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Bulgaria 30 July: Kardzhali - Dospat

This day is specifically a 159km detour. We will scale the great Orphean mountain range, where it is said that Orpheus transcended the underworld to rescue his partner and soul-mate Eurydice and lead her to heaven. 159k running parallel to our next border, scaling 8000ft in the hot sun, we shall see...

A hint of the majesty and purity ahead dawns across our early morning sky.

In Ardino, a father gives his daughter the thrill of an international gathering.

Songbirds greet the runners 'Hello'; the town is well-prepared for our arrival.

Dancing eases the tightness of our running muscles.

Sure I have a special wish for World Harmony.

The first "high heels run" in the Balkans.

Smolyan proudly displays its national heritage.

And sends its littlest "big man" out to lead the pack.

Swan bag music, technically called 'kabha gaida' creates an invigorating and exotic mood.

A little abundance goes a long way. The headband of course represents this, and the girl wears it happily.

Traditional expression is alive and well in Bulgaria.

Folk dance talent scout Georgi Hinov has acted as our regional co-coordinator and is honoured with the Torch Bearer award for his huge and selfless efforts in support of the run :).

Sisters, or sisters at heart?

Lubomir the Giant Great did 25kms today! Yay Lubomir, we love you tons, young whippersnapper.

Fructose syrup mixed with rose oil on sesame bread. The lowlands likes its salts, the mountains like it sweet.

In Devin, the Junior Girls Volleyball team joins the fun.

We are presented with gifts that depict life on the Orphean summit, and tons of local spring water.

Pinned with the Devin coat-of-arms.

The town enacted rituals, like having us light an eternal Harmony torch, and also washed our path with water and herbs for prosperity and river-like flow.

We feel a deep connection with the unique offering.

The city of Devin's deputy mayor is a tireless advocate for peace as well as a stunning painter. She showed the team beautiful pieces she has created, inspired by the timeless friendship of the bardic hero and his planet-saving darling. Keep climbing Orpheus, guide her straight to heaven.

All in the family.

Love his playing, not so sure about his belt full of pistols.

It's good work if you can get it, being part of this global goodwill wave!

Football team in Dospat does the honours.

They understand teamwork.

The city of Dospat is very grateful to be part of the run and arranged quite a big "do".

First class folk singer Nikolina Chakardakova, who specializes in inspirational traditional music, will perform a full set in honour of the World Harmony Run.

Her voice is as unique and rich as her heart is vast and pure.

Great stage show, bright colours, whirling movements, huge and musical tones got a crowd of 750 dancing for 2 hours.

Here Maria and Judit are becoming compelled to join the gathering.

The dance is the ancient Horo; with one leader, it winds and twists in and out from itself ad infintum.

First on the right, there's Judit, and she doesn't stop until the music does.

"Hey. my turn to try, let me in!!"

´Makedonsko devoiche´; Elena steps up and sings her heart out.

Sarah... again?!

Bird's-eye view.

New friends behave like they have never been apart.

The Vice-Mayor of Despot is most inspiring. At dinner he expressed to me a passionate eagerness to grow and become a more self-giving world citizen.

Bulgaria, it's our last night together and we will sleep well in your bounty, overwhelmed by your support for the run.

– Sarah Newton

Distance: 159 km

Team Members:
Lenka Chobodicka (Slovakia), Martin Leitner (Austria), Matthias Eckerle (Germany), Daniel Schenke (Germany), Emese Gero (Hungary), Judit Toth (Hungary), Tatjana Chochlikova (Slovakia), Sarah Newton (Canada)

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