands College

16 September: I think World Homory Run is so cool!

Abi Waddling

12 September:  Wow great report today ! Loved the green hills , the sheep , the familiar runners  and especially  the snowy downhill torch excursion... nice job Nigel! Still looking fast there Aaron and was nice to see the kids and schools and all the experiences everyone is having there. Beautiful report!

Prabhakar Street

Great to see the New Zealand run finally get under way. I have been looking forward to seeing the beauty and meeting the people with you in your reports and so far it looks great. I wish you all a fantastic journey across the miles and through the smiles of New Zealand.

Prabhakar Street

Hello to all the runners and participants in the World Harmony Run, from the other side of the world. Love and prayers as you travel the length of that wonderful country which we visted at the end of last year and the beginning of this and followed the route you are travelling so feel we are with you and can visualise where you are each day. Will be especially thinking of you all on Thursday when our daughter, Cathie Peters receives a World Harmony Medal in Auckland,

Safe journey to all.
Edgar and Sheila Powell, England 
Hi runners,
Good luck on the World Harmony run.  Here are some messages of support from our students:
Try your best, hope you can run all the way, keep going even when things get hard, have fun, pace yourself.


Kind regards,
Room 14, Maungawhau School,
Mt Eden, Auckland

What an awesome group of people. We were indeed privilaged to be there to start you off on your New Zealand leg of the run. Altho the morning was misty the spirits were high, and what an awesome start to the run.
We wish you every encouragement for this leg and will continue to keep up with the progress via this website.


Kia Kaha and God Bless you all
Waenga & Sandra Waenga
Te Hapua
Far North
New Zealand

Hi to the Team in New Zealand!  I'm sure you are all working hard to prepare for the big upcoming World Harmony Run throughout your beautiful country.  I have recently got home to Adelaide after an incredible month on the Australian Run and can't wait for the Torch hand-over to you in Brisbane mid-August.  Hope to see you all there.   :-)
In Harmony and Oneness,
Kylie (Australia)

Dear Harmony Runners

I am glad that you are coming back to Christchurch again this year. I really enjoyed the concert that you gave in Cathedral Square last time and also running with the torch. It was awesome!

Shelly Brixton

When will you be announcing the South Island route?  Very keen to know when you are coming through! 




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