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Bulgaria 24 July: Border with Romania - Russe

Our team captain Martin loves to cross outer borders because, he says, it symbolizes moving beyond borders inwardly.

Approaching a new country...

Here come the Bulgarian runners, a team from a country that is delicate and lovely. They are, of course - all smiles!

Not the official passing of the torch, but it captures the good nature and good humour of our "suspended" encounter. Runners from more than 10 countries met on the bridge.

Off we go together, into the Bulgarian countryside and to the town of Russe...

Media representatives were there to greet us, as well as members from both town councils, to enjoy a few words about the inspiration of the Harmony Run and of course, to break bread together as is customary.

We were warmly welcomed by Mr. Kenarev, who is the vice- mayor of Russe. He is a quite famous painter in Bulgaria and a very good person at heart.

Tradition says that when you greet guests with water and geraniums, they will stay healthy...

The vice-mayor of Giurgiu, the Romanian border town, and the vice-mayor of Russe, with Evgeny Ignatov - olympic participant and Bulgarian champion in middle and long distances.

Bread and spices.

Go.o.o.o.o.o.dbye... we can hardly believe we have to say goodbye to the Romanian team already - we have become instant friends.

No stopping though, we had to go on to the Happiness Kindergarten in Russe, where children performed a sweet dance of tribute to the Bulgarian rose, and presented gifts.

Dancers performing the offering Dance of the Bulgarian Rose. Because Bulgaria is famous for rose fields, the song says that we offer you a rose to stay in your heart.

Of course, they all added their sincere wishes for World Harmony to the torch so that we can continue to carry these around the world, forging unimaginable connections on their behalf.

And on to city centre we ran...

We were greeted warmly by the Mayor of Russe, as he addressed us with many kind words about the Run and its founder, Sri Chinmoy.

Martin hands the torch to the mayor.

Much to our glee, there were more songs and more dancing...

I love cultural dance, for no matter who embodies the movements, the agreed-upon philosophy is to create happiness in unison.

It seems like the Bulgarian version of the famous Irish Riverdance...

... some were contemplative...

... some excited...

... some had a lot of fun...

... these girls were singing...

No, no...the singing was great. Just a little too loud, maybe :).

Of course, we took the torch on a run around the majestic downtown square to add wishes for friendship and peace. Tough work, this Harmony Run!!


Here we all are together, posing for the photos requested by many inspired locals.

A special thanks goes out to our co-ordinator, Atanaska for taking such great care of the team; she is an inspiration to co-ordinators all over the world and went many extra miles for us, enthusiastically.

After a long day of running, this traditional Bulgarian salad is so refreshing, yum!!

– Sarah Newton

Distance: 25 km

Team Members:
Martin Leitner (Austria), Matthias Eckerle (Germany), Daniel Schenke (Germany), Jarek Werner (Poland), Radka Metelkova (Czech Republic), Marek Heelcl (Czech Republic), Vera Balonishnikova (Russia), Emese Gero (Hungary), Judit Toth (Hungary), Lenka Chobodicka (Slovakia), Tatjana Chochlikova (Slovakia), Sarah Newton (Canada)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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Ukraine 24 July