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Bulgaria 28 July: Sofia - Plovdiv

Third from the right is our girl Maria, today's coordinator. We call her "spitfire!". After our 200k yesterday, she planned a rousing 8 ceremonies in 216k for us today.

So as we head out early again, any guff we give her has her answering, would Sri Chinmoy have ever given up?!

Hmmm, no, so off we go!

We find we aren't the first team hard at work.

So many extravagant Bulgarian welcomes!

Enthusiastic words for world peace.

At the heart of everyone there seems to be the same special hope that this Mayor's face reveals.

Majorettes, the newest twist up Bulgaria's creative welcome-sleeve. Yippee, such sweeties.

Many towns we visit enrich their children's lives with the arts from a young age.

These kids got an early start for summertime.

Hands high for Harmony!!

Bye-bye for this year, Marek; all the best for your next journeys! What a torch bearer.

'Nuff said?

Together it is easier...

Bread and honey, mmmn!

Team of Patriots.

A rising starlet.

A rousing round, in honour.

Maria takes it easy in the midst of the seeming chaos.

Nonka Kamenova, the Mayor of Zlatica offers us gifts of Bulgarian Rose oil.

All smiles as she sings a harmonious ode.

Different town hall, same stunning world family.

Pudding cake for everyone? My favourite!! Thanks to Ms. Kamenova :)

"Sveti Aleksandar Nevski" cathedral looms large beside us as members of the team return to Sofia to take the torch to Parliament.

We met the deputy chairman of the parliament, Luben Kornezov holding the torch at the entrance, invited by Member of Parliament Mincho Hristov (on the left).

Baridhi, chillin' inside the parliament cafeteria...

Atanaska graces us once again with her presence. She is busy in Sofia, opening the city's new vegetarian restaurant.

Library offers national and international newspapers.

Thank you to Mr. Hristov for his kindness in inviting us to the Parliament and taking us for a tour.

Good afternoon planet Earth!

International Folk Dancing Festival in ancient Roman Plovdiv, the day's final stop, and a town decorated with ancient amphitheatres.

Martial arts champions hold the torch.

As do the wee ones...

And the shining diamonds.

Hey boys... over here - snap :)

Maria, our friendly MC from Bulgarian National TV.

Enthusiastic runners help the torch along a few kms.

2005 runner Vladimir returns to the run again - welcome home, buddy!

A Plovdiv reporter with many questions for everyone.

Thank you journalists, for posterity's sake - especially the DJ in Hisarya who played tributes to the run every day this week.

I want ice cream now !!! What a day. Tired folks - TIRED :)

– Sarah Newton

Distance: 216 km

Team Members:
Martin Leitner (Austria), Matthias Eckerle (Germany), Daniel Schenke (Germany), Marek Heelcl (Czech Republic), Vera Balonishnikova (Russia), Emese Gero (Hungary), Judit Toth (Hungary), Tatjana Chochlikova (Slovakia), Lenka Chobodicka (Slovakia), Sarah Newton (Canada)

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