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USA 25 June: Seattle to Seattle, Day Off

Video of the first month in USA

What does ‘a day off’ mean in the life of a World Harmony Runner? It certainly does not mean having nothing to do or nowhere to go. It does mean, though, that we are not required to run and that we can end up at night where we were in the morning. That in itself offers not only a physical rest for our legs but also a psychological break for our minds.

Seattle is a large but beautiful city complete with many forms of nature amongst all the neighborhoods, commerce and traffic. The Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascades to the east along with Lake Washington and Puget Sound created a very natural and stunningly beautiful atmosphere all around. Culturally also there is much variety and options to choose from when looking for entertainment or art.

Since we have quite a few chores and obligations to fulfill while in Seattle, our time with nature and sightseeing is very limited. Today, some of us were able to find time to visit Lake Washington and enjoy a swim there along with an easy game of soccer near the beach. The park where we chose to relax was quite crowded and finding a place to park our car was in itself a big challenge. It was a perfect day weather-wise for us although the locals say it was the hottest day of the year so far for them. Considering the temperature was about 20 degress (Farenheit) cooler than our days running in Nevada a few weeks ago, we were quite happy with this ‘hot’ day in Seattle. The water was quite cool though quite refreshing and we met some very nice people there enjoying their Sunday afternoon at the beach.

By the middle of the afternoon we did have a World Harmony Run obligation to fulfill at the Chittendon Locks in Ballard. This small but very beautiful park has been the site of a number of other ceremonies we have had when passing through Seattle in past years. They have always been welcoming to us and kind in allowing us to use their facilities.

Park Ranger Bonnie Eckhart was very sweet and hospitable in helping to arrange a beautiful section of the park for us to set up our ceremony.

We were once again blessed by the participation of Pat Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir to sing for us as we ran into the park and again later during the ceremony. Their singing group of about 14 singers, which is only a small part of their full singing group, raised our spirits and warmed our hearts. Their performance of about four or five songs including a very spirited and soulful version of ‘Happy Birthday’ for two of our runners, Divija and Julie, really moved us to tears and rhythmical joy at the same time. We are extremely grateful to Pat and the choir for coming out to join us on a Sunday afternoon here at this wonderful venue.

There was a mixed feeling of joy with a tinge of sadness though as it would be the last ceremony for those who had to leave to go back home after having run with us for many weeks. But life goes on and our roles change from day to day.

Our evening function was partly dedicated to those runners who have offered so much to the team so far but have other responsibilities that beckon them elsewhere. We are especially indebted and eternally grateful to Anja, from Germany, who has been the most solid and regular member of our women’s team from day one. Last year she was able to be a part of the team for the whole four months, but this year she has to leave in Seattle for work and other reasons. She has commandeered the women’s team with incredible dedication and has offered something extremely valuable to the World Harmony Run U.S.A. Team that will last throughout the rest of our journey.

Sevati from El Salvador, Dori from Hungary and Divija from Russia also have to leave and get back to their ‘real life’ jobs and responsibilities. We are sad to see them go but wish them harmony and success in all that they do until we meet again. Their contributions to the U.S. Team were also invaluable and necessary in getting us to this point so far.

We offer a tremendous gratitude to our friends here in Seattle who have hosted us in their homes and offered us endless gifts, food and hospitality as we enjoy our two days off here. A day off on the run as you can see can be quite busy but also filled with tremendous harmony and goodwill. Seattle and all of our friends who live in this beautiful city have filled our day with love and joy, and we hope we can reciprocate with our own efforts in spreading the harmony that they have bestowed upon us so far.

Arpan and Team Harmony

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