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USA 21 May: Nowata, OK - Bristow, OK

At our campsite it was a beautiful morning with the sunshine shimmering off the lake. Many of the people staying at the campsite showed an interest in our activities as we all rushed around getting ready for an early start running to Tulsa.

James Ash brought along his three year old granddaughter Kylee to meet us. She was such a ray of sunshine and so sweet. She made us all smile.

As we were leaving Talala our runner Kshetragna was spotted by Mike McCormack of the Talala City Council. He very kindly stopped at our support car with a bottle of water for her and while we were waiting for her to catch up with us we had time to chat for a while. Mike told us that he would be very happy to have an official welcome for us in Talala next time we came through. He told us a little about his own volunteer projects, and once our runner had arrived we took a photo of him holding the torch with some of our team. It was so nice to have such a warm roadside welcome to Talala and to be able to carry a new friendship with us as we left.

After a long run all morning into Tulsa and through to the western edge, we came to a nice town called Sand Springs. We were met by Mike Murphy, the Program Director for the Tulsa Boys Home, and Greg Conway, Director of the Tulsa Boys Club.

They showed us the way as we ran into their most beautiful campus. After a short tour of the newly built or renovated buildings, they offered us lunch as we waited for the resident boys to file into the auditorium.

We had a great ceremony with about 60 teenage young men and the faculty. After showing one of our inspiring videos and introducing ourselves and our countries, the boys asked some very good questions about the how and why of what we are doing.

For his many years of service and inspiration at the Tulsa Boys Home we offered Mike our Torch Bearer's Award. Mike and his staff and all the residents there really seemed to grasp on various levels what the Run is all about.

We certainly would have spent more time with them if we did not have a busy day ahead of us.

Waiting for us outside was Mike Burdge, the Vice-Mayor of Sand Springs, and Sara, a local high school runner. They enthusiastically ran with us to City Hall. The run was about four miles long and quite hot.

Near the end we were joined by some elementary school runners and Chris Corbin, their coach from the Sandite Cross Country Running Club.

With a police escort most of the way and all the enthusiastic runners we had with us in Sand Springs, this was certainly a highlight of our trip through Oklahoma. Finally reaching our destination they called ‘The Triangle’, we had a wonderful outdoor ceremony in almost perfect weather where until yesterday there had been some very dangerous storms all around, including some tornadoes.

About an hour later, in Tulsa, we made our way to the Barnard Elementary After School Program. Jackie Kelley, the Director of the ‘Before and After’ Program who had arranged the ceremony for us, enthusiastically greeted us at the door.

About 40 children were outside waiting for us with flags an essay which was beautifully read out by Hailey White, one of the students. Twyla Waterson, the Principal also participated along with Debbie Sekel, the After School Program Coordinator. Karl Ahlgren also joined us along with his lovely wife, Mary Alice.

He was sent as a representative of Mayor Dewey Bartlett who unfortunately could not be present.

It was a wonderful ceremony which ended in an exciting run around the field with Karl leading the way.

In Bristow we visited children at the Home Alone Kids Club After School Program.

The children had just finished their last day of school before their summer vacation break and they gathered in the yard with a huge banner they had made, ready to welcome Mark as he ran in with the torch.

After our presentation they all ran round the yard together - they made a very good team and ran together behind the torch very nicely in a group. And once round, they went round again just for fun.

Bristow's Mayor, Leon Pinson, has supported the World Harmony Run for several years now. Unfortunately he wasn't able to join us in person this time, but he sent a letter reaffirming his support and a proclamation which was read by Assistant Chief Fireman Chris Conklin.

Many thanks to Melinda Reynolds, administrator of the After School Program, for having us to visit and for welcoming us so warmly.

Brian Keat from Terre Haute, Indiana stopped to greet us and share his enthusiasm for our cause. It always a big boost when someone takes the time to speak with us about the run!

Later that evening Karl and Mary Alice kindly treated us to a very delicious dinner at a nearby Mexican Restaurant. We were quite touched by this very generous offering from two lovely people we had only just met a few hours ago. We are sorry we did not have more time to spend with them as our schedule is always on the move but I am sure we will meet up with them again soon.

Pat Pickering, General Manager of the Super 8 in Sapulpa, once again very generously offered the team a home away from home. Our only regret was that more than half the team had to be on the road before she came in that morning. We hope we get to see you next Pat! (the boys)

– Arpan, Mark and Kokila

Distance: 100 miles

Team Members:
Arpan DeAngelo (New York), Atulya Lee Berube (San Diego), Mark Collinson (England), Kshetragna Ulanova (Russia), Surya Smolennikova (Russia), Vladimir Salnicov (Moldova), Kokila Chamberlin (England), Salil Wilson (Australia), Vajra Henderson (New York), Drsalu Gruenstaeudl (Austria), Becky Xerri (Wales), Maria Manecke (Germany)

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