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Bosnia / Croatia 2 May: Banjaluka - Sisak

The World Harmony Run Team became the World Harmony Raft Team today as Amur, one of the Bosnian country co-ordinators and Ljiyana had arranged a short rafting session on the River Vrbanja, thanks to an invitation from Banjaluka Rafting Club. This was an offer we could not refuse! It was an awesome experience as we rafted through a spectacular canyon and through the white water. At the end we all had a chance to dive and swim in the river. Many thanks must go to Gile, our host, and Sisa, our Raft Team Leader, both of Rafting Klub Kanjon, Banja Luka (www.kanjonraft.com ).

The International Team caught up with our Bosnian runners a little later to attend a ceremony at Prijedor, 52km from Banjaluka. There we met Prijedor’s Secretary for Sport. The weather had improved drastically from the previous four days, with a blue sky and glorious sunshine. All the runners were back in their familiar shorts, t-shirts and caps and some even had to put their sunglasses on. We ran with some children from the local high school.

The Team’s last ceremony in Bosnia and Herzegovina was at the border town of Dubica, where the runners were showered with flowers, thrown by about 300 schoolchildren lined either side of the road to welcome us. Once again the Team welcomed the local and national media, as a camera crew filmed the ceremony. We were entertained to some fantastic performances, of traditional Serbian dancing, and singing. The children looked splendid in their traditional costumes.

Inside the school we attended an exhibition of the children’s wonderful paintings about Harmony. Before leaving, the children came up to runners to request their autographs, and where some children didn’t have paper they wanted the runners to sign on their arms or on their school bags! Then they ran with us all the way to the Croatian border.

The time had unfortunately come to say farewell to our Bosnian friends, as for the third time we were to enter Croatia. All the Team wishes to applaud Dragan for ensuring that our experiences were truly memorable and for making the run in Bosnia and Herzegovina an outstanding success. This remarkable country offered us so much, in terms of the generosity and warmness of its people, diverse culture and breathtaking scenery. We long to return again and again.

The Team crossed over the bridge into Croatia to be met by Sead and Drazen. A few kilometres from the border we were met along the road by school children from Hrvatska Dubica who ran with us to be met by the town’s mayor and school principal.

There was a great party atmosphere as it seemed the whole town had come out to greet the Team. We listened to some fabulous singing and watched Croatian traditional dancing.

Time flew by as we were aware that we were behind schedule and needed to make up time quickly. We left Hrvatska Dubica to head 35km to Sunja. One young boy, called Nikola, aged 13, showed so much determination and perseverance running with Mark for over 5km - he just wanted to run with the torch so much.

We arrived slightly late at Sunja where over 400 children were waiting for us. The mayor and principal (accompanied by a very enthusiastic older lady) ran with the torch to the school where the children eagerly awaited us.

There was such a special feeling of joy about this school and the children really enjoyed holding the torch. They were all so patient and considerate as they handed the torch along the line to each other. Within a space of 10 minutes all these happy, smiley children had held the torch.

Our last destination of the day was Sisak, on the banks of the River Sava. Sead, our Croatian runner was born in Sisak, so we handed him the torch to run into his home city. Along the route towards the city many children eager to run with us joined us. As we ran over the bridge spanning the River Sava we had about 50 children excitedly running with us. The Deputy Mayor and Deputy for Sport and Culture greeted us in the city square. Once again national television filmed the event. The day was rounded off by some children majorette performances.

Then the Team sang the World Harmony Song - this was a fitting end to a fun-packed and exciting day.

Many, many thanks go to the City of Sisak for providing our hotel accommodation and a superb three-course meal at the hotel. The generosity and kindness like this for the World Harmony Run is so much appreciated and not enough words can express our eternal gratitude. The abiding memories of today have been the great hospitality shown by the people of Croatia and meeting so many wonderful, joyful children.


Distance: 146km

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