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USA 16 February: Orlando - Orlando

The World Harmony Run was invited by owner and art teacher, Mrs. Stella Tagliavore to visit the Lake Mary School of Art.

Back in September, 2009, Mrs. Tagliavore came to our World Harmony Run Children’s Art Exhibit at the Lake Mary Museum and right away she wanted her art students to participate through art in the World Harmony Run 2010.

The Lake Mary School of Art offers all kind of classes, from cartooning to drawing, painting, sculpting and pottery. Around 60 children from 6 to 15 yrs of age participated.

First she wrote on the board the assignment for her students to follow, since the theme for our drawings this year is “Finding Harmony in Mother Nature”.

Students had the opportunity to learn about the World Harmony Run and all the different countries that it travels around the world.

Children had the opportunity as well to hold the World Harmony Torch and feel harmony in their hearts. We talked about how Harmony begins within ourselves and how we can spread harmony to people around us, our family, community and to the world at large. By always being positive, being kind and having respect for one another and through good deeds and volunteering in our community we can make a difference!

We also talked about the founder of the World Harmony Run being an artist himself. He called his paintings Jharna- Kala, which means Fountain of Art, in Bengali. His art work has been exhibited in the most prestigious Museums around the world like The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England. UNESCO in Paris, France.Centro de Bellas Artes, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Agung Rai Museum of Art in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Museum of Modern History of Russia in Moscow. Museum of Modern Art in St. Petersburgh, Russia. These respected cultural institutions retain an original art work of Chinmoy Khumar Ghose in their permanent collections. In his abstract, acrylic paintings he lets his art flow from his heart, expressing sentiments of harmony, oneness and childlike joy. We talked about the different techniques Chinmoy Khumar Ghose used in his paintings and utensils, like pencils and sea sponges of all different sizes and how he used his own fingers to paint. Children seemed to like the finger technique the best!

They also got to see the drawings of children from around the world who are participating in our World Harmony Run Travel Children Art Exhibit were children from 14 countries were inspired by the World Harmony Run in 2009. The students were very inspired to see drawings from other kids their own age and what they are doing for World Harmony through art just like them!

After we were done with our presentation it was time to start drawing! They worked so hard and put all their hearts into their drawings.

We wanted to thank and give our utmost gratitude to Mrs. Stella Tagliavore for inviting the WHR to visit her art studio by offering her a World Harmony Run Certificate!

We also presented her with a World Harmony Jharna-Kala as a gift. It was an honor to be a part of The Lake Mary School of Art!

We would like to thank all the students for participating and giving all their hearts to their master pieces. We would also like to thank the parents present at the art studio. Special thanks to my father Ray, for helping setting up and taking photos of the event. Gratitude to all !

“Harmony gives our minds, hearts and lives emperor-smiles”.

Sri Chinmoy - Founder of the World Harmony Run.

– Cynthia Morrison

Team Members:
Cynthia Morrison (USA)

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