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New Zealand 24 September: Kohatu – Westport

Team A

We started from Kohatu while the other two teams covered the last section to Westport. Our team averaged about 11 km each today.

My 12 km leg of running went up and over Mt. Murchison, winding through thick beautiful native Beech forest, sprinkled as well with Rimu, Rafa and Manuka trees.

Our advance team spontaneously organised a visit for us with Murchison Area School while passing through. An enthusiastic response from the teachers meant that we had an impromptu stop at the school.

The response from Murchison Area School was fantastic. “We had some conflict here today and the message of ‘peace begins with me’ is really apt. It could not have been more timely,” said one of the teachers.

Aklesha Morrison and I took a 6 km detour to visit Lake Rotoroa for a quick side trip photo-shoot before we carried on towards our destination for the evening – magical views across the lake...

New Zealand’s next offering to us was the magnificent Buller Gorge. The road followed the Buller River down to where the steep black-beech forest dropped to meet the water. It was refreshing to see so much untouched native bush stretching for miles.

Meanwhile, our intrepid photographer, Gabor Horvath from Hungary, had been touring separately with our National Co-ordinator, Jogyata Dallas, taking in some of the sights along the way, including a secret cave with some daytime glow-worms.

– Anurakta O'Neill

Team B

This morning after departing our lovely accommodation at the Tapawera Settle, we made our way towards the Buller Gorge for our leg of the running.

On our way, we took a slight detour to New Zealand's longest swing bridge, where we were kindly allowed inside for a free crossing.

The Buller River raged beneath our feet as we ran across the bridge, the burning Torch raised above our heads.

Our running took us through the vast beauty of the Upper Buller Gorge, the native trees alive with birdsong – the river running alongside us every step of the way.

Although we had finished our assigned running for the day, when we reached the Lower Buller Gorge, we simply had to pause at this iconic location, renowned as the most photographed section of road in New Zealand.

– Rupashri Brown

Team C

We journeyed a spectacular 120 km drive from our accommodation at Tapawera Settle. Clouds of misty rain descending on the enveloping hills were quickly left behind as we drove towards Westport.

Sun started to sparkle through the green canopy and onto the water of the mighty Buller River, which appeared next to us when our first runner hit the road. It seemed to play some delightful tune as eddies, rapids and whirlpools waltzed and gurgled in a winding torrent over the rocks and boulders.

Fed by waterfalls, streams and smaller rivers all swollen by sustained recent rains, the Buller raced forward at an astounding pace, carving its journey through amazing gorge scenery.

At another change-over point 9 km from Westport, Buller Adventure Tours caught our eye. We decided to finish our miles before attempting anything they had to offer.

Doc, the owner and operator, graciously permitted the Torch (and a few of us to hold it of course!) to travel on his 20-seat jetboat.

This 800hp customised machine displaces 2 tonnes of water in 3 seconds and can travel in access of 100 km an hour. The jetboat (with us on board) is first towed through a paddock by tractor to the water's edge, which can take 15 to 25 minutes depending on the river level. Today the river was at 5 metres, well above its usual 1.2 metres (but it has been known to rise to almost 18 metres in 1926, when 3 pubs were washed down Westport's main street.)

Doc toured upstream, showing us the waterfalls and local fauna and flora. The turn around point was Hawks Crag which looked as spectacular from the water as it did from the road. Once Doc had turned the boat around, the tour became slightly more up-paced! We headed down stream, propelled by the massive jet engines, dodging cliffs, branches and rocks at break-neck speeds.

Doc would then signal before launching into a famous ‘jet spin’ which involved turning the boat on a ten cent piece, which would send litres of spray onto all onboard.

The high river allowed exploration into some side streams. Hanging branches, shallow rocks and debris were no problem for the boat or its charged passengers.

After an unforgettable 40 kilometre round trip, Doc returned us to the tractor for the slightly slower paced tractor ride home. Thanks to Doc, Stu, Helen and all the crew at Buller Adventures for showing us such an amazing time and taking part in the World Harmony Run!

Our team was split tonight between two excellent venues, so we returned home to Westport Holiday Park and Buller Court Motel for some warm showers and a few cups of hot Milo. Thanks to Margaret and Diana respectively, for your kind hospitality.

– Grahak Cunningham

Team Members:
Iris Klapper (Austria), Muslim Badami (India), Erika Pongracz, Gabor Horvath (both Hungary), Lubos Svec (Czech Republic), Melinda Pearson, Grahak Cunningham, Nigel Webber, Prachar Stegemann (Australia), Rupashri Brown, , Stacey Marsh, Harita Davies, Shobhavati Davies, Budhsamudra Knox, Anurakta O'Neill, Tim Cranfield, Aklesha Morrison (all New Zealand)

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