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New Zealand 23 September: Nelson – Kohatu

Team A

The morning was beautiful as we awoke in our luxury apartment kindly offered by Mohua Motel in Takaka. The manager, Lenaire, was so inspired by the World Harmony Run that she decided to come to the presentation at her son's school in Takaka.

Springtime, my favourite season! Full of newborn animals and blossoming trees and flowers, full of promise of the warm weather to come. It was not so warm to begin with though, on our our first run of the day.

Our team first drove north to Cape Farewell, the northernmost point of the South Island.  Our task was to run south from this point, meeting up with the other teams in Takaka, from where we would continue our combined journey south.

From Farewell Spit, we enjoyed some beautiful scenery.

In Takaka we joined with the other teams for the remainder of the day.

– Anurakta O'Neill

Team B

A peaceful if late sleep in Nelson last night after Pam and our many new friends of the Baha'i faith embrace the World Harmony Run and generously host a meal for our entire team at an Indian restaurant (see yesterday's report).

The Barnicoat Ranges are a black mass against the sweep of indigo sky – further back the Richmond Ranges.

The Ocean Lodge Motel has kindly accommodated our team of six, and this morning Katrina joins a legion of World Harmony Run supporters and holds aloft the Torch.

West and north early, past vistas of sea and tidal flats, the apple orchards of Motueka, then climbing up and down he great mountain inclines to Takaka.

At Takaka Primary School the children display their artwork and join us in learning and performing the World-Harmony-Run song.

Then on to Central Takaka School, and an hour immersed in the spirit of the World Harmony Run – a sharing of spirit, performances, music, excitement and games (see report for Team C below). Reflective moments too as the children naturally comprehend their own role in fostering a brighter future.

Then the long run down the endless switchbacks and plunging descents, almost a half hour by car to the plains of Motueka. Here a visit to the Catholic school St. Peter Chanel and a lovely half hour with its students...

... before the day's finale at Motueka Rudolf Steiner School (see Team C report, below). A day of much natural beauty, vast mountains, panoramic vistas – the hospitality of Golden Bay.

– Jogyata Dallas

Team C

After a blissful night's sleep at the Trafalgar Lodge, our team ran in...

... to meet up with the Team B at Central Takaka School.

The children and teacher enthusiastically participated in our presentation and World-Harmony-Run song and then presented us with an incredibly long and beautiful banner where each child had drawn themselves.

After the children all had a chance to hold the Torch...

... we then enjoyed a fast-paced run with the children and the Torch around the school field!

Before continuing on the road the teachers very kindly offered us morning tea. Thank you!

Our running took us over the Takaka Hill, well known for its steepness and extreme bends.

It was a gruelling 7 km climb but extremely rewarding because of the breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and bush-clad hills.

This afternoon we visited the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School where we enjoyed sharing our experience of the World Harmony Run with the whole school gathered outside. One of the students presented our team with a beautiful water-colour painting depicting the colours of harmony.

As the end of our presentation timed perfectly with the end of the school day, we were invited by the teachers into the school to finish with the daily peace prayer that we chanted together with the children. We were touched to see this ritual and to be able to share a part of their day.

Just down the road from the Rudolf Steiner School we were able to use the excellent facilities of the Happy Apple Backpackers for our picnic lunch. We are very grateful to Jan, the owner, who was extremely self-giving and kind to the team.

Our day finished in combination with Team B, running towards our finishing point at Tapawera. It was a delightful run alongside the Motueka River, blossoming trees and jumping spring lambs as the sunset.

This evening our entire team has settled in the the Tapawera Settle, where we have been taken very good care of by Tina, Colin and family, who have attended to our every need. Thanks for your generosity and friendly reception, we are most grateful!

Team Members:
Iris Klapper (Austria), Muslim Badami (India), Erika Pongracz, Gabor Horvath (both Hungary), Lubos Svec (Czech Republic), Melinda Pearson, Grahak Cunningham, Nigel Webber, Prachar Stegemann (Australia), Rupashri Brown, , Stacey Marsh, Harita Davies, Shobhavati Davies, Budhsamudra Knox, Anurakta O'Neill, Tim Cranfield, Aklesha Morrison (all New Zealand)

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