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New Zealand 26 September: Hokitika – Franz Josef Glacier

Team A

We were kindly greeted at the Holitika Council Chambers by the mayor, Maureen Pugh, who offered some inspirational words of encouragement at the reception, which overlooked spectacular views of the bay and rolling forest hills.

“I looked at your website and it made me realise that peace is achievable – especially when you include people on a one to one basis. It is a superb commitment you have under taken,” she said.

Maureen kindly garlanded the selflessly serving community members who received the World Harmony Run Torch-Bearer Awards:

Don Neale...

and his spouse Sue Asplin, for their dedication to local sport and art...

High School role model Kelly Mcleod...

and athletics icon Jim Hamilton...

Later we learned that the driving force of the Council event, Michelle Haskett, had some of Sri Chinmoy’s aphorisms on her desk. We all posed for a photo under the local clock tower that was quickly dubbed the Hokitika Tick-Tock Clock.

Some of the locals took time to support the Run and hold the Torch.

This afternoon we had an impromptu reception at South Westland Area School, thanks to an introduction from Kath, whose small backpackers (Wildside Backpackers) we just happened to park outside during a running changeover.

My running experience today...

There is an ancient untouched forest – a Rimu forest – thousands of years old and hundreds of miles long.  As far as the eye can see, in many parts, man has never set foot. There is so much depth to the land. It is so dense that all the trees, vines and ferns are merged into one impenetrable forest.

There is a road, a main highway, that cuts straight through this bush which is part of the Waitaha conservation area. It is a spectacular route that winds of through farmland, besides lakes and around the coastal beaches.

I was most fortunate to experience this in a meditative way while running with the World Harmony Run Torch. I developed a whole new appreciation and love for this land and this country. It felt as it must have, before man ever set foot here. Perfect.

Rimu pierced above the other trees and often hung nicely over the road. They looked scraggly but hung gracefully with their long clusters of needles. In deeper parts of the forest, moss hangs down from the trees, creating an ancient and mystical atmosphere.

This is what touched me today, and I am looking forward to what will touch me tomorrow.

– Grahak Cunningham

Team B

After the energising meeting with Mayor Maureen Pugh and Hokitika citizens this morning (see Team A report, above), we posed for photos in front of the (non)-ticking clock of Hokitika, before heading south to our allotted starting point.

Our route took us south, through some wonderland scenery – dense rainforest, beautiful lakes, imposing ranges, swift-flowing rivers and numerous scenic reserves, all the while the Southern Alps looming close, though cloaked in mist. Some of the upper reaches of these valleys receive as much as 5 metres of rainfall, amongst the highest in the world.

Arriving in the small township of Franz Josef, our team was offered complimentary flights by two companies running helicopter tours in the area, Glacier Helicopters and the Fox and Franz Josef Heliservices. New Zealand's highest mountain, Mt Cook, is only 5 km from here as the crow flies, and the flights also take in the sights of New Zealand's two most imposing glaciers – the Franz Josef and the Fox.

One of our team photographers was almost aboard the chopper, when the flight was cancelled due to the closing weather.

We took the short drive out of town for a glimpse of one of the world's most dynamic glaciers, the mighty Franz Josef, which can advance or retreat by as much as one metre a day.

It was a thrilling sight to behold one of Nature's most powerful instruments of transformation, forming a backdrop for another transformation-messenger, the World Harmony Run Torch.

From the glacier it was straight into the spa at the Alpine Glacier Motor Lodge, where Billy is graciously hosting our team for the night. We thank Billy and his staff for their extraordinary kindness and friendly reception.

– Prachar Stegemann

Team C

This morning we departed Neptunes Backpackers in Greymouth and made our way to St Marys School in Hokitika.

The children welcomed us with a Maori haka and waiata and had their artwork out on display.

We talked to them about harmony, then each child had the chance to hold the Torch outside.

Then we were off!

Destination: Whataroa, a tiny town situated on the opposite side of a hill range aptly named Mount Hercules.

We ran into Whataroa School and were greeted by the School Council, made up of children aged five to thirteen.

A class of five year olds ran with us through the school, waving the torches they had made and personalised out of paper, card and paint.

We first sang the kids our theme song, then listened as they sang us one of their own.

Once outside, the kids had the opportunity to hold the Torch, and we lit biodegradable Chinese lanterns, inviting the kids to make a wish for harmony as we released them into the sky.

Then it was back on the road...

Once we had finished our running for the day, and ended up in Franz Josef, the team decided to visit the Franz Josef Glacier, before retiring after the events of our action packed day.

– Rupashri Brown

Team Members:
Iris Klapper (Austria), Muslim Badami (India), Erika Pongracz, Gabor Horvath (both Hungary), Lubos Svec (Czech Republic), Melinda Pearson, Grahak Cunningham, Nigel Webber, Prachar Stegemann (Australia), Rupashri Brown, , Stacey Marsh, Harita Davies, Shobhavati Davies, Budhsamudra Knox, Anurakta O'Neill, Tim Cranfield

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