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Scotland 25 April: Arbroath - Perth

After a sumptuous breakfast at our boarding house we once more took to the road. We ran through the picturesque seaside town of Arbroath, admiring the daffodils which seem to cover the whole country and, along with the yellow hwyn bushes, turn it into one big, beautiful garden.

Our route took us to Carnoustie, the region where golf was born and, since then, one of the great golfing meccas of the world. Deeply impressed by the special golf ambience of the place we invoked the spirit of our good Austrian friend Ashru, a dedicated golfer fully devoted to the sport. After all, playing golf is a kind of pilgrimage where you carry a heavy bag from one white flag to the next in a spirit of peaceful reflection.

We continued into the port city of Dundee, famous for its historic whaling ships. Down at the harbour we were greeted by the beautiful sight of the Royal Discovery, a sailing ship built around 1900 to launch an expedition to the antarctic continent. The expedition, which was led by Robert Falcon, turned out to be a trying one as the ship got stuck in the frozen sea in the year 1903 on the way from New Zealand to the Antarctica. It wasn't until February 1904 that the ship could be freed by a Dundee whaler, which broke its way through the ice to come to its countrymen's rescue.

Another brave Scot happens to be on our running team. His indomitable strength allows him to carry on his back his exhausted team members from the Czech Republic, varying in size and number.

Uranta from Edinburgh, performing a traditional Scottish feat of strength.

We continued to Longforgan, where we visited the Longforgan Primary School. The school sang Auld Lang Syne for us, the famous song by Robert Burns that invokes the spirit of friendly reminiscences. The kids were overjoyed to become team members, hold the torch and make a wish for harmony - plus run around the school with speed that we found next to impossible to keep up with.

The school had quite a few international students from all over the world - Russia, Pakistan, Latvia, Lithuania and Spain. Some of them happened to speak no English at all when they joined the school. Because of the special attention the head teacher, Mrs Reid, and the staff of the school pay to integrating foreign children - all of them picked up the English language so quickly that they are completely fluent speakers by now. One cannot help but marvel at the results that can be achieved in the field of educating children when one provides a oneness-family classroom climate where good qualities are fostered in children, such as living in harmony and helping each other.

After our school visit we took to the hills, heading towards Perth. On the way we passed the amazing beech hedge, one of the special regional sights expressing the beauty and richness of nature in the Scottish Highlands.

We finally arrived at Birnam, a small, enchanting village full of secret beauty. There we were met by our host for the night, the world class mountain runner Adrian Davis. In addition to being an accomplished athlete, he runs the Birnam Wildoutdoors Guest House, where we spent the evening and night.

Round the corner of the inn stands the famous Birnam Oak, a huge old oak tree that has lived for over a thousand years and served William Shakespeare as the setting scene for his famous play Macbeth.

Distance: 40 miles

Team Members:
Ondrej Vesely, Pataka Spacek, Jara Rosa, Kamila Hozlarova (Czech Republic), Stefan Ehrenfellner (Austria), Marc Schrader, Evelyn Schmedemann (Germany), Jarek Werner (Poland), Janani Spence, Uranta Kane (Scotland)

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