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Bosnia 29 April: Mostar - Sarajevo

The torrential rain from last night had stopped by dawn and mist hung around the mountains that surrounded Mostar. From our hotel, the Team ran to the old city of Mostar and across Mostar Bridge which spans the River Neretva.

This bridge was originally built in the 15th century, but was totally destroyed in 1993 during the war. It was particularly singled out for destruction by troops up in the mountains as the bridge represented the spirit and heart of the city. However, two years ago the bridge was rebuilt under the organisation of UNESCO, using some of the original stones.

The rebuilding of the bridge represented a rebirth of the city when the people of Mostar “rose above the water like a crescent brought back to life. A view at the bridge, view of devotion and reliance symbolises the meaning of an ageless message: The one who gives to the others is the best of all others. People are passengers in time they come and go, only goodness stays on. As the poet said: We shall pass and leave the bridge behind” (Our Bridge Mostar).

On one side of the bridge is a piece of the original stonework with a piece of shrapnel embedded in it with the inscription “Don’t Forget 1993”. On the other side of the bridge the runners visited a photograph exhibition where we viewed a series of striking photos of injury, killing and collapse of the bridge. But such has been the spirit and hope of the people that the city now looks transformed from the rubble and devastation brought by the war. In parts of the city there are still harsh reminders of the war with bullet-strewn buildings and dilapidated buildings hit by artillery and mortar shells.

As the runners came over the bridge we met two French soldiers from EUFOR (European Union Forces) that are stationed in this region to monitor the country and ensure stability continues. They were glad to have their photograph taken holding the torch.

The Team headed towards Jablanica 46km from Mostar, following the River Neretva, and the Prenj mountains rising steeply from the road. At the midway point local children who ran a few kilometres with the torch joined the runners.

At Jablanica, nestled in the mountains, we met the town representative who kindly gave us lunch and refreshments. In this town there is also a rail bridge that once spanned the River Neretva complete with an old steam locomotive train on one side of the river.

This bridge has not been rebuilt though as it represents a symbol of Tito’s military exploits against the German army during the Second World War.

From Jablanica the Team headed 23km to Konjic where a few kilometres from the city we were joined by some boys from a local football club and school children.

After a ceremony and refreshments at the town square we ran up steep hills for 15km towards Sarajevo. A local boy called Kemo, who plays as a goalkeeper for a local team, ran with us up these steep hills.

The terrain was undulating and took some hard running as the Team braved the steep hills, but were encouraged by all the motorists honking their car horns and waving in support. The landscape was so spectacular with the mountains on either side of the road, and some of the peaks still covered from the winter snow.

The Team was glad to arrive at its accommodation just outside Sarajevo, a hotel beside a river and lake and an old Roman bridge across the road that the Team plans to visit tomorrow.

Distance: 129km

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